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"Newlywed Bliss"

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by Meila Styles, Commander Malachi Styles, Renik, Meila Styles
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"Newlywed Bliss"
JPL with Commander Malachi Styles, First Lieutenant Ailana Styles, Renik and Meila Styles and the Fyrstk family

“Are you certain, Mother?” Rear Admiral Lukas Fyrstk asked Jessica Fyrstk with a bit of an incredulous look. She had just offered to take all the kids back to Earth with her and her husband, Luktra tr’Fyrs’tk, over the month vacation from school.
“Yes, Lukas,” the elder Fyrstk woman insisted. “Your father and Ah would be delahghted to have them stay with us. Plus, Mal and Lana could leave Renik and Meila with us as well. They get on so well with the other children. It would be no bother.”
“Alrahght,” Fyrstk said with a resigned shrug. Despite his feelings his mother was getting too old to be caring for so many kids, she was determined to show him he was wrong. “Ah’ll make certain to tell the older ones to help you.”
“You’ll do no such thing!” Jessica snapped at her son. Lukas merely chuckled and gave up that battle.
So it came to be that Commander Malachi Styles and Dr. Ailana Darz-Styles boarded one of Everest’s runabouts, prepared to accommodate multiple passengers, on a flight to Earth, where the newlyweds had decided to spend their honeymoon. Their passengers included Luktra, Jessica, Luna, Celeste Ane, Rohan, Ronov, Renik, Noble Ane, young Jess and Meila.
“I’m so excited!!” Meila exclaimed nearly bouncing out of her seat in the runabout. “Real horses! Isn’t this exciting, Renik??” Meila looked toward Jess Fyrstk who had told her about the horses on their farm. “How often can I ride the horses?”    
Lana looked back at the children and smiled. This would be good for Meila and Renik to spend a summer on a farm with all the Fyrstk kids. They’d get to experience a new dynamic of family interaction. Lana was grateful to Jessica for offering to take the kids for the month so Malachi and her could go on their honeymoon. She wouldn’t really have felt right about leaving on a honeymoon in any other situation. At least this way she knew the kids would be safe, and well entertained. She looked to Malachi. ~~You’re grandmother is an angel.~~
~~She really is,~~ Styles agreed. He glanced forward, seeing his grandfather at the helm controls. ~~I’m not sure if Grandfather realizes what he is in for though.~~ From the corner of his eye, he saw Renik pass by and proceed toward the bow. He watched as the teen walked to the foremost seats and sat down in the navigator’s seat, looking over and talking with Luktra.
“Is that hard to do?” Renik asked the elder Romulan.
Luktra tr’Fyrs’tk looked over to the boy. “Not at all,” he answered.
“Ronnie says it’s easy to do,” Renik said. “That he piloted a shuttle through a wormhole.”
“That he did,” Luktra confirmed.
“Could you show me how to pilot the ship?” Renik asked.
“I would be glad to,” Luktra responded. “So long as your father says it is alright. This is not my shuttle to give you permission with.”
“I’ll go ask,” Renik said, rising from the seat.
~~Though I do think Meila might burst from all the excitement.~~ Lana looked back to see Meila still nearly bouncing out of her seat, and asking all the Fyrstk kids around her all about the farm--asking questions a mile a minute and barely waiting for the answer before asking a new one. Ailana chuckled, and looked back to Malachi. ~~So….we are going to have a rodeo queen~~ She saw Renik approaching after hearing his conversation with Luktra, ~~And a star pilot on our hands.~~
~~I believe you are correct,~~ Malachi returned. He looked up to Renik as the teen approached. “You may tell Grandfather that it is acceptable by me,” he told the boy before the question was even asked. Renik merely smiled broadly and turned back toward the cockpit. The move brought an even broader smile to Malachi’s lips. He continued watching as the elder Romulan moved out of the pilot’s seat and allowed Renik to sit down.
Lana took Malachi’s hand, and leaned her head on his shoulder. As they touched, their Zabrian wedding bands shifted from only showing half a gem, to the completed intertwined blue and red gems. She grinned as she thought of their wedding. Even though it had really been an impromptu wedding, she couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. And even their honeymoon just kind of fell into place at the last minute. They were blessed to have wonderful friends and family that could make it all happen on such short notice. Malachi and Ailana would spend their honeymoon in Europe while their kids enjoyed their time with the Fyrstk family. Everything was just perfect. ~~I love you.~~ She sent happily to Malachi. Lana was in complete bliss and wanted to savor every moment.
~~As I do you,~~ Malachi returned.

After almost a week in space, the runabout reached Sector 001, and the journey to Earth was quick. Renik and Ronov had taken turns at helm with either Luktra or Malachi watching over them. For atmospheric entry, and landing at the farm, Luktra took the controls, but had Renik sit in the seat next to him and pay close attention to his every move. Once the ship touched down in Georgia on the North American continent, everyone piled out and started for the main house to stake their claims to sleeping space and unpack their bags. Luna and young Jessica were excitedly talking with Meila, telling her all about the farm and where they would sleep and the other things they would be doing.
Renik stepped out the hatchway and paused. This was just like in the holo-program, except it was real. He’d also never seen so much green. It was a lot to take in.
“C’mon, Renny,” Ronov shouted to him. “We’ll get all our stuff insahde and Ah’ll show you some of the cool stuff on the farm here!” Renik pulled his duffel closer to his shoulder and followed the twins and Noble Ane.
Malachi stepped from the runabout. He looked to Ailana. “I reacted a lot like Renik just did when I first arrived here. When you spend all your life on a starship, stepping into this world… “ He gestured around to the farm and pastures. “It can be a bit overwhelming. And now, I just think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the universe.”
Ailana chuckled. “Like father, like son, eh?”    
Malachi thought the Terran idiom a bit ironic, especially given the Renik was only his adopted son, but the teen was very much like him despite no biological ties. It was also pleasing to see how quickly Luktra had taken to Renik, much like the Romulan had taken to Malachi when they first met. Malachi realized, later that his instant bond with the elder man was due more to an incident that had happened almost sixty years prior to his first meeting on the farm, but that was another story entirely.
Lana drew near to him, wrapping her arms around him and looking into his eyes. “I’m sure he’ll get use to it.” She paused a moment; her lips formed a playful smile. “So….where are we going first? Rome? Florence? Santorini? Corfu Island? Paris?” There was an excitement in her eyes as she thought of the different places they could visit.
“How about Vienna,” Styles suggested, wrapping his arms about her waist. “I understand they have done marvelous things with that city.”
“Perfect.” She leaned in and the two enjoyed the first of many romantic kisses that they’d enjoy during their honeymoon. Then the two prepared to set off for Vienna--completely encompassed in newlywed bliss.

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