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Commander Nazir, Yari Matthias

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Name: Nazir, Yari Matthias
Sex: male
Age: 36 years, terran standard
Date of Birth: 8101.12
Place of Birth: Angosia III
Species: Angosian
Height: 6-feet (1.83 meters)
Weight: 170 lbs. (77.11 kg)
Eye Colour: Amber
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Physical Stature: Athletic muscular build

Current Assignment: First Officer
Current Commander: Captain Cersei Naal
Current Rank: Commander
Current Status: Active

  • Dammahe University, Angosia III
    • B.S. Engineering Physics
    • B.A. Intergalactic Relations
    • B.A. Political Science and Military Science
  • Pimam University, Angosia III - M.A. Intergalactic Law and Politics
  • Pimam University, Angosia III - Ph.D./J.D. Legal Theory and Intergalactic History
  • Tha’chal Institute, Andor - Starfleet Academy Command Course

  • 0506.05 - Completion of Starfleet Command Course
  • 0506.10 - Commissioned by Starfleet Intelligence
  • 0601.15 - Assigned to the Interdiction Division, Klingon Operations Headquarters at Odysseus
  • 0602.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 0603.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 0808.23 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
  • 0809.01 - Assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Lusitania, NCC-9871-C
  • 0903.02 - Assigned as Executive Operations Direction SFI Headquarters at Terridine Prime
  • 1012.25 - Transferred to SFI Interdiction Division
  • 1104.16 to 1507.30 - ** CLASSIFIED **
  • 1510.31 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 1607.19 - Promoted to Commander
  • 1607.19 - Assigned as Deputy Director of Strategic Affairs SFI Headquarters at Indira V
  • 1707.18 - Assigned as Executive Officer on the USS Aldrin, NCC-65358-B

Distinguished Service Cross (0605.24), Legion of Merit Medal (0605.24), Distinguished Command Award (0810.05), Bronze Cross (0810.05), Prisoner of War Medal (1508.11), Medal of Valor (1508.11), Purple Heart (1508.11)


As one of the few remaining subjects from the Tarsian War, Nazir was altered through genetic engineering and chemical manipulation. He underwent the severe training in his youth but never saw the battlefield. His parents, realizing that their son would be sent to a penal settlement on Lunar V, set about stripping him of his identity so that Nazir would not be forced to live with the stigma associated with his genetically altered peers. He was placed into an orphanage and raised as a ward of the state. Upon the involvement of the USS Enterprise-D and the reversal of the referendum, many genetically altered Angosians re-entered society. Nazir did not reconnect with his family, choosing instead to remain the orphaned boy. When Angosia III finally joined the Federation, Nazir entered the Command program and never returned to his planet.


Yari Matthias Nazir is mentally and emotionally competent. He is fit to return to active duty.
As completed by Dr. Michelle Malegamwala, Stardate 1510.05
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