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  Commander Kaysen Jarv & Lieutenant Commander Simon Trent, SD
"More Than the Sum of One's Parts"
"More Than the Sum of One's Parts"

A Joint Duty Log by Commander Kaysen Jarv and Lieutenant Commander Simon Trent

(This story takes place after the Agamemnon left DS9, and while en route to the Taria system.)

    Since Captain Santori was still in the Wellness Center, recuperating from the encounter with the Mirror Universe forces and Section 31, Kaysen was in charge of the ship, and going over research reports in the ready room, regarding their destination, the Taria system. Everything suggested they energy signature might just be a fluke, and that they were being sent to follow a sensor ghost, but they can't dismiss it until they receive proof. He put that off to the side, and noticed an unread message awaiting his attention. He read it quietly to himself, but said the last phrase out loud, "... for this that I request to meet with you, at your leisure." He chuckled, "Always learning something new about him every day." He tapped his combadge, "Jarv to Trent. Please join me in the ready room."
    Trent raised his eyebrow, and replied, "Acknowledged, Commander.", standing from the center seat as the relief officer he nodded to his relief, "You have the conn."  Trent then turned, and walked to the ready room, not entering immediately, but pressing the door chime.
    "Enter!" Kaysen declared, upon hearing the chime.
    Trent entered the ready room as the doors opened, standing in front of the desk, after the doors closed, "Lieutenant Commander Trent, reporting, Commander." He kept his eyes focused upon Kaysen.
    The first officer raised a brow, "You... don't need to be so formal here, Simon. I just wanted to have a little chat." He held up a PADD that he'd transferred a large sum of data to, prior to Trent's entrance. "Have a seat if you like."
    Trent nodded slowly, unfamiliar with the.. casualness, but sitting down in the chair, looking at Kaysen intently, "Thank you Commander"
    "Although I shouldn't be surprised, I guess I am in a way. The Bridge Officer's Exam is 'only a logical next step,' as Vulcans would say." He slid the PADD to his Ops officer from across the desk. "I've downloaded the question and answer portion of the exam for you, and you can take care of that at your leisure. When that's complete, I'd be happy to work on the subsequent portions with you," Kaysen stated with a smile.   Trent nodded slightly, and picked up the PADD, looking at Kaysen, "At my leisure, Commander?  I can have this finished in approximately 8 minutes."
    Kaysen's jaw lowered slowly, "Uh... That's fine."
    Trent raised an eyebrow slightly, and looked at the PADD, nodding slowly, "Do you wish me to complete the examination here, or may I return to the bridge?"
    "Wherever you feel most comfortable."
    "Either will be comfortable, Commander, I was merely wondering if you were proctoring the examination physically."
    Kaysen nodded in response, "You may remain here. I just have some work to do."
    Trent also nodded, "As you wish, Commander", then held his hand over the PADD itself, almost interfacing directly with it as his eyes turned a very dull silver, answering the questions.

    The eight minutes passed, just as Trent said it would take that long. Meanwhile he was taking his examination, Kaysen returned to his reports on the area of their destination, known to be a hot spot for Orion activity, but they'd only be a minor nuisance. He'd gotten wrapped up in his work that he didn't even notice Trent gently placing the PADD on the desk as he finished, his eyes returning to their normal color. Clearing his throat slightly as not to disturb Kaysen completely, "Commander, I have finished with this portion of the examination."
    Startled by break of silence for the duration, Kaysen's body snapped back from his announcement. "Oh! Heh... I guess I got a little distracted. Let's take a look." He took the PADD and transferred Simon's answers to the computer. After a few seconds of analysis, the computer returned a response of 100% acceptable answers. "Looks like it all checks out. We can begin the next portion. How about you meet me on the holodeck in two hours?"
    Trent nodded slightly, not meaning to startle Kaysen, however much that it happened. "I can do that, Commander, if you will excuse me, my bridge shift ends in one hour and thirty minutes."
    Nodding, "Dismissed."
    Trent stood, and turned to walk back out onto the bridge, nodding to his relief, and retaking the center seat.

    One hour and thirty minutes later, he stood and left the bridge, heading toward the turbolift, and to his cybernetics lab, to wait before proceeding to the holodeck. Five minutes before the scheduled time, Trent left the lab, and proceeded to the holodeck, arriving exactly on time, and entering, waiting for Kaysen to arrive
    Already waiting inside the holodeck, Kaysen had recreated a simulation of their ship's sickbay, also known as the Wellness Center, named so by Doctor Tlanuwa. The setting was sterile, shined and vacant, devoid of any simulated life. He turned to see Trent enter. "Welcome to the final portion of your exam, Commander. This is going to test your leadership, compassion, sympathy and ability to hold your ground in stressful situations." He smirked, "I hope you're prepared."
    Trent raised an eyebrow as he walked in, thinking to himself, "An interesting setting...", looking at Kaysen, "I believe I am as ready as I can be, Commander."
    Kaysen nodded, "Computer, begin program Jarv-B-C-E-Alpha."

