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  Commander Suavek, SD
USS Aldrin Sim Log Stardate 201902.4
[22:10:26] CmdrSuavek: ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:10:32] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::AA::
[22:10:34] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::AA::
[22:10:48] CmdrSuavek: ::AA::
[22:10:49] LtJg_NightWing: ::AA::
[22:10:57] CptShayron: Welcome everyone.
[22:11:23] CmdrSuavek: ((Btw to everyone else coming in I’m driving on the freeway in Hard rain right now. I’ll be out of touch for awhile after the sim starts))
[22:11:28] CptShayron: I hope you are as excited to finish this story arc as I am. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, but I think its time we moved on.
[22:11:37] CptShayron: I understand, Commander, be safe.
[22:12:43] CptShayron: So as we learned in the last sim we had, this nebula in it's entirety is a single entity and all the ghosts were merely parts of the whole, the individual cells if you will.
[22:13:06] CptShayron: The USS Mariposa caused harm and was killing the entity so it took steps to protect itself.
[22:13:48] CptShayron: Since we didn't hurt it knowingly and then stopped when we saw we were hurting it, it chose to communicate with us to find out why we had invaded it's body.
[22:14:14] CptShayron: Now it will help us get out of it and put us back in normal space.
[22:14:21] CptShayron: Any questions?
[22:14:47] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: none, here
[22:14:51] LtJg_NightWing: no ma'am
[22:14:53] Lt_Dan_Connor: No ma'am
[22:15:46] CptShayron: Okay....then everyone to their stations and you can say goodbye to your ghosts and we will leave the nebula and then mark it so other's won't come along and harm this being.
[22:16:28] CmdrSuavek: ((Ill do my best))
[22:16:35] CptShayron: ROCK~N~ROLL
[22:16:44] Lt_Dan_Connor: Let's do this
[22:16:49] CptShayron: ((Don't worry about it until and/or unless you get home, Commander.))
[22:17:05] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::in ME readying warning bouys; excited::
[22:17:32] CptShayron: ::Sitting down, a little disappointed that she never had a ghost, but accepting it.::
[22:17:52] CptShayron: Connor, ready the helm for when we are out.
[22:18:01] Lt_Dan_Connor: Yes naama
[22:18:15] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: :: thinks: this entire nebula event has been so great, much more exciting than most of his previous ship's escapades::
[22:18:20] Lt_Dan_Connor: Ma'am*
[22:18:26] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::at helm::
[22:18:42] --: thompson_gunn (Mibbit@mib-CC20BA5E.**) joins #USS_Aldrin
[22:18:47] CptShayron: =/\= Engineering, is everything ready for when we leave the Entity?
[22:18:54] CptShayron: ((Welcome, Gunn.))
[22:19:25] ---: M-5 gives channel operator status to CmdrSuavek
[22:19:26] CptShayron: =/\= Medical, Doctor, is everyone and everything ready to leave?
[22:19:31] ---: thompson_gunn is now known as guest1701
[22:20:08] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: =/\= Captain Shayron. All systems are go.
[22:20:11] guest1701: (TY) ::sits down in the penut gallery::
[22:20:21] LtJg_NightWing: ?tCapt.Shayron Yes ma'am we are
[22:20:39] CmdrSuavek: ::Sitting in his XO chair on the bridge::
[22:21:38] LtJg_NightWing: ;;hugs her double and tries to let her know how wonderful it was to have met her and taken care of the babies with her;;
[22:22:07] CptShayron: =/\= (ALL HANDS) Crew, this is your captain speaking. We will be leaving this entity now. I'm not sure how it is going to make it happen, so prepare for anything and everything. Brace yourselves in case the dampeners stop working temporarily.
[22:22:21] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::looks at his double::
[22:22:37] CptShayron: Ghost Nightwing> ::Hugs back and hums a happy tune in a minor key to show her sorrow at parting::
[22:22:55] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::saying his good-byes to his ghostly self; smiles warmly::
[22:22:57] CptShayron: Ghost Connor> It's been a pleasure. Don't forget me.
