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Bio: Carter, Jason Xavier

USS Aldrin Computer Database

Starfleet Department of Records: 
Docket Number: 190-30-514DTQ
Last Update: SD 201805.22 0930H CST

Carter, Jason Xavier

1) Status 

Current Assignment: USS Aldrin
Previous Assignments: USS Darmok
Department: Operations
Current Post: Helm Officer
Previous Posts: Helm Officer, USS Darmok
Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Naal, Cersei A.
Executive Officer: Commander Nazir, Yari M.

2) Physical Description 

Species: Human
Height: 185cm (6 ft 1 in)
Weight: 80kg (176.35 lbs)
Age: 25, Terran Year
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Almond Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Caucasian

3) Family
Mother: Nicole Carter, 36, Starfleet Medical, Jupiter Station
Father: Jonathan Carter, 41, Freighter Captain
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None

4) Background 

Carter was born aboard Jupiter Station, and had been in space ever since.  He grew up among Starfleet with his mother, Dr. Nicole Carter, and always found a fascination with space and exploration.  His father was a private freighter captain, but was sure to visit often.  At the age of 10, his father allowed Jason to come with him on a delivery, and he was quick to learn the Helm by watching and trying his hand in clear space, as well as grasping a firm understanding of Warp Flight.  Age 18, he joined Starfleet with the support of his family, and pursued a career in Theoretical Sciences, turning his focus towards Warp Theory and having a position offered to him to join Red Squad after they witnessed his unorthodox flying methods and understanding of space-flight.  Carter graduated ahead of schedule, due to the honors classes instilled by his position with Red Squad, and was sent off to duty on the USS Darmok, where he originally served as a Science Officer, but quickly found himself taking the Helm position by the demand for a pilot, and he excelled in the position.  Deciding shortly after his promotion to LtJG, he requested an extended leave from the Admiral to return to Starfleet Academy to gain a second degree, Starship Navigations, and decided to join flight school, once again being given a position on Red Squad, which he turned down in favor of a position with the Starfleet Performance Team, Nova Squadron.  Having finished his studies, he has re-activated his commission, leaving the Academy Flight School with honors, and having attained the new rank of Lieutenant, for both having completed two Major fields of study, as well as his record with both Red Squad and Nova Squadron.

5) Starfleet Background 

Jason joined Starfleet at age 18 into the Academy, studying primarily in Warp Theory, with a minor in Space Flight, and his skills at the controls of ferrying shuttles as a means to afford his classes brought him the attention of Red Squad, a group of elite cadets.  He was originally assigned to the USS Darmok, under the direct command of the now-retired Vice Admiral Johansson, originally as a Warp Theorist, but quickly transferred departments to Helm and Operations.  A smooth service record, along with some rather fancy flight skills, had Carter request a leave of absence to return to the Academy for further studies; this time in Starship Navigation.  With the approval of his superior officer, he returned to the Academy with a new career in mind, and rather than rejoining the ranks of Red Squad, he fought to earn a place on Nova Squadron, being able to proudly showcase his incredible piloting precision.

6) Psychological Profile 

Jason is a genius when it comes to warp theory, and has an extremely precise understanding of starship navigation, and a never-ending drive to showcase his capabilities both in and out of stressful situations.  Rumor has it that whilst serving on the Darmok, he was able to use the solar bursts from a Red Dwarf star, as well as the gravitational pull of the nearby planet, to slingshot the Darmok out of what could've been a disasterous situation.  Jason doesn't like to brag about his service record, rather relying on his skills in the moment to prove his capabilities over the awards and titles he's been bestowed, under the premise that "anyone can wear a bunch of pins, but not everyone can prove they earned them."  Being the only child of a freighter captain and a well-respected Starfleet doctor have their benefits, since he had always been around Starfleet and had some connections to help him into his current post, though it's true Jason wouldn't have needed any strings pulled to make a name for himself.

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