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  Captain Dion Xiaoyen, SD
USS Aldrin Sim Log Stardate 201704.17
19:00:32 CaptDXiaoyen       ATTENTION ON DECK
19:00:37 FstLtDeniaud ::AA::
19:00:44 LieutenantJJKim ::AA::
19:00:47 LtJg_NightWing ::AA::
19:01:20 Ens_Higgs ::AA::
19:01:22 CaptDXiaoyen First, how is everyone doing this evening?
19:01:40 LtJg_NightWing soso
19:01:55 FstLtDeniaud Alive.
19:02:00 Ens_Higgs exausted. Been suuuuper busy. I did beat Horizon for PS4 though, and started The Last Guardian. Both are awesome.
19:02:20 CaptDXiaoyen Fantastic.
19:02:24 CaptDXiaoyen Okay
19:02:29 CaptDXiaoyen Some announcements, and whatnot.
19:02:34 LtGideonSalieri ::AA::
19:03:03 *** LtRaynaElkhorn joined #USS_Aldrin
19:03:16 CaptDXiaoyen First, Danaen has decided to resign. He realized that now still wasn't a good time for him to come back to simming from his "hiatus" from simming. I told him there will always be a spot waiting for him when he is finally ready, BUT he has to make sure the next time that he is ready.
19:03:20 *** AmbCerseiNaal joined #USS_Aldrin
19:03:45 CaptDXiaoyen Second, that means some other things have to be announced.
19:04:14 CaptDXiaoyen So I'd like to call Salieri and Deniaud to the floor.
19:04:56 LtGideonSalieri ::blink, glances at Marielle::
19:05:05 LtGideonSalieri ::steps forward::
19:05:05 FstLtDeniaud ::blinks, glances at Gid::
19:05:09 FstLtDeniaud ::steps forward::
19:05:14 Ens_Higgs ::facepalms::
19:05:56 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, you two have clearly contributed a lot in the 4 months you've been with us. It's obvious to even a newbie USF-style simmer that you two bring a LOT to the sim.
19:06:35 CaptDXiaoyen This is not out of preferential treatment, it's actual work you two have done and it's great. To be honest, it's a lot to read so I haven't been able to read EVERYTHING, but I do read a lot of it.
19:06:54 CaptDXiaoyen When I work out, on the john, before bed, waiting for car service, in line at the DMV, etcetera.
19:07:36 CaptDXiaoyen And the content is actually quite good. I mean, really good. You two should consider writing serious fan fiction. You know, start up a new series, kind of like Peter David meets Nora Roberts, that kind of jazz.
19:08:03 CaptDXiaoyen I also like how you two take advantage of your relationship as a pair of good and well-developed characters.
19:09:38 CaptDXiaoyen So I'd like to give you each the Anslem Award for your contributions in writing and excellence throughout it all. =AA=
19:09:52 FstLtDeniaud Oh!  ::grins:: Thanks!
19:09:57 LtJg_NightWing ;;shoots off the confetti cannon;;
19:09:58 CaptDXiaoyen Well done.
19:10:05 CaptDXiaoyen ::Puts hands up:: Wait, not done yet.
19:10:12 CaptDXiaoyen Mr. Salieri.
19:10:19 LtJg_NightWing ;;reloads;;
19:10:26 LtGideonSalieri ::was about to cheer, looks nervous again:: Sir?
19:10:29 CaptDXiaoyen You have also done well in your job as security chief. Still you have a lot more shining to do I'm sure.
19:10:41 CaptDXiaoyen After what I'm about to say, you will be at a crossroads.
19:10:48 *** Cdr_Khevok joined #USS_Aldrin
19:10:51 FstLtDeniaud ::blinks::
19:11:02 LtGideonSalieri ::blinks too::
19:11:11 +++ M-5 has given op to Cdr_Khevok
19:11:20 CaptDXiaoyen From this point on, you will have to really consider how you will make further steps ahead as a career USF-Style simmer. 
19:11:36 CaptDXiaoyen On that note, I'd like to promote you to the rank of First Lieutenant, with all the rights thereof.
19:11:40 LtJg_NightWing ;;shoots the confetti cannon off again ;;
19:11:41 FstLtDeniaud ::gasping::
19:11:42 CaptDXiaoyen Congratulations, Mr. Salieri.
19:11:45 FstLtDeniaud ::cheer::
19:11:52 LtJg_NightWing ;;applauds;;
19:11:59 Cdr_Khevok :: Claps his hands loudly ::
19:11:59 CaptDXiaoyen ::Nods and smiles::
19:12:01 LtGideonSalieri ::surprised smile, nodding:: Thank you, sir.