[22:23:20] CmdrSuavek: ::Looks to Helm:: Lieutenant, maximum power to the inertial dampeners.
[22:23:52] Lt_Dan_Connor: Never. ::smiles::
[22:24:11] CptShayron: Ghost Langley> ::Smiles:: It was wonderful getting to know you. Thank you for sharing thoughts with me. Take care of yourself. As long as you live, I'll live. Just remember that and don't die, because I don't want to die.
[22:24:31] Lt_Dan_Connor: Aye sir. ::goes full power in the dampeners::
[22:24:50] LtJg_NightWing: ;;shares the tune with her double, still wishing that the music they made together could be preserved;;
[22:25:08] CmdrSuavek: Ensign at SCI II> (NPC) Commander, you didn’t get a double of your own to talk to?
[22:25:30] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::struck by his ghost's statement:: That's heavy
[22:25:36] CptShayron: Action: The Ship shimmys a little as the Nebula seems to contract.
[22:25:44] CptShayron: Ghost Langley> How is that heavy?
[22:25:51] CmdrSuavek: ::Tuens to look at her with a curious brow then looks forward:: I did not. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, they seemed to have manifested to communicate only with non-telepaths.
[22:26:09] CptShayron: Ghost Suavek> ::Waves to his double even though they never got to speak to each other::
[22:26:25] CmdrSuavek: ::Tilts Head then mutters to himself:: However, Captain Shayron is not a telepath.....
[22:26:28] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::eyes trained on console, fingers at the ready for needed engine adjustments as the Aldrin leaves the nebula::
[22:26:43] CmdrSuavek: ::Eyebrows raise casually as he sees a ghost manifestation of himself wave to him::
[22:26:52] CptShayron: ((The ghosts came to everyone, except Shayron. THey could only talk to the non-empaths/telepaths))
[22:27:26] LtJg_NightWing: (and then NightWing found Music as a way to communicate as well)
[22:27:47] CmdrSuavek: ((Ah I figured that’s why I muttered what I muttered to myself lol))
[22:28:00] CptShayron: Connor, before we leave, could you ask your ghost why I didn't get a ghost?
[22:28:07] CptShayron: (( LOL ))
[22:28:37] CptShayron: (( Don't worry, Nightwing, you will have a record, after we leave.))
[22:28:49] LtJg_NightWing: (tytyty)
[22:29:17] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::very happy with the engine output data; quietly to self:: Come on Big A... you've got this.
[22:29:31] CmdrSuavek: ::Sees the captains request then looks ahead to see what he says::
[22:30:24] CmdrSuavek: ::Thinks to himself about how fascinating this experience has been. It was times like this he reminisced about the interesting experiments he had conducted in the science lab as a junior officer as well as a cadet in the past::
[22:30:34] LtJg_NightWing: ;;tries to send her love to her double to let her know this experience will stay with her forever;;
[22:30:50] Lt_Dan_Connor: Yes ma'am. ::looks at his double:: My captain is curious. Why didn't she get a double like me and some of my crew?
[22:30:57] CptShayron: ACTION: The Nebula continues to contract and expand.
[22:32:00] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::engine needs minor adjustments in power flow rates-a possible effect of the nebula's movements::
[22:32:25] LtJg_NightWing: ;;checks on the nebula, chuckling;;++ Captain I think that the Nebula is trying to give birth to us++
[22:32:33] CptShayron: Ghost Connor> ::Looks at Shayron and then back to Connor:: We couldn't understand her mind, it is dense, solid, like the four legged ones of you, so we didn't copy them either. Her mind is too difficult to understand.
[22:33:18] CptShayron: =/\= I don't know what it's doing. I think it would be strange to have us birthed to exit. Maybe it's trying to sneeze or cough as well.
[22:33:53] CmdrSuavek: ((Four legged? Are they saying the captain’s brain is like a dog? Oh wait, dense, right? Like an elephant brain?))