    The scene immediately changed from pristine to a dark, dismal, run-down setting of the sickbay, with lights barely functioning and simulated officers running back and forth between critical patients. Various murmurs and calls for medicine were heard amongst the red alert klaxon sounding. Suddenly, one voice stood over the others, "Commander! Quick! Over here!" It belonged to Doctor Tlanuwa, at the far biobed, leaning over a heavily burned patient, Captain Briana Santori.
    Trent raised an eyebrow at the sudden change, then hearing the Doctor's voice, quickly made his way over to him, seeing his Captain on one of the biobeds, "What has happened here, Doctor?" Quickly looking at her burned body, his hearing picked up everyone else speaking in sickbay, but at the moment, his attention focused.
    The simulation of Adonudo looked at him with disbelief. "The bridge was just overrun by Romulans! She was one of the first hit! I don't think she has much time before the Spirits come for her."
    "That is, regrettable if that were to occur, is there a chance to save her that will not put excess strain upon the ship?" Trent asked completely emotionless, "Also, what has happened to Commander Jarv? I do not see him in here."
    "I can't do anything for her now. Her injuries are far too extent, but it's only a matter of minutes now, and I want her to be comfortable. As for Commander Jarv, you know he's been off the ship for a while now, right? Or did you just have a memory lapse? He was transferred to the Constellation a few weeks ago."
    "I... perhaps I have Doctor, under the circumstances. If the systems will handle the strain, place her body into stasis until we reach Starbase 39.", he looked at the Doctor, completely serious, then looked up for a moment, "Computer, number of Romulans aboard the ship, and concentration."
    The computer replied in its usual cold demeanor, "Internal sensors are offline. Unable to determine number of intruders at this time. At last known time index of functioning sensors, forty-two Romulans were detected throughout the ship."
    Trent frowned for a moment, then looked at the Doctor who hadn't moved, "Doctor, I have given you an order. There is a possibility that a full starbase facility could save her life, if she were put into stasis right now."
    Adon looked back at him. "I'm sorry Commander, but we barely have enough power to sustain cold storage for the medical supplies. There's not nearly enough power to foster the Captain in that state until we get help."
    Trent frowned again, "I am sure you will do your best Doctor, to make her comfortable, please.. ease her passage into the next life." Trent then walked to one of the wall panels, touching it, and activating the "all call" system to project his voice through the ship. "Attention crew of the USS Agamemnon, this is Lieutenant Commander Trent in command. As you may already know, we have been overrun by Romulans, do your best to fight them off as you can. To those of you who are still on the bridge. I beg your forgiveness for what I am about to do." Trent closed his eyes for a moment, a very unfamiliar feeling washed over him as a single tear fell from his left eye. "Computer, set the bridge module to detonate two minutes from release, set the explosive bolts, and release the bridge into space."

    All the meanwhile, Kaysen stood to the side, watching as Trent conversed with the holographic Doctor, regarding his own dear friend, albeit also a simulation. He simply watched as Trent gave the order to release the bridge from the ship. The holodeck produced the clunking sounds of the bridge being released from its clamps, as well as a slight shudder for authenticity.
    The simulation of Adon was also watching, oblivious to Kaysen's presence, "Spirits guide us! Are you mad?!"
    Trent simply closed his eyes, holding the flood gates of emotion back, knowing what he had just done. "No Doctor, the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. There is no way of regaining the bridge in our current state. Logic dictated since the greatest concentration of Romulans was on the bridge, that the bridge personnel would be dead already. Releasing the bridge, and detonating it was the most logical course of action."  The emotion, quite noticeable in his voice, watching his Captain... his friend.. part of his family... pass from this life to the next. A second tear rolled from his left eye as he turned to leave sickbay as Captain Santori finally expired. Saying before he left sickbay, "I will be in Main Engineering, Doctor, if you have further need of me. I must assist in getting the ship underway for repair. I hereby promote you to First Officer, however, your duties here come first. I am.. sorry."

    "Computer, end program," declared Kaysen. "I think we've seen enough. That was... very moving. The sight of your Commanding Officer, dying right before you, and the Chief Medical Officer saying he couldn't do anything to help. All through that, even with your 'logic,' telling you all the things you should have done, you managed to pull through, and release the command center of the ship, logically where most of the intruders would be." He stepped closer to his friend. "An excellent job. You made the right choice. This exam was to demonstrate that Command officers have the gumption to make the right decision in a time of crisis, no matter what the outcome would be, even sacrificing members of the crew."
    Trent stood in the familiar black and gold patterned holodeck as the simulation faded. The face, and name of every person lost because of his actions during the test quite fresh in his mind, knowing that everyone of them would be alive once he left this room. "Thank you, Commander... if.. you will excuse me.. I..", Trent felt his voice fade to almost nothing, the memories flooding back once again, his eyes closing.
    Watching Trent walk out, Kaysen couldn't but wonder if the exam had struck up some latent memories and emotions from his past. He'd never seen Trent like that before, breaking down like that, not even before he'd been shot on DS9. It was a sign. Simon Trent was not completely a Vulcan-looking, android-acting individual. He was something else, entirely.

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