19:12:05 Cdr_Khevok Congratulations.
19:12:06 LieutenantJJKim ::Claps::
19:12:12 CaptDXiaoyen Lastly, Miss Deniaud.
19:12:29 *** LtGideonSalieri is now known as FstLtGideonSalieri
19:12:41 Ens_Higgs Woo hoo!Elogio e parabéns!
19:12:43 FstLtDeniaud ::blinks::
19:12:45 *** Lt_Boerne joined #USS_Aldrin
19:12:48 FstLtDeniaud Sir?
19:12:53 CaptDXiaoyen With Danaen gone, he leaves not only one void, but two. Now in addition to that, I'm not that worried or bummed. Wanna know why? Because we have a lil turtledove named Marielle Deniaud.
19:12:55 *** LtJgRyanWinnetka joined #USS_Aldrin
19:13:02 Cdr_Khevok :: Stands beside Cersei ::
19:13:08 FstLtDeniaud ::blush::
19:13:13 CaptDXiaoyen On that note, would you like to accept BOTH the roles of Chief Engineer AND Second Officer of the USS Aldrin?
19:13:15 +++ M-5 has given op to Lt_Boerne
19:13:21 AmbCerseiNaal ::resting her shoulder against Khevok::
19:13:31 FstLtDeniaud ::mouth drops open:: I- Wha-  Yes!
19:13:47 FstLtGideonSalieri ::gasps at Marielle, shaking her by the shoulders::
19:13:58 FstLtDeniaud ::faints::
19:14:07 LtJg_NightWing ::shoots off another Confetti cannon  loaded also with confetti eggs;;
19:14:28 FstLtDeniaud ::whispers to Gideon:: That means my quarters will be bigger.
19:14:50 FstLtGideonSalieri ::caught Ellie as she fainted, raising a brow down at her::
19:14:50 CaptDXiaoyen ::Smiles:: maybe....
19:15:03 CaptDXiaoyen You'll have to requisition that from Commander K'hevok. 
19:15:12 CaptDXiaoyen In the meantime, give it up for these two stellar peeps!
19:15:13 CaptDXiaoyen ::Claps::
19:15:20 FstLtGideonSalieri So I'm moving into your quarters then.  ::winks::
19:15:23 LtJg_NightWing ;; gets a bottle of smelling salts  out and waves  it  under Marielle's nose;;
19:15:24 Ens_Higgs and to give them stellar pips!
19:15:27 Cdr_Khevok ::Claps ::
19:15:54 FstLtGideonSalieri ::stands her up::
19:15:54 FstLtDeniaud ::giggles, hugs all::
19:15:54 Lt_Boerne :: Claps ::
19:15:54 LtJg_NightWing ;;applauds;;
19:15:54 LtRaynaElkhorn ::oh, right, clapping::
19:15:59 AmbCerseiNaal ::giggling softly as she claps::
19:16:14 CaptDXiaoyen Okay everyone, about 90 minutes have passed.
19:16:19 Ens_Higgs ::clappity::
19:16:19 LtJgRyanWinnetka Ugh, his ego is big enough already, you had to go and promote him.
19:16:25 CaptDXiaoyen Giving people a chance to kinda roam around. 
19:16:34 FstLtDeniaud ::falls back into the ranks, elbows Gideon:: You're the same rank, but you still have to listen to me. Ha! ::winks::
19:16:55 LtJg_NightWing ;;plans filling their quarters with pink bunny and  chick Peeps;;
19:16:59 LieutenantJJKim ::Whispers to Winnetka:: Easy now, Lieutenant. He not only outranks you, but now he outranks you by two steps. Plus he's your DH. Give him a break, eh?
19:17:29 Cdr_Khevok When in roam, do as the ...
19:17:29 FstLtDeniaud ::shushes the men:: 
19:17:32 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks around:: Anyone have anymore questions?
19:17:40 FstLtDeniaud ::shakes head:: 
19:17:42 LieutenantJJKim ::Listens to the new 2O::
19:17:45 LtJg_NightWing ;;rh;;
19:17:46 Ens_Higgs Nothing relevant
19:17:50 LieutenantJJKim ::Looks to the Captain and shakes his head:: No sir.
19:17:52 LtJgRyanWinnetka ::whispers back to Kim:: Try working for him.
19:17:59 CaptDXiaoyen Of course, Doctor. What can I do for you?
