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SIM BRIEF SD: 201903.09 -- "The Game" Part III

“The Game” Part III

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Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201903.09

Last time on Everest:


All the adults from the Everest and any merchant ships docked appeared in a massive room in an unknown place.  The senior staff somehow managed to find each other among the vast room of people and theorized what was going on. Then a voice told them to pick their teams with instructions to pick 10 to a team.  Non compliance would result in “permanent disqualification”. With no explanation of what the teams were for or why they were there, the Everest crew picked their teams. Once everyone had their teams they were once again whisked off to a new place.  When they appeared in their new destination no one had any memory of who they were.

Meanwhile on the Everest the children who had all been left behind on the Everest banded together.  The older kids made sure the younger kids were taken care of, and Renik worked from C&C with his own team of kids to call for help and investigate the probe that took all the adults.


Between sims:


In confusion and a bit of a fog each team has wondered where they are and why they are there.  None of them remembered who they were or anything about anyone around them. Everyone in each team is wearing the same colored simple outfit-- pants and a long sleeved shirt.  There is no indication on any individual of who they are--not even jewelry. No one has any tool or object on them of any kind.

A mysterious man appeared to the “Blue Team” and then the “Purple Team” to explain the rules of the game.  It would seem that even though no one knows who they are, they are expected to work together and fight against the other teams to survive a deadly game.  Each team is located in a different location, standing in a clearing right outside a forest. After being explained the rules, the “Purple Team” was forced into the forest to begin the game.  

Meanwhile on the Everest Renik's team discovered that the probe is a deep space transporter relay.  So the adults have been transported...somewhere far away. Renik's grandfather Rear Admiral Lukas Fyrstk answered the call for help and informed him that he will take the Pathfinder to the Everest and be there within a couple of hours to aid Renik and the rest of the kids.




30 minutes has passed since last sim.  Adults: You have been placed in a deadly game, you know nothing about who you are, and you have nothing but your team clothes.  You have no tools, no jewelry and absolutely know indication of who you are or who the other people on your team are. You are expected to work together and fight against the other teams for your own survival.  Good luck. Kids: Keep trying to find out what happened to your parents.


Have fun guys!

Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Commander Malachi Styles, XO

Starbase Everest

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