Starbase Everest Mission Brief
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Everest SIM BRIEF SD: 201902.09: “Is That Ship Fixed Yet?”


“Is That Ship Fixed Yet?”


Starbase Everest.jpg

Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201902.09

Last time on Everest:


As the engineers continue to work on the Orgess ship, Everest General is suddenly beset upon by three of the Orgess whose digestive systems had a disagreement with food they are on the Promenade. The result is a very noxious atmosphere in the hospital.


Between sims:


      Pretty quiet this past week.


For the Sim:


Three days have passed since the last sim.  The Orgess continue to “delight” the shop owners and patrons of the promenade levels. Hopefully, Lt. Commander Fray's estimate of 40 hours to repair the Orgess ship was one of those high estimates to make the engineers look like miracle workers.




Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Commander Malachi Styles, XO

Starbase Everest








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