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Bio - LtJg Higgs, Riley D.

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Biography - Lieutenant Junior Grade Higgs, Riley D.


Personal Data-

Name: Riley Danielle Higgs

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 29

Height: 6 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 205 lbs.

Physical Build: Athletic

Eye Color: Heterochromia: Dark Brown left eye, Dark Hazel right eye

Hair Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Portuguese

Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal, Earth

Birthdate: 8704.29

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Profession: Medical Specialist

Education History-

Pre-Academy- Average scoring in academia, overall scoring was hardly impressive, though test scores seemed to offer hints of potential.

  • 0509.02 - Application for Starfleet Medical Academy accepted.

  • 0608.26 - Entrance competitive exams completed. Entrance to Starfleet Medical Academy granted.

  • 0608.29 - Entered Starfleet Medical Academy

  • 0809.02 - Accepted for Starfleet Academy Engineering Extension courses

  • 1005.19 - Graduated Starfleet Academy: School of Medicine, MD.

  • 1005.19 - Graduated Starfleet Academy: Associates Degree of Engineering and Robotics

  • 1008.30 - Entered Harvard University: School of Medicine Exobiology Program

  • 1606.27 - Graduated Harvard University: School of Medicine Exobiology Program

  • Major: Doctor of Medicine

    • Biology

    • Exobiology

  • Minor: Engineering and Robotics

    • Bioelectronics

Starfleet History-

  • 1703.06 - Assigned official commission - USS Aldrin NCC 65358-B

  • 1705.29 - Promotion - Attained rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade




Riley was born with most of her right leg missing due to a birth defect that left her otherwise completely healthy. At first, her parents - Gabriella and Jacob Higgs -  had spent the time and effort to have an artificial leg created for her, sympathetic to the idea that she'd otherwise be unable to move around in the world as most everyone else could. Technology further allowed the base graft to be able to have attachments that could be changed out as she grew, occasionally having to replace even the base as she outgrew that as well. Teenage years were especially difficult because of these growth spurts, finally coming to an end at over six feet in height at the age of 17.

By this point, remapping the color scheme for new prosthesis became overly time consuming, and eventually, Riley had taken to having but a simple smooth metallic leg, which she keeps covered, being fairly self conscious about it due to growing up and simply how children can be towards those who are different.

It was this same leg that inspired her into the medical field, as well as a base understanding of biorobotics and robotic anatomy - either due to self applied maintenance or necessity of damage to her own limb from time to time. As a child, she noticed early on just how different her artificial leg was from her biological one, and thus began to investigate the way both worked in tandem with each other, which lead to the rest of how the body works, and how it could work with artificially grown or created biorobotic components, such as Captain Jean-Luc Picard's artificial heart. This fascination with biology and robotics has yet to leave her to this day.

Hobbies, including but not limited to-

  • A love of music - Alternative Rock being among her favorites, as well as symphony

  • Traditional art - painting, drawing, abstract creations

  • Working out at the gym; and benching with the guys

  • Cartoons



Family Information-

  • Gabriella Higgs

    • Mother

    • Maiden Name: Ferreira

    • Species: Human

    • Occupation: none

  • Jacob Higgs

    • Father

    • Species: Human

    • Occupation: Supervisor in Metalworks and Fabrication for Starship Hull Plating



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