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"Sidana's Struggle"

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by Captain Adrenna Darz, Lieutenant Alenis Jinnis, Ensign Dancing-Leaf
[Stardate ]


"Sidana's Struggle"
JL with Meila, Sidana, and Lieutenant Alenis Jinnis

Meila saw how anxious and upset Sidana was over this whole thing. She hated seeing people so sad and scared. She placed a comforting hand on Sidana as Sidana held close to Lt Jinnis. "It'll be okay, Sidana. Miss Lana and Mr Styles won't let anything bad happen to you or to any of us. Not to mention Mr Blackford. He cares for you a lot; he won't give you up to these guys!"    
Jinnis stroked Sidana's hair. "She's right....Papa Eric will do everything he can to keep you with him...he loves you very much."
Sidana nodded as she continued to cling to Lt. Jinnis, but her face was scrunched up into a frowning scowl as she concentrated on the woman that claimed to be her mother. Sidana's hands clenched into tight fists as she pictured a pair of giant hands squeezing the woman's nose and twisting it cruelly, the way the woman had done to her to make her come along with them after disintegrating her real parents. Sidana was out for paying them back for what they did, with interest and compounded by the gravity of their crimes.
Through the looking glass the woman suddenly held her nose and seemingly checked to see if it were bleeding, which it wasn't; not at the moment anyway. Meila observed Sidana and the woman. She got close to Sidana and whispered in her ear. "I know you hate her for what she's not good to become like them. Don't let their darkness consume you. Let the grown ups deal with them."
Sidana sighed and nodded and telekinetically let the woman's nose go. "Okay but it was both of them so he's not getting off scot free either..." In the other room, Mr. Holden suddenly grabbed at his crotch. Sidana just grinned nastily. "There, that'll learn ya, durn ya."

Meila nodded her approval. "They will both get what they deserve." She kept close to Sidana and observed the people in through the looking glass. She didn't recognize them herself...which just meant there were more than these two people involved in gathering all the kids and giving them to the Birellians. But the universe would be made a better place if even two of those involved get what they deserved. She shivered slightly as she remembered her nightmares of being tied up and poked and experimented on. She didn't know if they were memories or just....nightmares. Her past was more of a blur to her except most recent years; like the past two or three....Meila wished she could remember what her parents looked like....but perhaps it was better for her not to remember her parents. She couldn't begin to imagine how Sidana felt; seeing her parents killed right in front of her.
Jinnis noticed the two people being questioned acting strangely. She also noticed that Sidana's face, how she was concentrating. "Sidana. Did you do something to them that you shouldn't? You know that Papa Eric wouldn't approve of that, would he?"

Sidana looked up at the Lieutenant, her eyes stormy, the dam that held her tears back very close to bursting. "So just because I'm a kid, I HAVE to let you Grups do everything?!?!?!? Why can't I get some satisfaction for MYSELF?!?!?!?!?!?" She turned and, tears streaming with the heartbreaking sounds of a despairing wail, practically flew out the doorway trying to find someplace small and out of the way where she could feel safe again. No, there was little use in trusting the Grups for justice anymore. Not when they seemed to want to just slap the baddies on the wrist and tell them "No, no!! We don't play like that."

Meila ran after Sidana. "Sidana. Please, it's going to be okay. Mr Blackford and the others won't let them get away without punishment....but it takes time!! I promise they won't get off so easily!" She knew how angry Sidana was, and although she knew Sidana had a right to be angry--she didn't want the girl to be consumed by it. Scary things happen when people get angry and allow it to consume their heart. "You're not alone in this!" She caught up with Sidana. "Please let me help you."

Jinnis reached the two kids in the hallway and knelt down and looked at Sidana. "Is Eric a Grup? Am I? You don't trust me or Eric? Not all adults are Grups!" She wrapped her arms around her to comfort her. "Are all adults trustworthy? No. Are all children trustworthy? No. Do you trust Eric? Then trust him to find the truth. He told me that he won't give you up....but that's not an excuse for using these abilities of yours." Jinnis held her at arms length and looked her straight in the eye. "Trust us to find the truth. And you shouldn't use these abilities of yours like this.....your better then that."

Meila smiled at Jinnis helping Sidana. She was glad that Sidana had good people caring for her; she needed that. All the stasis kids were lucky to have been found by the Everest crew. There were good people here, and they would not let the kids be hurt again. "It'll be okay Sidana. They can help us. I know they can."

Sidana looked at Lt Jinnis and Meila, tears streaming down her face, weighing what she was feeling from them and their thoughts against the words they were saying. "You and Papa Eric are grups, Lt Jinnis, but you're good ones, not like THEM..." She made an extremely rude gesture in the Holdens' direction and made her decision. "OK, I'll trust you two and the rest of the crew on the station for the most part but the rest of the grups from off here are another story. They're gonna have to prove themselves first and that includes Runny Clothes (Renco) in there too, but if they come after me, I'm gonna fight back and it won't be just the nose or crotch that gets targeted." Sidana had really been holding herself back on what she did to the Holdens. She was still going to be cautious toward most grups, but she thought she could learn to trust a few.
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