19:18:09 LtJg_NightWing I apologize for not being able to make it for the past couple of weeks
19:18:41 LtJg_NightWing I think that there is no more planned absences for the rest of the year
19:18:47 FstLtGideonSalieri ::elbows Marielle back, just because, murmurs:: You assume I ever listen to you.
19:19:05 CaptDXiaoyen ::Sighs:: I told you already. You went about it perfectly, Doctor. We got along fine though you were missed. Really. You don't have to go to such far lengths to prove your dedication to us. I appreciate it, we all do, but it's truly not necessary. You did great and we're alright. Okay?
19:19:34 LtJg_NightWing alright sir
19:19:45 Cdr_Khevok I concur!
19:20:42 FstLtDeniaud (Away team symbol?)
19:20:50 Cdr_Khevok @
19:20:51 CaptDXiaoyen ((Yes of course, 2O))
19:21:05 CaptDXiaoyen Everyone is still on the encampment but not too spread apart.
19:21:32 Cdr_Khevok (( I like to use the at sign, kind of like an AT sigh  Away Team ))
19:21:32 CaptDXiaoyen Remember, these people are pre-1600's earth. Very mellow, but not hippy though. Difference.
19:21:54 CaptDXiaoyen Everyone but Salieri and Dr. Nightwing is down there. K'hevok is lead on AT.
19:21:59 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, let's do this...
19:22:02 CaptDXiaoyen =/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
19:22:12 FstLtGideonSalieri ::back to Mr. Grumpy Pants then::
19:22:46 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::staying close to Jordan::
19:22:48 FstLtDeniaud @ ::meandering quietly into what appears to be a church of some sort::
19:22:58 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::with Khevok::
19:23:06 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Standing next to Rayna as they are just served their food::
19:23:15 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::staying close to Marielle per orders::
19:23:17 Ens_Higgs ::Th tall female had found a stump to sit on, and had her own plate of food. A precursory dig in her knapsack and glance at the tricorder deemed the food safe to eat.::
19:23:21 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to her, then to K'hevok and Ambassador naal who are very close by at a nearby table::
19:23:25 Ens_Higgs @
19:23:28 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks to Salieri:: Report, Lieutenant.
19:23:36 LtJg_NightWing ;;on board, studying the "Trolls'" Genome;;
19:23:44 FstLtDeniaud @ ::stares back at Ryan and sighs:: Go... That way. ::pointing far from her::
19:23:46 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> Friends! ::Moves up to the center of all the tables:: I'd like to have your attention!
19:23:48 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Sitting in the circle that seems to be paired couples of Aldrin crew and the inhabitants ::
19:23:56 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::glad to have sampled the DNA of the peoples::
19:24:24 FstLtGideonSalieri There's a large gathering, Captain.  No sign of hostilities.  ::answer short, clipped::
19:24:46 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to the food, then looks to Rayna and whispers, before he gives the old troll his attention:: I haven't had a salad like this in ages. What do you think?
19:24:47 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::shakes his head:: Sorry, Ellie.
19:24:55 Lt_Boerne @ :: Quietly enjoying the meal, while keep an eye on the inhabitants ::
19:25:16 FstLtDeniaud @ ::frowning:: That's a direct order.  I'm telling to move back.
19:25:35 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Leans over to Cersei and tilts his head slightly ::
19:25:39 LtRaynaElkhorn @ It's delicious, actually.  There's no contaminant in the greens.
19:25:44 CaptDXiaoyen Thank you, lieutenant. Keep scanning and keep the lock...+Sickbay+ Bridge to sickbay, Doctor Nightwing, how is your study of the alien genome going? Anything remarkable? 
19:26:08 Cdr_Khevok ~~~ Can you detect anything unusual? ~~~
19:26:14 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ My orders are from Sal.  Safety of the Away Team is more important.
19:26:23 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks away from Izan for a moment, then looks to the food and sniffs it:: Well hmm.... Yeah, smells okay.
19:26:59 FstLtDeniaud @ ::winces as her head pounds against her skull and moves towards the church as she grumbles about the damn security team::
19:27:01 Ens_Higgs @ ::Riley sat nearby, not really next to anyone, but still close. It was tough being the fng sometimes. She'd get to know people eventually. For the time, there was little common ground to talk about. Yet she was enjoying herself by observing.::
19:27:02 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::To everyone:: I believe god has blessed us with new friends.... From a different land. 
19:27:09 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::shakes her head in response to Khevok, whispers:: Everything is fine.
19:27:22 FstLtDeniaud @ Just don't stay too close.  I don't need a shadow.