[22:34:39] LtJg_NightWing: ++ CptShayron ++ that's the closest analogy I can consider, labor, to describe what's going on
[22:34:42] CmdrSuavek: ::Raises eyebrow again:: Give birth?
[22:34:44] CptShayron: (( ::Thwap:: Solid dense, not lacking intelligence dense. in hard to see through.))
[22:35:14] CptShayron: ::Nods to Suavek:: Yes, Nightwing thinks the nebula is trying to give birth to us to get us out.
[22:35:25] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::raise his eyebrows:: Oh.
[22:35:38] CmdrSuavek: ((Gotcha. Hey it could’ve been elephant brain and their brains are supposed to be huge as heck too. ::Shrug:: ))
[22:35:42] CptShayron: ::Looks to Connor:: What did he say.
[22:35:49] LtJg_NightWing: ++ CmdrSuavek ++ look at the timing and compare it to a woman in labor's contractions
[22:35:51] Lt_Dan_Connor: Thank you.
[22:36:22] CmdrSuavek: ::Looks forward:: +Sickbay+ Is there a way we can exit in a more expedited fashion? Perhaps the cosmological equivalent of a c-section?
[22:37:19] CptShayron: Well, Commander, as we are not expelling ourselves, it's pretty much this entity's way or no way.
[22:37:35] CmdrSuavek: I see.....
[22:37:41] LtJg_NightWing: ++ Suavek ++ I'll check
[22:38:27] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::looks at the Captain:: He said and... I quote "They couldn't understand your mind. It is dense, solid. Like one of our four legged animals and they couldn't copy them. Your mind is too difficult to understand." End quote.
[22:38:42] LtJg_NightWing: ;;turns to her double and tries to draw what they are wanting to know on a paper pad with a pencil and ask through the pictures if there is a way to expidite the process;;
[22:39:01] CptShayron: ACTION: The ship is jerked backwards a moment and then shoved out.
[22:39:13] CptShayron: Thank you, Connor, for asking.
[22:39:23] CmdrSuavek: ((For the time being, Commander Kato is on ELOA so we will say he is on leave for a bajoran thing of some kind that requires several months off from duty. I’ll tell him to send a log to explain it. RL thing))
[22:39:27] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: Whoa.... ::jostled by the ship's movement:: And..... we're out.
[22:39:36] CmdrSuavek: ::Holds onto his chair::
[22:40:00] CptShayron: ACTION: The nebula vanishes and the stars come back into play and the engines roar to life as if they hadn't been off.
[22:40:10] CmdrSuavek: ((And of course I’ll tell him to send an email as well))
[22:40:13] CptShayron: ACTION: All the ghosts vanish.
[22:40:18] LtJg_NightWing: ;;hugs her double one last time as the double disappears;;
[22:40:27] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::falls out his chair:: You're welcome Ma'am
[22:40:36] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::smiles satisfactorily as the engine's power flow rates return to normal range after a short spike when the ship was jerked::
[22:40:46] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::waves one last time at his double::
[22:41:00] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::watched his ghost disappear:: Good-bye buddy
[22:41:18] CptShayron: Ghost Langley> Stay alive.....buddy...........
[22:42:02] CptShayron: Lock onto the nearest buoy for a time stamp and to find out where we are.
[22:42:06] CmdrSuavek: ::Nods to his double::
[22:42:14] LtJg_NightWing: ;;trills a farewell to her double;;
[22:42:44] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::a shiver runs through him at his double's last thought to him::
[22:43:08] LtJg_NightWing: ;;goes to check on the babies in the nursery finding just the original two of them sleeping peacefully, but needing to get changed;;
[22:43:16] CptShayron: ACTION: A new file is found in the sickbay computer core, one filled with music.  And in her own voice as both parts, words put in.
[22:43:34] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::gets up and sits back at Helm::
[22:44:14] LtJg_NightWing: ;;Smiles and plays the recording, saving it to her own personal computer;;
[22:46:14] CptShayron: Helm?
