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Fostering Adventures part 13: Sahe's Fears-JL- Sheme, Leaf, Sahe, Talia,Tikani

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by Ensign Dancing-Leaf & Ensign Tigerlily Sheme
[Stardate ]

As they got closer and closer to Bajor, Sahe grew more and more nervous about their trip to where he was born. He began to act more and more withdrawn around the others and occasionally verbally lashed out at them for what seemed to be no apparent reason.
Talia walked over to him. “Hey there, want to play a game?”
Sahe shook his head at her. "Not really, Tallie I'm not really feeling comfortable about heading to Bajor right now.”
“Mommies Tiger and Leaf won't allow anything to happen to us,” Talia told him.
Dancing Leaf was doing her best to try to understand the youth's reluctance to return to his original home and came over to sit down next to him. "I thought you might want to see how things have changed since you were here last and she's right, we won't let anything happen to you."
Sahe growled and flounced his way back to  his quarters, wishing he could slam a door or two along the way to let them know how he was really feeling... Scared and lonely.
Tiger walked over, “We shouldn't push him, Leaf.  He’s not ready.”
Talia followed, clearly understanding what was going on with him and went to hold him to her.
Leaf nodded. "That's what I'm thinking, too, but heading to Bajor was going to be the fastest way to get a ship to Sivao and that will be the day after we land there. We COULD stay over at DS till we catch the Sunchaser for Sivao. In fact I'll go talk to him about that possibility and then cancel our reservations on Bajor."
Tiger told her.”Not yet, Leaf, he’s upset, give him time.”
"Oh? What's up?" Leaf queried.
Talia just held Sahe closer to her for comfort.
“Well, okay, we can reschedule Bajor for another vacation if we need to." Leaf capitulated.
Tiger nodded.
Sahe sat on the bunk almost as stiff as a piece of petrified wood, barely acknowledging Talia cuddled up against him and holding on to him like a teddy bear.
Talia snuggled and whispered, “We wont go there, I think mommy intervened. I love you Sahe.”
Sahe slowly relaxed from his rigid position, and tentatively then more fiercely hugged her tight to him, kissing her lips. "I care about you too, Tallie, but I don't know if it's love yet the way you are talking about, I promise you though I'll do my dangest to never let anyone hurt you again as long as I'm there."
“Okay, let's rest, we have each other and our mommies and my daddy." Talia told him as she snuggled closer.
He lay back on the bunk and covered her with the light blanket pulling her close to him so that her head as on  his shoulder.
She rested against him, almost purring like a contented kitten.
He gently twirled one tendril of her hair around his finger, using the end to tickle her nose with it.
She giggled as he tickled her.
Tiger peeked in and then held Leaf back from entering the bunks. “Are you sure?”
He grinned and nibbled her nose.
Leaf just peeked in on them as her tail went into a surprised corkscrew when she saw how they were."It's ok, Talia seems to be a miracle worker on his moods, better than anything I could have done.
Tiger nodded. “They have had each other for years.”
Leaf nodded back. "They just didn't realize it, I'm glad they are now."
Tiger reminded her “Be gentle now...”
Leaf nodded as she rang the door chime. "Sahe? Could we talk?"
Sahe grumbled softly so as not to disturb Talia before sitting up with Talia against him." Come on in."
Leaf entered and perched on the edge of the bunk. "Would you rather not visit Bajor and instead head for Sivao? We can always come back later if you'd want."
Sahe nodded."Yeah, lets skip Bajor for now, I don't think I can handle it at the moment, I thought I could earlier but, I'm...not that strong." He told Leaf, totally shamed about having such a weakness when he should be so strong for the others.
Talia hugged him as she slept.
Leaf hugged him and perforce Talia. "Alright, we'll spend the night on Deep Space 9 and head for the Sunchaser to Sivao in the morning. I'll just need to cancel the reservations we had on Bajor but that should be no problem. Just watch out for Quark on DS 9, that wily Ferengi should have 'Trouble' as his family name." Leaf kittygrinned as she watched the two children and reached over to gently stroke Talia's hair.
She swatted the paw away and got more comfortable in Sahe’s arms.
Leaf snaked her tail around to gently stroke Talia's cheek with the tip.
“Mommy, go away!” She tried to hide in Sahe’s arms.
Sahe held her close and stroked her hair. "Thanks, Mom, for rearranging things about Bajor. I'm not ready to deal with it  yet."
Leaf nodded. "Of course Sahe, I'll go make the call now." She left the two youngsters cuddling as she nodded to Tiger and went to find the communications panel to change the reservations.
Tiger walked over, “how did it go?”
"I think we have the tiger tamed for the moment. As soon as I get the arrangements changed, I'm all for some Shashlik skewers." Leaf’s whiskers curled forward.
“Okay.” Tikani looked in on the children, “They are so cute together.”
"I think you'll like them, they're a common light meal on Sivao and, yes, they are cute together." Leaf commented.
“Very,” he nodded his approval.
Leaf's tail corkscrewed  into a tight spring. "Can't you just see them getting married one of these days?"
“I can see that, dear Miss Leaf.” Tikani told her with a nod of his head.
From inside Sahe's room came an indignant, but muffled "I HEARD THAT!!!"
Tikani walked over to the room and tapped at the door. "May I come in?"
Sahe's voice answered, "Sure, why not?"
He sat on the bed gently “We were just commenting on how close you are with my daughter.”
Sahe nodded, a misty look in his eyes,"She's more precious to me than a whole Jovian ocean of latinum, gold pressed or not."
“We see that, young lad.  I saw that in Paris.” The Catonian male told Sahe.
Sahe turned  bright scarlet and tried to hide his face in Talia's hair.
“No need to be embarrassed...” Tikani told him.
"Wellllllllll... usually if someone said that you'd get teased by everyone else." Sahe told him, still  flustered.
“It won't happen with us.  We pawmise.” Tikani informed him solemnly.
"Like Mom would say, you 'pawmise' in the Old Tongue?" Sahe was wanting to make sure that no one among their party would tease them while on this trip. He was worried that something might upset Talia and  then he'd have to pull whiskers or tails or whatever else to try to get them to stop it. 
“Exactly.  I am a Catonian, and when we make pawmises, it’s very important to keep them.” Tikani replied.
"Like mom says about a promise they make in the Old Tongue. It has essentially the analogy to them of a written contract anywhere else, but with her society being one with an extremely vast oral tradition and also a phenomenal racial memory, it's about the same thing I guess."
“That is correct,”Tikani told him
Sahe nodded and kissed Talia's cheek.
Talia giggled.
Sahe grinned and then licked at her ear.
Tikani smiled, “I will leave you alone, then.”
Sahe grinned "We'll be out soon."
“Okay,” Tikani left.
Sahe snuggled with Talia after Tikani left, a lot calmer since he wouldn't have to face his fears of Bajor again so soon.

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