19:27:52 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks around and notices Deniaud isn't with the rest of us, then looks to see if K'hevok noticed yet::
19:28:00 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::glances back at the others as he climbs the steps to the church::
19:28:04 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Nods and looks over the food, looking for some more Vulcan-like food ::
19:28:19 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> I would like us all to engage in the prayer of the sun. 
19:28:34 FstLtDeniaud @ ::walks deeper into the church and glances around at the setting; the space is quiet and lit by the soft glow of light::
19:28:44 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Raises hands up:: Everyone, please bow your heads and let us say a blessing for the meal with which we are about to eat.
19:28:50 Ens_Higgs @ ::That caught her ear. She paused, and looked on attentively.::
19:28:50 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Waits for people to do so::
19:29:05 Ens_Higgs @ ::She then bowed her head with the rest. When in Rome...::
19:29:09 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Sees Winnetka rush off in the direction of a high tent::
19:29:15 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::crosses his arms over his chest as he watched Marielle::
19:29:21 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Whispers as loud as he can:: Winnetka! Winnetka!
19:29:35 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::glancing around before bowing her head::
19:29:47 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to Rayna:: I think Deniaud is gone. And I think Winnetka tried to go after her.... This isn't good.
19:29:49 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::reaches for Kim's arm, looking at him curiously:: What are you doing?
19:30:21 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::blinks and glances around:: Oh.  Uhm.  ::whispering:: I don't think we should leave.
19:30:31 CaptDXiaoyen Parem> ::Walks up to the two lieutenants:: Excuse me, young man and woman, we need our heads to be bowed down when we do a prayer of the sun.
19:30:32 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Looks at each member of the AT, and nods ::
19:30:40 FstLtDeniaud @ ::is respectful of the religious setting, her hands moving over the seats before standing in front of what appears to be the altar:: 
19:30:47 FstLtGideonSalieri ::crosses his arms over his chest::
19:30:58 Lt_Boerne @ :: Bows her head ::
19:31:26 Ens_Higgs @ ::Out of the corner of her eye, she looked vaguely in their direction, and said her own silent prayer, about how they didn't blow their cover.::
19:31:34 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::motions Parem toward Marielle::
19:31:58 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::To Deniaud:: We have been expecting you.
19:32:08 FstLtDeniaud @ ::glances at the men who approach her, her head bowing respectfully::
19:32:19 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Bows head::
19:32:21 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::blinks at the two figures, moving closer, his hand resting on his phaser::
19:32:33 FstLtDeniaud @ ::she straightens as she stares at the figure who spoke to her:: I've come.  Take me to him.
19:32:34 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::oh, us lieutenants ... bows her head::
19:32:49 CaptDXiaoyen Jovo> ::Looks to K'hevok and Naal:: Please, you two, we need to observe god's desire. Please bow your heads.
19:33:11 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 2> ::Looks to figure 1:: She is forthcoming. We did not anticipate this. 
19:33:15 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::MY HEAD DOESN'T BOW ANY FURTHER::  (  )
19:33:33 Cdr_Khevok @ :: As he looks at Cersei, he suddenly realizes that Deniaud and Winnetka are not present :: 
19:33:40 FstLtDeniaud @ ::there is a finality to her tone as she looks at - who she assumed to be religious figures of some sort:: 
19:33:54 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Looks to him as well, then to her:: Good. God will be happy.
19:33:57 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::approaching the two figures:: Uh, Lieutenant, we need to rejoin the others.
19:34:18 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Bows his head for a moment ::
19:34:21 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Notices Winnetka's presence, then puts his hand up:: STOP!
19:34:30 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> oh great god....
19:34:34 FstLtDeniaud @ ::turns to Ryan:: Go back to our people.  I need to see where this will take me.
19:34:47 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ I can't let you go alone.
19:35:03 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> Almighty god. God of our people. He who graces us with love and nourishment. Please continue to bless us like you have with this gracious meal, our new friends, and your endearing light of the sun.
19:35:20 FstLtDeniaud @ You need to go or all is lost. ::finding it frustrating that she can't use the proper terms to tell him he can't screw up their mission::
19:35:32 Cdr_Khevok ~~~ Cersei, do you know where Deniaud and Winnetka are? :: ~~~
19:35:44 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Smiles:: You shall come with us. However, you will have to relinquish the technology you have under your robe. And that includes weaponry and any communication devices.
19:36:13 FstLtDeniaud @ ::turns to the figures and raised a brow:: You-  You know who we are?
