USF Personal Log
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"Boarding the Everest"

Starbase Everest Lounge

by Ensign T'paq Vrikaal
[Stardate ]

Stardate: 201710.08. Personal log.
I was able to board the Starbase Everest today, and was welcomed, as humans say 'with open arms'. I parted with the other ensign I had shared the voyage with and made my way to the security section. I was welcomed by the security chief and shown to my post. All went according to plan. Still... I am finding the balance between being too eager and not eager enough very difficult to maintain. My training was for a Starship, and I believe it an illogical choice to place me on a station, where my ability would have been more wisely used. However, while it is illogical, it does not surprise me. I expected to have cynicism from the humans regarding my unusual hybrid race. Still, I see no other way to battle this besides proving myself as a competent officer. In whatever method that is to be done on this human station.
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