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  Captain Dion Xiaoyen, SD
USS Aldrin Crew Roster Stardate 201706.13
U.S.S. Aldrin-B Crew Roster

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Prometheus-Class Starship
NCC - 65358 - B

Stardate 201706.13
Mondays @ 10:00PM Eastern, 7:00PM Pacific
USF Webchat: USS Aldrin

- As you all know, Commander K'hevok has missed about a month of sims due to RL stipulations that have been creeping up on him lately more than ever. In effect, he has also requested to be placed on leave of absence. So in the meantime, Chief Deniaud will be acting first officer until further notice.
- Please use the email address "" to send emails to the entire mailstring so you don't have to use so many individual emails or have to remember each one so often. It's easier. If there are any problems, let Captain Xiaoyen know and he will let the appropriate people know to fix it soon after.
- Write Logs! In the USF there's always fodder for log writing. It promotes character development and speaking of promotes, pushes you closer to promotions alongside your attendance! ALSO, PLEASE make sure that your logs are sent to the ENTIRE mail string, and not just posted to the message boards. Yes the message board postings count for promotions and the general public who actually read the message boards from time to time at least can read about what's going on within the sim and understand your character better, but as your crewmates, we shouldn't have to resort to that. That's partly why we are on your crew with you. Just saying....
- We have a strong foundation of simmers here. If you can recruit, that'd be great!

Commanding Officer - Captain Dion Xiaoyen
Executive Officer - Commander K'hevok [LOA]
Acting Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud [=AA=]
Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud [=AA=]

Helm Officer - First Lieutenant Jordan Kim
Operations Manager - Lieutenant Rayna Elkhorn
Ship's Counselor - Counselor Erik J. Vaeros

Chief Security And Tactical Officer - First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri [=AA=]
Assistant Chief Security And Tactical Officer - OPEN
Security Officer - OPEN
Security Officer - OPEN

Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Junior Grade Nightwing K'Trevala, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Junior Grade Riley D. Higgs, M.D.
Medical Officer - OPEN
Medical Officer - OPEN

Chief Engineering Officer -Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud [=AA=]
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer - OPEN
Engineering Officer - OPEN
Engineering Officer - OPEN

Chief Science Officer- Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
Assistant Chief Science Officer - OPEN
Science Officer - OPEN
Science Officer - OPEN

Fleet Representative - NONE
Temporary Fleet Representative - Commodore Jonas Brent

- Ambassador Cersei Naal (Former CO, USS Aldrin, Retired Starfleet, and Current Federation Ambassador To the Trill Homeworld)

- Commander K'hevok (Executive Officer)

- Lieutenant Naomi Ward, Counselor (Counselor) [XIAOYEN]
- Lieutenant Shayla ch'Thrannien (Security Officer) 
- Lieutenant Junior Grade Avek (Engineer) [XIAOYEN]
- Lieutenant Junior Grade Ryan Winnetka (Security Officer) [SALIERI]
- Ensign Veniala T'Prane, M.D. (Medical Officer) [XIAOYEN]

- Mike (Six Forward's Half-Tellarite Bartender) [XIAOYEN]

Commanding Officer: Captain Dion Xiaoyen
Executive Officer: Commander K'hevok
Second Officer/Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
Helmsman: Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty
Chief Security And Tactical Officer: First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Eileen Boerne
Operations Manager: Lieutenant Rayna Elkhorn
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Nightwing K'Trevala

Posting By E-Mail Addresses:

Note on Attendance and Logs:
- A duty and personal log (one of each), as specified in the sim guide on, posted each week is the bare minimum needed to credit you towards promotion. Logs help us, your crew, in getting to know your character better. We would love to get to know you!
- Please make sure you post your character's bio to the message boards. You cannot receive a promotion without a posted bio on the boards. Please update your bio regularly, especially after receiving an award and/or promotion.
- Make sure you BCC the addresses for posting. Log counts are taken strictly from the website, NOT the mailstring. So if you want them to count toward promotion, please make sure they are properly posted to the computer core as well as the crew mailstring.
- Please inform Captain Xiaoyen or Commander K'hevok at least two hours in advance of the sim if you are to be absent for a sim so they can make the proper adjustments to the personnel tasks for that sim. All you need to do is send her an email.
- Three or more unexcused absences can and may result in removal from the roster based on the command staff's discretion.
- Anyone who has three or more unexcused absences and continues to not inform the CO and/or XO will be subject to demotion and/or possibly be removed from the roster and mailstring. It's very important that I stay apprised of your status so that important sim posts will not be occcupied by "dead weight". I understand that real life has its toils, but really, it doesn't take much to send Commander Xiaoyen or Commander K'hevok a simple e-mail. You have to consider the overall welfare of the sim you committed to and those who also sim with you. Let me remind everyone that I do take my sim very seriously and wish to make sure the sim stays open for potential future simmers as well as for it to be fun to those who actually attend.

Any discrepancies and whatnot regarding the roster should be e-mailed to Captain Xiaoyen