19:36:14 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::glances around, her head still bowed and then shakes her head:: ~I haven't seen them in some time.~
19:36:41 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ Yeah, see, this is why you shouldn't go with them.  ::reaches for Marielle to pull her away::
19:36:45 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to Rayna who is still sitting right next to him::
19:36:50 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Then bows his head again::
19:37:04 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::glances toward Kim, smirking as she whispers:: Do you believe in gods?
19:37:07 FstLtDeniaud @ ::moves her hand from his grasp's range:: You need to go back to our people and tell them.  I'm going.  That's final.
19:37:24 FstLtDeniaud @ ::looks to the figures:: Please.  Take me to him.
19:37:29 CaptDXiaoyen Parem> ::Leans in between the two:: Please, I will only ask you once more to be quiet with the Zealot says the sun's prayer.
19:37:41 Ens_Higgs @ ::She kept her head down, but her eyes slightly open. Enough to be discreet, and watch. Perhaps it was her imagination, but Khevok looked a little troubled.::
19:37:48 Cdr_Khevok ~~~ @ I need a diversion so I can go look for them. ~~~
19:38:23 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 2> ::Takes a staff from under his cloak and pulls a lightning fast set of moves that not only trips Winnetka backwards on his bottom, but holds the tip at his face:: I wouldn't try that righ tnow.
19:38:48 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::raises her hand to her mouth, coughing loudly::
19:39:00 LtJg_NightWing ;;studying the genome samples she'd received, she discovered that the 'Trolls' had 46 pairs of chromosomes, essentially doubled pairs of 23 chromosomes, and a three strand DNA latticework, which seemed to increase their regenerative capabilities as well as their strength and resistance to radiation
19:39:01 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> He's a liability. Knock him out.
19:39:11 FstLtDeniaud @ ::moves farther away from Ryan:: Don't hurt him-
19:39:24 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 2> ::Nods:: Understood. ::Activates some sort of light at the tip of the staff, then taps him in the head with it, knocking him out::
19:39:35 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::on his back, hands raised as he's aware that Gideon is going to kill him, then zonks::
19:39:44 FstLtDeniaud (ROFL)
19:39:52 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> Do not worry, Ms. Deniaud. God will not allow him to be harmed. He only wants your happiness.
19:39:58 FstLtGideonSalieri ( You're damn right I'm going to kill you. )
19:40:14 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::slight glare toward Parem::
19:40:15 FstLtDeniaud @ ::looks at the figures:: IF you know who I am, would it be possible to remove this get up? 
19:40:16 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> For the grace of god is his love, and we are here to give it to him, forever and ever and ever. Amen.
19:40:34 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::continues coughing, standing as she excuses herself from the table::
19:40:36 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Glances at Cersei, then at Parem ::
19:40:37 CaptDXiaoyen Jovo> ::Looks to Higgs and smiles:: You may enjoy your meal with the love of god.
19:40:54 FstLtDeniaud @ ::on one hand, glad to know she isn't crazy, on the other, very worried that these people know who she is but she knows nothing of them::
19:41:03 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Opens eyes and looks up, looks to Higgs and gives him an expression that asks if she's alright::
19:41:17 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 2> ::Whistles:: 
19:41:24 Cdr_Khevok @ I need to attend to Cersei.
19:41:34 Ens_Higgs @ :: Her eyes dart to Cersei, but then back to Jovo, and she puts on a smile.:: 
19:41:36 FstLtDeniaud @ ::blinks and glances around::
19:41:41 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::wandering away as she continues to cough::
19:41:43 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Stands slowly ::
19:42:01 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to K'hevok and looks somewhat concerned::
19:42:07 LieutenantJJKim @ Everything okay, sir? ::Whispers::
19:42:31 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Tilts his head to the left, toward Cersei ::
19:42:34 Ens_Higgs @ I shall enjoy this meal with the love of God. Thank you.
19:42:36 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Walks over to K'hevok:: Excuse me, what did you say your name was?
19:42:40 LtJg_NightWing ;;further study showed them to have need of a strong natural light source for at least 4 hours each day to supplement the foodstuffs in their diet to maintain their health;;
19:42:56 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::dead weight::
19:43:07 CaptDXiaoyen ::Looks back to Salieri:: I wonder what's going on down there.... Found any tech yet?
19:43:10 Ens_Higgs @ ::Admittedly, she felt a little silly saying it, but if it helped meet the status quo, that's what happened in some missions, easn't it.::
19:43:22 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Standing at his full height, K'hevok looks down at Izan and replies :: My name is Khevok.
19:43:34 FstLtGideonSalieri Nothing, sir.
19:43:41 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Tilts head:: K'hevok.... That is an unusual name. ::Smiles at the woman at his side:: And you?
