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Starfleet Personal File # 96372    

NAME: Mardel Shayron-Connor    
RANK: Captain    
POST: Commanding Officer w/specialty’s in psychiatry and medicine.
SERIAL NUMBER: 6732-4815-0934    

RACE: Green Orion Animal Woman    
SEX: Female    
AGE: 23    
EYES: Dark Green/gold    
HAIR: Dark Green
SKIN: Pale Green    
HEIGHT: 5'5"    
WEIGHT: 110    

FAMILY: Name Unknown    
Father: Name Unknown, GOM Healer, teacher    
Mother: Name Unknown, GOW Mystic, healer    
Siblings: Names Unknown, GOW and GOM    

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Mardel was born in the northern wilds of the Vearton    
forest on Orion to the Tulryn clan of Animal Women. Her birth was noted for its strangeness, in that she was born with the caul and the full moon shone upon her newborn face in the autumn mists. She was hidden from the rest of the clan for protection from the slave hunters. When she was three years of age, she found the gift of healing hearts and minds with her touch and bodies with her instinctive knowledge of plants and soils. During this time of her childhood, she was called healer and treated with respect from her clan.    
Then came the time of passage to womanhood. The clan elders waited until the slave hunters had already passed the area of the clan and then in the light of the full moon, at the time of autumn mists sixteen years after her birth, Mardel was made a woman in the traditional ritual. The details of this ritual are one of the most highly kept secrets of the Animal Woman and Mardel refuses to betray her people by revealing what happened. But with the ritual, came the natural pheromones of her race, which makes her    
irresistible, especially human males.    
After the passage to womanhood was over, Mardel was smuggled off of Orion to Earth where she was accepted into Starfleet Academy Medical/Science departments. She was shunned by the students because of her race and her nature and because they didn't understand her attractiveness to males and some females alike yet she never had to do anything to get that kind of attention. The instructors also felt the effects of the pheromones and resented her because they knew that she was trying to control them and that nothing she or they could do could stop this effect. Starfleet Medical looked over all of her work and gave her the high marks she earned but didn't receive from the    
instructors because of this prejudice.    
As a result of her sheltered and protected childhood and shunned, outcast    
youth, Mardel became very shy. Some of the fellow students and instructors    
often teased her about her clumsiness, saying that only she could trip over a    
shadow. Also, because of the stigma attached to her people, Mardel feels    
the need to be even more polite and civilized than those coming from other    
planets within the Federation. She speaks softly and often keeps her eyes cast down.    
All Mardel wishes is to use her gifts and talents for the good of those in pain or in need. To this, she has dedicated her life. Then Mardel was tapped out for command and she had to learn more confidence and stop staring at her feet. Even though she is a Captain now, she still prefers to be barefoot and help out in Sickbay when needed. While she doesn’t always look down any longer, she still keeps a low profile whenever possible. She married a rogue and after a time he divorced her. She then met Daniel Connor and they wed and she is happier than ever before.

MEDICAL HISTORY: Mardel is exceptionally healthy as is customary of her    
race. She has animalistic grace when she moves naturally. Mentally, she is    
shy but uses that shyness to concentrate on her work. She is stable, both    
physically and mentally. She is exceptionally strong, again, a characteristic of her race. Her body secretes an unusually large amount of pheromones, again, a characteristic of her race. Her mind is very dense and those with telepathy and empathy can be harmed by trying to get into her mind, this is a defense of her people.

ACADEMY PROFILE: Mardel finished 3rd in all her Medical and Science    
classes. Her specialty was in psychiatry and psychology with homeopathy as    
her secondary major. In her Security, Engineering, Tactical classes she placed in the middle third of the class, showing no real aptitude for any of these, but knows enough to help in a pinch. In Command and Diplomacy she placed in the top 30 of her classes, showing a great aptitude for both. While at the academy, Mardel stayed to herself and studied hard. She didn't break any of the rules and was conscientious of her behavior and attitude at all times. She was a model cadet in the eyes of those that didn't sit class with her, and even those that did, begrudgingly admitted to wishing more of the cadets were like her in demeanor and attitude.    

SPECIAL NOTES: Due to Mardel's racial tendencies, it is to be noted that    
she does have a very wild side, meaning animalistic. She can be territorial,    
feral, and ferocious. Just as she secretes pheromones, she can smell them on    
others. She uses her sense of smell, as much as her special gifts in her counseling, noting the different odors secreted by the body of her patient. Her gifts for healing the heart and mind have been determined to be very limited forms of empathy and telepathy. Touch is necessary for her to project anything or to make complete contact. Without touch, she simply knows there is a problem and tries to solve it. When she gets a problem set before her, she worries it until it is solved, much like an animal does in the wild. She is intelligent and quick, and her sense of humor and wit is sometimes sharp and stinging to those who try to insult her.    

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