Starbase Everest Mission Brief
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SIM BRIEF SD: 201905.11: "Field Trip" part II


“Field Trip” part II


Starbase Everest.jpg

Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201905.11

Last time on Everest:


The Infinity traveltd out with children and their families aboard to view a growing space anomaly.  They arrived and started to take in the wonders of this spatial light show. Science scanners were sending all sorts of data to the computers for analyzation. Suddenly, the psi-sensitive foks aboard the ship started to “receive” a message. It was quite undiscernible at first but then, as the anomaly grew, and an opening it its center started to appear, the message became clearer. Someone needed help, and it was almost like someone Captain Darz knew.



Between sims:


Pretty quiet this week.




Less than an hour has passed between sims.  The Infinity sits at the edge of a spatial anomaly that now appears to be a portal. Someone on the other side of that portal is asking for help.  Should they go through? Should they just turn around and go home?


Have fun guys!


Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Commander Malachi Styles, XO

Starbase Everest






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