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"Into the Belly..." - FstLt Jarv - 201003.2

USS Agamemnon Lounge for Personal Logs

by First Lieutenant Kaysen Jarv
[Stardate ]

Login Kaysen headed out of the hangar bay, the red drink in his hand, still fizzing after the bartender had poured it. Dialorum peach... Very interesting... Seems to have a somewhat tart taste, while still sweet enough to overcome the tartness...

He approached the turbolift; the doors opening after a moment. Inside, he found two officers, quite giddy. After he stepped inside, Kaysen saw they had two nearly-empty glasses in their hands. The man was leaning against the wall, waving his drink around, while the woman was hanging onto him like a Garidian bat. The male Lieutenant looked at Kaysen, "Come on Doc! Live a little!" Kay just looked back at him, puzzled, "Well, I already had a drink. I'm just going to take this one," raising his glass, "back to my quarters." The female Ensign turned to him, smiled, and turned back to her companion, placing her lips on his neck. How inebriated are these two?

The Lieutenant stepped forward, leaving the Ensign to fall against the wall. He drunkenly placed his hand on Kay's shoulder, "Oh come one. You need to lighten up a bit." Calmly, Kaysen used his free hand to remove the Lieutenant's hand from his shoulder, "Do not even think that you can tell me to, 'lighten up'. If only you knew what my life has been, it would take a lot of, 'lightening up', to feel complacent." The Lieutenant returned to his position with his female companion, now perturbed, "Wow Doc, relax. There's no reason to get a complex." Kay turned his attention back towards the turbolift doors, "Lieutenant, right now, this is as relaxed as I can be." The doors opened, and Kaysen promptly stepped out, leaving the two behind, watching him, "Party pooper."

Once Kaysen reached his quarters, he set the drink down on his bedside table, and sat down on his bed, letting out a long sigh. The Gamma quadrant... I can't believe we're actually moving onto the offensive in the war now... Damn... If I knew we'd be going to war as soon as I joined the crew, I might not have even entered Starfleet... but then I wouldn't have been a part of... this amazing crew. We've accomplished so much in so little time. He looked at the drink on the table for a moment, watching the bubbles rise to the top. He chuckled lightly to himself. How is that thing still bubbling? He picked up the glass and swallowed the drink all at once, then laying down on the bed. This is going to be a long month...

Once he had closed his eyes and relaxed, his grip on the glass loosened, allowing it to fall to the floor. A small amount of the drink spilled out of the glass, staining the carpet red.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

First Lieutenant Kaysen Talræk Jarv
Chief Medical Officer
USS Agamemnon

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