19:43:42 FstLtDeniaud @ ::glances between the figures who lead her:: Where is he?
19:43:49 CaptDXiaoyen ::Ponders for a moment::
19:44:04 CaptDXiaoyen ::Then goes around to him standing next to him at his console, then gestures to it:: May I?
19:44:34 Cdr_Khevok @ I must respectfully request permission to check on my mate.
19:44:45 FstLtGideonSalieri ::had uncrossed his arms and stepped back, motions to the console, he was still too angry to say anything::
19:44:58 Cdr_Khevok @ She is apparently not feeling well.
19:45:21 Ens_Higgs @ ::As the prayer seemed to be over, the murmur and rumble of conversation picked back up. Another bite of something red and juicy like a tomato, but sweet like cherry, she excused herself to also check on Cercei, as was her duty.::
19:45:31 Ens_Higgs Cersei*
19:45:46 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Looks to her, then taps a button on the bark of the tree, which opens a little piece of the bark, exposing a little console::
19:45:46 LtJg_NightWing ;;she hummed some of the songs from her home as she worked and was surprised to notice that the samples seemed to attune themselves toward the sounds of the music;;
19:46:02 FstLtDeniaud @ ::glances at the console and curiosity has her stepping forward::
19:46:11 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to her:: So she is your mate? ::Looks to her:: What is your name?
19:46:21 FstLtDeniaud @ You've got-  You're kidding me.
19:46:34 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Nods to Izan, then turns to leave the group ::
19:46:49 FstLtDeniaud @ Okay.  I want this costume off me right now.  ::hands coming up to smooth down her hair::
19:46:52 Lt_Boerne @ :: Looks up to see what is going on with the group ::
19:46:52 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Touches the console and uses his fingertip to run it around in a sequence that made the whole thing illuminate brighter.
19:47:11 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::still coughing so much that she cannot speak::
19:47:21 FstLtDeniaud @ ::watching the sequence and how he uses his hand over the panel::
19:47:35 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::watching everything::
19:47:44 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to Elkhorn, trying to focus on both K'hevok's conversation and eating the salad::
19:47:44 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Puts his arm around Cersei and leads her away from the group ::
19:47:53 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Not even paying attention to it being delicious::
19:48:03 Ens_Higgs @ ::She makes her way towards the coughing woman, standing finally near K'hevok.:: Is everything okay? 
19:48:13 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Puts hand up:: Wait, young woman. Please, K'hevok, I must see your mate. Bring her to me.
19:48:17 FstLtDeniaud @ ::moving her hands over her face as she attemps to pull the fake nose and facial details away from her face::
19:48:26 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to Jovo:: Jovo, bring the shaman.
19:48:34 Lt_Boerne @ :: Starts coughing to draw attention away from K'hevok and Cersei ::
19:48:36 FstLtDeniaud @ :;steps into the tree::
19:49:07 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::hums quietly as she sings softly:: And now you're everybody's fool ...
19:49:13 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to Higgs:: She seems unwell, but I will have my sage bring the shaman. Unless you are a shaman among K'hevok's tribe?
19:49:14 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Whispers to Higgs :: There are two of our group that are missing.
19:49:42 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to Jovo and nods to him::
19:49:47 FstLtDeniaud @ ::heart is pounding relentlessly against her chest as her eyes adjust to the light that surrounds her, pins her lower lip under her teeth::
19:49:48 CaptDXiaoyen Jovo> ::Nods:: Yes, Zealot. Right away.
19:49:52 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::nudges Jordan:: They're trying to create a diversion.  We should contact the Aldrin.
19:50:21 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Heads down a stairway that goes spiraling down in direction:: This way, Ms. Deniaud. We will give you a way to talk to god.
19:50:31 Cdr_Khevok @ :: To Izan :: Indeed Higgs is our shaman.
19:50:34 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Nods:: Right.
19:50:37 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::glances toward Khevok, giving him an apologetic look that it didn't appear to work::
19:50:47 LtJg_NightWing ;;noting the seeming 'interest' of the samples in her music, she started trying different types of music to gauge their reactions going from classical to folk, country, jazz, gospel and rock  and wrote down the samples reactions to each. They seemed to 'like' the folk, classical and gospel the best with the  others less so;;
19:50:49 FstLtDeniaud @ ::follows the figure:: Could I at least remove my costume?  It seems that I don't need the ruse.
19:50:54 LieutenantJJKim @ Keep an eye out. After our meal, I'll hail the Captain, assuming the exec is still not being occupied by the old guy.
19:51:02 Cdr_Khevok @ But he needs to bee in a quiet place.
