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"Sometimes, It's the Only Way"

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by Renik
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“Sometimes, It's the Only Way”

PL w/ Renik, Danzit Rev & Oskie


    Classes had let out for the day on Everst's school level.  Renik considered this a good day because he hadn't been forced to talk about himself, as Ensign Onara was working with other students.  It was pure learning time for Renik. He was already through the basic levels of Federation Standard, both in reading and “writing” it.  He was finding the physical writing a bit more challenging, as he did not have very good penmanship and a lot of his letter looked like vole-scratch.

    Renik rode the lift to the second promenade level.  He had already cleared it with Malachi, that he would be able to spend time after school looking around the commercial area.  Renik now found it fascinating to read all the different signs in the different ships. As the lift doors opened, Renik found himself face to face with the two boys who had bullied hima nd Sidana before school had begun.

    “Well, look who it is,” the first boy stated.  He was Bajoran and stood a head taller than Renik. He had a medium build.  “Stasis Boy trouble-maker.”

    “Yeah, look who it is,” his friend agreed.  He was a Bolian, about the same height, just a slight bit heavier.

    “You know how much trouble you got me in, Stasis Boy?” the Bajoran boy asked.

    “I did not do anything to get you in trouble,” Renik said evenly. He was clenching and releasing his fists at his side.

    “Shut up!” the Bolian boy ordered. “Because of you we had to sit in the Super's office until our parents came. And they were not happy.”

    “Again,” renik started. “I did noth…€…”

    “I said shut up!” the Bolian boy repeated. He took a step toward Renik who did not flinch at his advancement.

    “You're gonna make it up to us,” the Bajoran boy said. When Renik merely glared at him, the boy continued, “You're gonna steal us some smokes.”

    “And if I refuse?” Renik asked. He knew what the bos were asking for. “Smokes” were thin cylinders of tobacco, or another leafy equivalent, rolled into paper.  He had tried smoking on Claridden, but never found the attraction to it like some of the other street kids did.

    “Then we kick your &$#%,” the Bajoran said.

    “Then you will have to try,” Renik replied evenly. “For I am not going to commit any acts of larceny anymore.” He thought of how easy it would be to reduce both of these bullies to whimpering babies, but he knew Malachi would not approve.  Instead, he simply moved forward to walk past the two.  “Now, if you will excuse me…€… “

    “You ain't goin' nowhere, except where we want you to,” the Bajoran said. He reached a hand out to push Renik back into the lift car, but Renik quickly avoided his hand and slid past the bully.

    The Bolian was a bit faster and grabbed Renik's shirt, pulling him back. Renik twisted away, hearing the material rip.

    “Hold …€Â˜im, Oskie,” the Bajoran yelled. Renik turned just in time to see a fist coming his way,. He, again, ducked, hearing the material rip some more because “Oskie” still had a grip on it, and the Bajoran's fist hit his buddy. Oskie had turned his face just in time to avoid a full on punch from his friend. He released Renik's shirt.

    “Damn, Danzit,” Oskie complained. “Watch what you're doing!” Danzit never answered as Renik saw his opportunity and brought the heel of his hand forcefully up and into the boy's chin.  The maneuver snapped Danzit's head back and sent him backwards into the lift car.

    “I'll get you for th…€… “ Oskie started, but never finished as Renik spun quickly, bringing his lef up and into the Bolian's mid-section. Oskie immediately doubled over.

    Renik turned to run out of the lift alcove, but slammed into something hard.  He felt two hands grab onto him.  “That's enough a male voice said with authority. Renik looked up and saw one of the station's security officers.  “What's going on here?” the man asked.

    “Be jumped us,” Danzit lied, coming out of the lift car, his speech not all too clear.  “Wanted us to lift him some smokes.”

    “This kid wanted the two of you to steal for him?” the officer, an ensign, asked. He looked at Renik's ripped shirt which was now half way down his right arm. “And what say you?”

    “I am certain you can come to your own conclusions,” Renik stated evenly, though his eyes held a look of pure defiance. Danzit Rev was actually surprised that Renik did not try to turn the tables in his direction.

    “Yeah,” the ensign replied. “I certainly can.  Now, the three of you will come with me.”

    “Why?” Oskie whined. “We didn't do nothing. It was all Stasis Boy here.  He thinks he's a real badass.”

    “Because I said so,” the security officer stated. He still had one hand gripping Renik, which the teen had assured himself he could have easily gotten out of if he so desired.  “Now, let's go!”



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