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  Counselor Stair Onala, First Lieutenant Ailana Styles, Ensign Della Nokio, SD
"More DNA Test" JDL

“More DNA Tests”

JDL Dr. Ailana Styles, Ensign Nokio & Counselor Onala


NOTE: This actually takes place before the sim of 201811.03


The next work day after the Halloween Party, Dr Ailana Styles was in her office.  Today was the first day since the Infinity crew had returned from their recent mission that Ailana was able to continue her work on the special case Counselor Onala had given her.  He had suspected he might be related to a crew member, and after the initial testing of Onala's DNA and comparison against DNA of the crew member as filed in the Everest General database--there was a pretty high chance Onala's suspicion was correct.  However, before Ailana could give a definitive answer to the counselor, she would need to do a full analysis of a fresh DNA sample from the crew member in question.

Ailana reviewed the files of the crew member and Counselor Onala one more time, and then slapped her badge.  "Dr Styles to Ensign Nokio."


Ensign Della Nokio was in her quarters still shocked from the news that ensign Stair Onala shared with her.  Was he actually her half brother? She heard her combadge chirp, but didn't answer yet. Her mind was traveling through her academy years.


Dr Styles checked the computer, which confirmed that Ensign Nokio was indeed on the station and currently in her quarters.  She wondered perhaps the ensign was not awake yet. She then sent a message to Nokio's computer requesting the ensign to call her office once Nokio was available.  She also sent a note to the scheduling office to get Nokio an appointment with as soon as possible for the ensign.


Della looked up at her computer hearing the beep.  She sighed and got dressed as.she headed to Everest General, wondering how it would end today.   She thought of asking Onala to join her, but his words still echoed in her mind.


Counselor Stair Onala sat in his office half-listening to Ensign Briann's latest phobia.  His mind kept drifting off to his conversation with Della. Did he make a mistake saying anything to her?  What if they were related. That would mean Della's mother was his birth mother. How did he feel about that? The woman who gave him up at birth. What would happen if Della's mother ever came to the station?  He shook his head and looked back to the ensign who had not even noticed.

When Della arrived at the admissions desk in Everest General, Nurse Nichols--an older woman with a dark complexion and long graying-black hair that was tied up in a low bun--smiled at her.  “Hello, may I help you?”

Della hesitated,"yes I am here to see Dr. Styles,  please."

Nurse Nichols gave a nod.  “Let me check if she's available.  May I have your name please?”

"Della Nokio. " she said quietly.

Nurse Nichols nodded.  “Ah, yes. There's a note on here to have you scheduled with Dr Styles as soon as possible.”  She checked the doctor's schedule. “And it looks like she is free right now, I will let her know you are here.”  She smiled at the ensign and sent a note to Dr Styles. There was an almost immediate response that Nokio could go ahead to her office.  “Alright, Ms Nokio. You are free to go into her office. It's just down the hall and to the left.”

Nokio nodded and walked down the hall.   She felt nervous about this visit. As she found the door, she rang the chime.
         Ailana sensed Nokio's strong, yet confused emotions as the ensign walked to her office.  Did Onala tell her what this meeting was about?  “Come in Ensign.”  She called out.

Della entered the office and sat down in a chair looking at her  feet. She wasn't sure about if she wanted to find out. If they were related then she would lose her counselor.   "Ensign Della Nokio reporting as asked to."

Dr Styles looked at the ensign.  Ailana didn't know the ensign too well, and she didn't know how this news would affect the ensign.  But the girl's body language was so closed down and internalized--it was almost like the ensign was expecting Ailana to tell her the worst news ever.  There was a large amount of anxious energy that was emanating from the ensign as she sat there. “Hello Della. I asked you here because I would like to discuss something with you.”  She paused slightly and continued delicately. “It has come to my attention that you might be related to another crew member...but in order to know for sure I would need to do a full analysis of a fresh sample of your DNA.  Is that something you would be willing to do?”

"I guess.   I mean I don't know ". Della extended her arm slowly.  “Can it not be my bowling arm?" she asked.

“I can take the DNA sample from anywhere you wish.”  Ailana studied the ensign. “We don't have to do this if you don't feel comfortable with it.  It is up to you.”

"I feel like this is the easiest way.   I was told by a crew member that he might be my half brother." she extended her left arm.

Ailana nodded.  So he did tell her.  She thought.  Taking out her DNA sample tool she approached the ensign.  “It won't hurt. And it will take five minutes to analyze the data.”  Pausing before obtaining the DNA she continued. “You are absolutely sure you want to go ahead with this.”

Nokio nodded her head slowly.  "Call the officer after you have my results, please." Della was hoping to do this with Stair beside her.

“If that is what you want, Ensign.”  Dr styles took the sample from Della's arm and set it to analyze and compare against Onala's DNA.  “Okay. That's it, we just have to wait for the results now. Can I get you something while we wait?  Tea? Cookies?”

Della shook her head as she waited.

Ailana took a seat in front of Nokio.  “I can only imagine how much of a shock this whole situation might be for you.  But it doesn't have to be a bad thing. If these results are positive, it would mean you would gain another member of your family.  You two would have the opportunity to form a strong friendship and sibling bond. If they are negative--then things would just be as they always were and nothing would change.  So, whatever the results Della, it can be okay. You will be okay.”

Della nodded again.  "I already have a strong bond with the crew member.  He was at the academy when I was."

“Exactly.  So either way you will have a strong bond with them.  You might even gain a stronger bond.”

Della nodded some more,  "I understand. I enjoy his company and how he is patient with me.”

The computer indicated the analysis was complete.  Dr Styles looked at the results and looked to Della.  “I have the results. Do you want to know them now, or do you want me to tell both of you at the same time?”

Della looked up, "Please tell us together. "

Ailana nodded. “I'll call him up then.”  She stated, then sent a private message to Stair Onala to come to her office.

Counselor Onala had just finished up the session, and saw the message from Dr. Styles. He sent back that he would be right there.  It was less than five minutes later when Onala was ringing the chime for the chief medical officer's office.

“Enter” Dr Styles stated, standing to greet Counselor Onala as he entered.  “Welcome Counselor. Please take a seat.”

Onala nodded and walked into the office.  He exchanged a surprised glance with Della and sat down.  “I can pretty well assume what this is about,” he said, looking between the doctor and Della.


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