19:51:18 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Proceeds:: If you wish. That is your prerogative.
19:51:51 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Nods to Higgs and Cersei to proceed to leave the group ::
19:51:54 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::slight shake of her head:: Deniaud and Winnetka are missing.
19:51:57 FstLtDeniaud @ ::pockets the nose and the other facial details, leaving her looking human with a copper-ish red skin with a bronze shimmer::
19:52:11 Ens_Higgs @ ::She looked fairly relieved.:: If I may, Izan, so as not to trouble your Shaman with the troubles of our own, I would wish to ask that I take our lady aside to better understand what ails her.
19:52:37 Cdr_Khevok ~~~ @ When you are at a safe distance, notify the Captain of our situation. ~~~
19:52:50 FstLtDeniaud @ ::quietly sighs with relief as her hands pull the pins that keep her hair upright, and the mess of dark strands tumble over her shoulders:: Thank the gods.  My neck was killing me.
19:53:03 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::nods in understanding, takes Higgs by the arm as she pulls the doctor away::
19:53:13 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to Higgs:: Young woman, I speak as the conduit for god among out tribe. I insist, Rabal, our shaman, see her. He has done things short of miracles with ailments that have symptoms like your friend's here.
19:53:32 LtJg_NightWing ;;sends all the  information down to the captain's tricorder to see  if it will help him;;
19:53:43 AmbCerseiNaal @ ~Keep them away from us, we'll be quick.~
19:53:48 FstLtDeniaud @ ::fingers combing through the curled raven strands before gathering the locks into one hand and tying it with a faded red ribbon as she follows the figures to their God::
19:54:05 CaptDXiaoyen Parem> ::Steps up:: Not to sound negative in any way, our dear new friends, but among our people, it would be wise to listen to what the zealot instructs. It would also be wise to not force him to insist.
19:54:23 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Moves closer to Izan :: Are you saying that our shaman cannot work miracles??
19:54:33 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks to Elkhorn after looking around, then whispers to her:: Your'e right. I can't find them.
19:54:49 LieutenantJJKim @ Tell you what, how about you and I do a little search since the XO is keeping the old guy occupied.
19:54:56 Ens_Higgs @ I wish not to presume the ability of your Shaman, master, Izan. I have spent time with my friend here though, and may be able to at least make it less trouble for your healer. All I ask is a little time.
19:54:58 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::whispering:: This is going to devolve quickly.
19:55:03 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Sees Jovo going to them as well now, leaving a clear path::
19:55:10 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::nods toward Kim as she stands::
19:55:13 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Looks back to them, then to her again and speaks softly:: Ready?
19:55:14 Ens_Higgs Master Izan - no comma*
19:55:19 Lt_Boerne @ :: Starts coughing loudly ::
19:55:20 FstLtDeniaud @ Where is he?
19:55:27 LtJg_NightWing ;;keeps working to find out more about the 'Trolls' via their genome;;
19:55:34 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Turns to Cersei and Higgs :: Be on your way.
19:55:47 AmbCerseiNaal @ ::exasperated look, continues to fake her cough::
19:55:51 FstLtDeniaud @ ::looks at the figure who leads her and stops with them::
19:56:00 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Opens the door::
19:56:10 Ens_Higgs @ Come, my lady. Lest we distrub these fair gatherings.
19:56:25 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Turns back to Izan :: Since we seem to have two of our tribe having problems, I would like for your shaman to see to Boerne.
19:56:28 FstLtDeniaud @ ::steps inside without question, sharp emerald searching::  Where is he?
19:56:35 FstLtDeniaud @ ::patience is growing thin::
19:56:55 Lt_Boerne @ :: Starts to stand, then appears to faint ::
19:57:11 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Gestures for the two men holding Winnetka to put him down in the corner, then looks to Deniaud:: This is the mural that tells the story of your arrival.
19:57:14 FstLtGideonSalieri ::takes the console back, his fingers moving over the surface::
19:57:33 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Looks at Izan :: She seems to be having quite a bit of trouble.
19:57:42 CaptDXiaoyen Izan> ::Looks to K'hevok:: He will see both your women. I insist. ::Steps up, his tone slightly differing now::
19:57:49 FstLtDeniaud @ ::steps forward to mural and her hand reaches out to touch, only she stops:: 
19:57:56 LtRaynaElkhorn @ ::nods again toward Kim:: Let's go.
19:57:58 CaptDXiaoyen Shaman Rabal> ::Walks over:: I am here, Zealot. ::Bows::
19:58:01 FstLtDeniaud @ ::Frowning:: You expected me.  Why? ::turns to look at the figure::
19:58:17 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::dead weight sitting in a corner::
19:58:18 FstLtDeniaud @ More to the point. Why am I here?