[22:46:40] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::begins to whistle somewhat quietly as if to self::'
[22:46:55] Lt_Dan_Connor: Yes ma'am. Locked on
[22:48:05] LtJg_NightWing: ;;listens to the words that their humming was combining on producing;;
[22:50:10] Lt_Dan_Connor: Our time chronometer is off by exactly ten days.
[22:50:11] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::does plan to go through the 70 lb. paper printout that his ghost brought out of the engines; who knows? maybe he'll learn more about the workings off the Aldrin/starship than he already does::
[22:50:40] CptShayron: ::Lifts an eyebrow::
[22:50:43] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::reading and translating that much hexidecimal code will take weeks though... mayb e months
[22:50:52] CptShayron: And where are we?
[22:50:56] CmdrSuavek: ((Gotta go sorry traffic is picking up now. Can’t do both. See you all next week
[22:50:59] CmdrSuavek: ))
[22:50:59] Lt_Dan_Connor: And we are half a day from Starbase 237
[22:51:01] --: CmdrSuavek (Mibbit@mib-E4C66FBD.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:51:45] CptShayron: Okay, set course for the starbase. We will stop there and inform Starfleet of what we learned.
[22:52:19] CptShayron: =/\= Langley, send out the warning becons around the nebula and set them to follow the nebula wherever it goes.
[22:52:37] Lt_Dan_Connor: Yes ma'am. Course laid in.
[22:52:37] LtJg_NightWing: ;;starts singing the words along with the music on the second play through;;
[22:53:20] CptShayron: Maxium warp
[22:53:28] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: =/\= Shayron =/\= Aye, Captain. We are ready. Setting becons at 15 degree intervals around the nebula in three intersecting planes. It's a big nebular, Ma'am
[22:54:14] CptShayron: =/\= Understood, Langley.
[22:54:41] CptShayron: =/\= Nightwing, please do a medical scan of all personnel to make sure everyone came out of the nebula alright.
[22:55:09] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::takes the ship to maximum warp::
[22:55:20] CptShayron: FREEZE
[22:55:28] Lt_Dan_Connor: :: frozen::
[22:55:35] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::smiles broadly as the last of the becons is placed; the warning system is online and broadcasting::
[22:55:39] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::Froze::
[22:55:46] LtJg_NightWing: ++ CptShayron ++ Aye ma'am, immediately, I would recommend several days R&R after this for the whole crew
[22:55:55] LtJg_NightWing: ;;popcicle;;
[22:56:11] CptShayron: AT EASE
[22:56:38] LtJg_NightWing: ;;AE::
[22:57:00] Lt_Dan_Connor: ::ae::
[22:57:21] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::ae::
[22:57:29] CptShayron: We will pick up next week docked with the starbase. While I am reporting to Starfleet, we are being grated leave on the starbase for a few days so we can unwind from our unusual experience in the Nebula.
[22:57:45] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: ::rh::
[22:57:48] CptShayron: Any logs you want to do would be appreciated.
[22:57:52] CptShayron: Yes, Langley?
[22:58:30] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: are we at the starbase for logs.... before the next sim. or are we arriving next sim?
[22:59:16] CptShayron: We have just docked but haven't yet left the ship.
[22:59:33] Ltjg_CJ_Langley: okies, thanks
[23:00:01] CptShayron: Feel free to have fun with the files left behind by our friendly ghosts.
[23:00:41] LtJg_NightWing: ;;rh;;
[23:00:52] CptShayron: Yes, Nightwing?
[23:01:27] LtJg_NightWing: Captain may we call them the "Caspers" and if the nebula doesn't have a name call it the Casper Nebula as well?
[23:02:01] CptShayron: I think they would like that.
[23:02:19] LtJg_NightWing: thank you ma'am
[23:02:58] CptShayron: You all have a great week. And I'll see you then. DISMISSED
[23:03:04] LtJg_NightWing: night
[23:03:07] CptShayron: !sim off USS Aldrin