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Sim Brief SD 201811.03: "Ghost Ship"

“Ghost Ship”

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Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201811.03

Last time on Everest:


The Everest crew put on a Halloween party for kids and adults alike; complete with a carnival and a full buffet dinner.  The party was a huge hit. Most the crew showed up at one point or another, and all the station's kids were able to enjoy the party.  The carnival was especially popular among the kids--with the cotton candy station, and the haunted house numbered among the favorite attractions.  




It has been two days since last sim.  There is a starfleet ship that is approaching the station but not responding to hails.  It seems to be almost aimlessly drifting. Scans aren't able to determine life signs.




Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Commander Malachi Styles, XO

Starbase Everest

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