USS Aldrin Mission Brief
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USS Aldrin Mission Briefing Stardate 201703.20
=/\= USS Aldrin Mission Briefing: Aldrin And The Siclivans, Part II =/\=

Stardate 201703.20

All Hands Alert Status: YELLOW

On Last Week's Episode of the USS Aldrin....
               The bridge crew of the Aldrin had done some brainstorming about what could be done to get them back to where they were before. The Captain especially, along with all the head science minds aboard, tried hard to think about what they could do but it was a well known fact that with subspace technology, it's hard to find an exit vector and it's extremely improbable to investigate into how to figure out where to exit properly. Lieutenants Elkhorn and Salieri were talking about how the tetryon particle weapons were making it how it was along with our weapons and Lieutenant Kim determined that the ship can make it home in less than 3 weeks if they were to go home under the ship's own power via maximum warp. Elkhorn also determined that where they are, the Aldrin was sent into a direction where it totally hasn't been charted or explored by Starfleet or by anyone who is affiliated with the Federation, Starfleet or Science otherwise, so the Captain decided to have the Lieutenant (Kim) set a course back for home, but he authorized exploration throughout the entire way.
               Before they could leave, the Captain of the Siclivan ship hailed the Aldrin and first he blamed Xiaoyen for the injuries and deaths brought on by their recent attack. The Captain retaliated verbally with the notion that they were the ones who started the whole thing by attacking first and not listening to reason. They even had words together privately. The Siclivan Captain told him that his wife was injured badly throughout the attack and they don't have the proper medical facilities or personnel to combat her health issues. Captain Xiaoyen offered before and they first declined but he still opened the facilities on the Aldrin to his wife wholeheartedly. First he demanded that the Aldrin physicians go to the Siclivan ship but they weren't in a position to make demands, so the Siclivan relented and allowed his wife to come aboard on the condition that he come along with her which the Captain allowed. Salieri was dispatched to handle security and join him down there in sickbay while the Captain went right after. 
               For now, the Aldrin is held up handling that, AND, the Siclivan leader finally allowed the Captain to send engineering teams to help their ships get repaired. Both Engineering and Medical will be very busy for the time being.

On This Week's Episode of the USS Aldrin....
               Doctor Nightwing (Along with help from our newest physician, Dr. Higgs) has been working on getting the Siclivan Captain's wife back to health for the time in between sims. Since they have not had a very good familiarity (Basically none since we've never encountered their species before), they've taken quite a bit longer than usual for someone who is not in the Federation/Starfleet database. Captain Xiaoyen has been doing his best to keep the Siclivan Captain who we found out is named Rafe Kurell. Rafe is the equivalent to Fleet Captain or General or something in their military structure. And his wife's name is Vilej. 
               The engineering teams are still spread throughout the 6 ships, conducting repairs on their ships. At the beginning of the sim, they will still be there while the doctors are still working on Vilej and the Captain may or may not be still with Kurell. For now, he has left Elkhorn in command of the ship while the others do their thing.

Will Vilej pull through? Will the Siclivan ships be back to specs enough to get underway by the time Vilej is patched up? Or not patched up? Find out on the upcoming episode of the USS Aldrin!

Time between this sim and the last: 30 HOURS

Notes:  - If you cannot make the sim for whatever reason, please let Captain Xiaoyen or Commander K'hevok know NO LESS than 2 hours before simtime. That way the hosting team can alter the parameters of the sim plot accordingly. Remember, your presence alone makes a huge difference for each sim in question. And if you don't attend without warning, you better darn well send an email explaining your absence sometime soon after.
            - If there any questions about the sim plots, please feel free to email Captain Xiaoyen and he will respond accordingly to you. Captain Xiaoyen has AIM on 24/7. You can reach him at: USFDionXiaoyen if you need immediate answers or have any immediate concerns.

Expected Absences: - Commander K'hevok
                               - Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
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