19:58:34 FstLtDeniaud @ Rat> ::nibbles on Ryan's shoe::
19:58:44 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> ::Points to different parts:: See? This is my god. ::Points to a bright light drawing:: Then it shows his other half ::Another bright light::, then its manifestation which is ::Points to a picture that looks like an archaic drawing of Marielle::
19:58:52 LtJgRyanWinnetka @ ::dead weight sitting in the corner with a nibbled shoe::
19:59:02 CaptDXiaoyen Figure 1> You see, this is where, you come here, led by us, then you will-
19:59:20 Cdr_Khevok @ :: Looks around at the rest of the AT, giving a slight nod ::
19:59:27 FstLtDeniaud @ ::blinking:: Will what?  You think I'm your god's other half?  You think I'm this-  This light?
19:59:44 FstLtDeniaud @ ::turning, frowning at the figure before looking at the mural again::
19:59:51 Ens_Higgs @ ::Gently and nonchalantly, she glanced down into her bag again. An idea was forming in her head. If their shaman was going to be forced upon them, she'd simply have to prove she was more skilled. Silence was the game for now::
19:59:58 Lt_Boerne @ :: Starts moaning lightly ::
20:00:03 FstLtDeniaud (ROFL.  Go Higgs!)
20:00:14 CaptDXiaoyen Strange Voice> You have done well, my children.
20:00:25 CaptDXiaoyen Strange Voice> She is now here. 
20:00:43 LieutenantJJKim @ ::Stands up slowly, then proceeds off::
20:00:43 FstLtDeniaud @ ::tenses, straightening::  That wasn't in my head...
20:00:48 CaptDXiaoyen =/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=     
20:00:54 FstLtDeniaud (OH COME ON!)
20:00:54 LieutenantJJKim ::Paused::
20:00:59 Cdr_Khevok :: Paused ::
20:01:00 Ens_Higgs ::Paused::
20:01:01 LtJg_NightWing ;;runs the genome samples through the Sequencer to find out what their strengths are as well as their weaknesses are and how they might be fixed, or exploited
20:01:02 Lt_Boerne :: Paused ::
20:01:05 FstLtGideonSalieri ::pause::
20:01:06 FstLtDeniaud ::pouts::
20:01:14 LtJg_NightWing ;;pause;;
20:01:14 LtRaynaElkhorn ::paused::
20:01:19 AmbCerseiNaal ::pause::
20:01:36 LtJgRyanWinnetka ::dead weight sitting in a corner with a nibbled shoe paused::
20:01:41 CaptDXiaoyen Sometimes you have to take the awards and commendations with the negatives too, 2O. ::Winks::
20:02:31 CaptDXiaoyen Okay, no time will pass between this sim and the next. That's the curveball I'm throwing this time around.
20:02:37 CaptDXiaoyen No whining, Salieri and Deniaud.
20:02:39 Cdr_Khevok LOL
20:02:44 CaptDXiaoyen ::Smiles:: Captain's prerogative.
20:02:46 Cdr_Khevok More of a whiffle ball.
20:02:48 CaptDXiaoyen Any questions?
20:02:54 LtJgRyanWinnetka ::whines for Salieri::
20:02:58 LieutenantJJKim ::Tries to hold in a chuckle::
20:03:02 LtJg_NightWing ;;rh;;
20:03:13 Ens_Higgs Ha, well, so much for the joint log idea I had XD
20:03:14 CaptDXiaoyen ::Sighs:: Doctor Nightwing?
20:03:33 LtJg_NightWing did you manage to get the  info I sent to you?
20:04:04 CaptDXiaoyen You'll find out next week.
20:04:06 CaptDXiaoyen Next question?
20:04:11 LieutenantJJKim No questions, sir.
20:04:24 Lt_Boerne None
20:04:29 FstLtDeniaud None.
20:04:37 Ens_Higgs None relevant.
20:04:47 LtJg_NightWing ditto
20:05:24 CaptDXiaoyen Alrighty
20:05:29 CaptDXiaoyen K'hevok? Anything you'd like to add?
20:05:42 Cdr_Khevok Great interaction, everyone.
20:05:50 Cdr_Khevok Logs, logs, logs.
20:05:58 Cdr_Khevok :: Steps back :: That's it.
20:06:24 CaptDXiaoyen ::Smiles:: Thanks, K'hevok. ::Looks to everyone else:: Okay you heard the man. See you next week!