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"Good news sharing "

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tigerlily Kesiun
[Stardate ]


It had been quite an interesting day aboard the u.S.S. Excelsior. They had found another group of Starfleet crewmen that had been taken from Starbase 295 by an anomalous object that still eluded their sensors. From what Lieutenant j.g. T'Radt had heard, they were all in good health despite having been drifting in space in the green mass they were found in.


Getting a drink from the replicator, T'Radt padded over to his desk and immediately requested a communications link. “Computer, I am requesting a real-time link with Lieutenant junior grade Tigerlily Kesiun of Starbase Everest.”


The computer beeped its compliance as it processed his request.  As he took a drink, he watched the Starfleet insignia slowly spin as the computer worked on his request. Finally it stopped.


Real-time comm-link granted,” the computer reported. “Lientenant junior grade Tigerlily Kesiun was not aboard Starbase Everest, but she has been tracked to her current location. You have ten minutes before the link will be closed in lieu of priority traffic.


“That will be fine,” T'Radt replied to the computer. Again he heard a beep as the call was being sent through to Tiger's current location.



  On Catonia, lieutenant junior grade Tigerlily Kesiun was enjoying a fun Retreat after her Joining.  Her adopted daughter played with the other kittens and was enjoying having a family again.  As Talia Kesiun played, her grandfather and parents watched over to make sure the kittens don't get rough.  Casius's.aide walked over with a. request for Tigerlily from an officer with the name of T'Radt from excelsior. 


Tigerlily excused herself to answer her friend's call.  She wondered what was so important that it couldn't wait until she returned to Starbase Everest.


As she arrived at a console she placed her paw to accept the call.  "This is Tigerlily Kesiun,  how are you doing T'Radt?"


The Caitian's black furred imaged appeared on the screen. “Oh, so formal,” T'Radt quipped. “I'm doing great, Tiger. How is married life treating you?”


"It's been wonderful. On my home planet, my father made a huge announcement regarding Talia. He proclaimed her an official member of our family and if anyone didn't approve, they would have to deal with him.  Talia is loving all my kind and fits in with kittens." Tigerlily grinned.  "That pip wasn't on your uniform last time we saw each other. ".she pointed with a paw.


Nope, it sure wasn't, T'Radr replied proudly. “It's brand new.  I'm so glad to hear that things worked out with your father.”


Tigerlily smiled really big, "I am very happy about it to.  And congratulations!   Now we are the same rank!  I am excited for you!" she beamed with happiness.


T'Radt's tail could be seen looping in the background. “I'm just as happy for you,” he told her. “When do you report back?”


"I believe I will head back soon.  I know Talia needs to get back to the school.".she purred amused.  She also misses everyone on her assignment and knew her Retreat was slowly ending.


Very good,” T'Radt replied. “I guess that is about all the news I have.” His ears slid back just a bit. “I guess I really could have just recorded a message to you.”


Tigerlily purred amused, "You could but then you wouldn't hear me playfully challenge you to a race.  Race to see who gets their next promotion first." she could be seen with a grin on her face.


Oh, no you don't,” the Caitian came back with. He had an amused lookin his eyes. “There definitely isn't as much chance for a helm officer to get promotions as a science officer.  Ass we do is drive the ship.”


“We shall see my furry friend.  And all we do is scan for anomalies and alien life forms.   We also come up with theories after getting information from scans.  If we think about it,  helmsman and science officers need each other to perform their duties.”  She quickly meowed.


Can't deny that,” T'Radt agreed.  “Okay, well our time is almost up.  Once again, I am so happy to hear that things are going well, Tiger.


  Tiger nodded as she heard a beep, "Well thanks for calling me and I still challenge you to that race.”


The race is on,” T'Radt said. Again, the mischief was in his eyes and his tail looped in the background. “Take care, Tiger. T'Radt out.”"



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