Starbase Everest Mission Brief
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Sim Brief SD 201805.12: "Station Inspection"

“Station Inspection”

Starbase Everest
SIM BRIEF SD: 201805.12
Last time on Everest:
The crew gathered together for an impromptu Zabrian/human style wedding as Commander Malachi Styles and First Lieutenant Ailana Darz had decided to complete the marriage ceremony right then and there at their engagement party. Everything was brought together beautifully in the short notice and the ceremony went on without a hitch. It was a joyous occasion and celebrated by family and friends.
Between Sims:
Malachi and Ailana went on their honeymoon on Earth. The kids were left with their great grandparents and were able to enjoy good old fashion earth farm life while the newlywed couple went on to Europe for their honeymoon. Captain Darz was surprised by her boyfriend proposing; making her a very happy Captain indeed.    
It has been five weeks since the last sim. The Styles family are just arriving back from their vacation/honeymoon. It has been a quiet month with the Commander and CMO gone; so the newlywed couple did not miss much back at the station. There is a starfleet intelligence liaison who has been on board for a few days. He has come to do an audit of station operations. He has assured the crew that this is just a routine check up for security purposes and not to worry about his presence. The captain has asked the crew to be as cooperative and pleasant as possible to the SI officer and provide him with all the information he requires. He will be conducting a thorough review of operations in all departments and assessing the station overall.    

Captain Adrenna Darz, CO
Commander Malachi Styles, XO
Starbase Everest

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