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  Commander Malachi Styles, SD
"More Mysteries"

“More Mysteries”

JDL Commander Styles & Lt. Sinek


The empty offices of Hingra Shipping were now crawling with Everest security officers. Commander Malachi Styles walked through the corridor linking each of the individual offices with a tricorder.


“Commander,” called Lt. Sinek, one of Everest's security/tactical officers. Styles entered the office the Vulcan was in. Sinek was standing by a solid wall. “There is something behind this panel.”


Malachi looked the wall up and down, It was solid-appearing from one connecting wall to the next.  He raised his tricorder and scanned where Sinek had indicated. “Open it up,” he ordered.


Sinek reached into a nearby kit bag and pulled out a laser spanner.  He activated the device and sliced through the wall material, carving out a meter by meter square. He pulled the wall material away, and Styles saw a small device with an antenna and indicator lights.  He also heard a growing whining sound.


“Move, Commander,” Sinek warned and both officers quickly exited the office. They had just gone through the door when the device exploded, ripping more of the wall apart and sending building material all throughout the room.


Sinek looked at his tricorder, adjusting its settings. “Are you harmed, Commander, he asked, not looking up from his device.


“No, I am fine,” Styles answered.  A couple more of the security officers suddenly gathered to see what had happened.


“We found the source of the sensor transmitter,” Sinek confirmed as he read the tricorder. “The office now only shows our presence.”


Styles glanced back into the office. Dust and smoke still lingered in the air. “But, whomever planted it apparently did not want us to find out much about them.”


Lt. Sinek pointed his tricorder back into the office and readjusted it once more. “And they did a more than sufficient job to that end, Sir. There is not much left of the device.”


Commander Styles stood in thought for a moment. “This is going to sound like a strange hypothesis, but…… Lt. Boon was a spy. A member of a group, thirty-two years ago, that still exists now. And, had an office on this very starbase.”


“As implausible as that sounds, Commander,” Sinek commented, “I find it most plausible. We have learned through intelligence reports that many espionage agencies have lasted for multiple decades, centuries even.”


Malachi nodded. “I want every inch and molecule in this room scanned and re-scenned, and analyzed. See if we can find out something about this organization.”


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