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  First Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud, SD
[DL-1704.10] Fst. Lieutenant Deniaud, Mariëlle A.
Login First Lieutenant Deniaud, Mariëlle A.
Assistant Chief of Engineering, USS Aldrin NCC 65358-B
Duty Report File No.: 022307-MAD-00033
Stardate: 1704.10

I awoke in Sickbay to discover that we were in orbit of a planet - the apparent destination of the coordinates that Dylan relayed to me. I argued with Lieutenant Gideon M. Salieri and Ensign Riley D. Higgs, resulting in a resounding slap to the face by the young doctor. Despite the lack of protocol from both lower ranking officers, I was at least able to convince Captain Dion Xiaoyen to allow me to join the away team.

I was fitted with the proper physical alterations so that we could mingle with the pre-warp inhabitants of the planet and I joined the away team in search of answers. When re arrived on the planet, we were stumbled upon by a sage. He introduced himself as Izan and he was accompanied by his apprentices, Parem and Jovo. It seems to be an incredibly religious society, with talks how we ascended from the light. It was all very strange, but I could not focus on the interaction.

I had hoped upon my arrival I could finally find some answers. I need to be able to prove that I am not mad and that Dylan does exist. I can still hear him. He whispers fill my head with declarations of love and our connection. I am unsure how much longer of this I can take. My colleagues believe me mad, and if I don’t find answers, I’m afraid I’m going to end up believing it as well.

End log.
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