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"Captains Deserve Happiness Too" JPL

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by Fleet Captain Adrenna Darz
[Stardate ]


“Captains Deserve Happiness Too”
JPL w/ Captain Adrenna Darz and Ensign D'rayaek Omaie
Addy starred out the viewport in her room; bundled up in a blanket and sipping her hot chocolate. It had been a week since her sister’s engagement party turned wedding. Lana and Malachi had left with their kids for Earth where the newlyweds would spend their honeymoon in Europe while the kids would spend time on the Fyrstk farm with their great grandparents and the rest of the Fyrstk kids. Addy grinned; knowing that Lana was likely having the time of her life at the moment. It warmed her heart that her sister had found so much happiness in Malachi.
D’rayaek Omaie finished preparing for bed and crawled in next to his love, wrapping his muscular arms around her. “Daydreaming, my sweet?”
Addy set her hot chocolate down, looked into the light orange eyes of D’ray and grinned, kissing his lips; enjoying the light tickle from the hairs of his goatee. This day had been perfect. It had been her day off, she had not been called in for any emergencies, and she had been able to spend the whole day enjoying the love of her life. The only thing that made the day sad was that tomorrow, D’ray was scheduled to leave again and she would be alone once more.
“Just thinking of Lana. I bet she’s having a blast.” Addy stated after they broke from their kiss.
“It was a beautiful ceremony. So much emotion felt by all.” He swept back Addy’s long curly hair and tucked it behind her pointed ear. Looking into her dark purple eyes he gave a loving smile. She was the most beautiful being he had ever known; perfect inside and out and he adored her. “You really made your sister happy; pulling all that together in only an hour.”
Addy grinned. “My sister deserves the best.”
“So do you.”
“My time will come….and Lana better be ready to repay the favor.” She chuckled.
D’ray smiled, and gazed into those beautiful eyes for a few moments more. Then he gave her a serious look. “Adrenna Darz. You have been my light from the moment we met. You are my hope, my joy, my everything. You are the thought behind every action I take, and I cannot imagine a life without you by my side. Will you marry me and make me the happiest Laerdian in the universe; will you be joined together with me for all eternity?” D’ray had been waiting for the perfect moment to ask. He had thought about waiting until a later visit since he hadn’t wanted to overshadow the joy of Lana’s wedding. But he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he loved her with all his might, mind, and heart and couldn’t wait a second longer without knowing whether she would be his wife.
Addy was stunned. Although the two had been dating for the past three and a half years, she had been offered captaincy shortly after their relationship had begun so the more port of the relationship had been over long distance. Not to mention, as a Zabrian--who lives for centuries--it was uncommon to rush into anything in regards to relationships. Addy thought Laerdians had the same way of thinking considering they lived just as long.    
But then again, nothing about their relationship had ever been traditional from the beginning. Considering she was a captain and he an ensign--the relationship itself had been atypical at best. She searched her feelings, and smiled as she thought through their times together. She loved D’ray with all her heart. Perhaps she was still feeling a bit sentimental from Lana’s wedding, or perhaps the thought of D’ray leaving tomorrow made her more emotional than normal. Either way, Addy had no doubt in her mind what she wanted and nothing would make her happier than to be married to her love. “Yes! Of course I will. But what about Starfleet? You would never be able to get stationed here under my command. Do you want to just get married, but still be apart until our careers match up somehow?”
An overwhelming joy came over D’ray and it was reflected in his grin and the twinkle in his eyes. He kissed her softly, then looked into her gorgeous purple eyes again. “No. I can’t stand being away from you any longer. Starfleet was never my choice. I admired its mission and was obligated to join to represent my people. My duty to them has been completed. There are plenty others of my people who have joined and will rise in the ranks in Starfleet; I no longer have to carry that torch.”
“So….you are going to resign your commission?”
D’ray nodded. “I will still be leaving tomorrow. I have a few more months left on my current contract and I want to fulfill them. Then, I can resign my commission and return to you, my sweet. Forever.”
Addy began to cry. She knew how sincere he was; she could sense every beautiful emotion that was coming from him as he spoke to her. Addy embraced him tightly, and then kissed him; portraying all the love and happiness she felt at the moment through that kiss.
~~I love you, D’rayaek~~
~~My heart is yours. Now, and Always, my sweet.~~

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