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  Ensign Kale Barron, SD
"Temporal Collaboration" JDL

“Termporal Collaboration”

JDL: Ensign Barron & Max


“Ensign Nokio,” he said, looking down into the Well at the science station. “I want a full analysis of the energy sent out from the Avenger before and during the opening of the fissure.”

“Ensign Barron,” Takaran said from the situation table. “Handle that request. If you need to, have Max assist you.”

Malachi furrowed his brow and looked at Lt. Takaran. She met his gaze, and then looked over to Nokio at the science console. The exec looked to Nokio, who was looking very timid and a bit frazzled, then back to Takaran. Finally, he gave a solemn nod and said, “Make it so, Ensign Barron, and yes. Use Max.”

“Aye, Sir,” the OPS officer replied. He glanced over at Della Nokio, thinking that Lt. Takaran's reaction was harsh. Catching the science officer's eyes, he mouthed, “I'm sorry,” then turned to his console.  “Max, have you been listening?”

     “Does a Ferengi love latinum?” the A.(. replied almost instantly.  His image appeared on a small screen just to the right of Barron's main display. “And are you ready to put on  your thinking cap?”

“Does a Breen take a long time in the fresher?” Barron returted.

Depends on the species and if they're in armor,” Max replied. He gave Ensign Barron a smirk saring him to dispute the reply.

“Let's get to work,” Barron simply said. “Y'all should have access to mah console and Ah'm pulling in the data from scahences now.”

It took Max less then fifteen seconds to study what had already been recorded by the sensors. As he had waited, Kale had also started studying the readings.

Interesting,” Max said. “A highly concentrated tachyon pulse directed from their deflector.'

“Ah see that,” Barron acknowledged, “But whah did they fahre and whah did it have sucn an unexpected and disastrous result?”

Possibly because it was three quick, consecutive pulses, as opposed to one sustained pulse beam.

“Ya think that is how they would open a temporal rift normally?”

It would make sense. The longer a beam is sustained and steady, the better it open a rift to a particular year in the past or future.”

“That makes sense,” Barron conceded. “What about closing the rift?”

An anti-tachyon pulse?” Max congestured. “That size rift would take more power thatn I think Everst could generate though.”

“Ah agree,” Barron said. “Ah'm no scahence officer though.  What about combahned pulses from the ruture ship, Infinity, Arathi and the station?”

Let me do some more computing and get back to you.”

Kale nodded to the small screen and Max disappeared.  He glanced to his monitor to see if there was anything he should report on, and then stole another glance over to Della, wishing he could bring her into the analysis as well.




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