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Sim Brief SD 201804.14 "To Settle the Storm"



“To Settle the Storm”


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Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201804.14

Last time on Everest:

The Infinity set out from Everest to rescue the crew of the Arathi caught in a Level 9 ion storm.  As Infinity approaches the storm area, it fades as quickly as it had formed.  The Arathi, however, is badly beaten and hanging lifeless in space.  The crew of the second starship pulls alongside the troubled Arathi and immediately send crews aboard to effect rescue.


Between Sims:


              Guls Tudat watches in secret as the Infinity rescues her sister-ship, and plots his next move.  Dr. Ailana Darz beams directly to the bridge of the Arathi and tends to the wounded.  She finds Lt. Nancy Glose, the science officer in dire need of immediate sick bay treatment and transports the lieutenant and herself directly back to Infinity.  Lt.j.g. Sheme finds a moment of calm time and places a call to her friend, Ensign T'Radt aboard the U.S.S. Eacelsior.




Both ships, the Infinity and the Arathi are now back at  Everest. The latter of the two is back in the repair dock for the dmages received in the ion storm.  The crews will now be tasked to find the Cardassian ship believed to be causing these storms and to find a defense against them.



Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Lt Cmdr Malachi Styles, AXO

Starbase Everest





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