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Sim Brief SD 201803.10: "Quantum Fissure"

“Quantum Fissure”

Starbase Everest
SIM BRIEF SD: 201803.10
Last time on Everest:
Captain Darz, LtCmdr Styles, and Dr Darz had a meeting with Captain Barrek of the timeship Avenger to try and persuade him that destroying the Everest was not the best course of action. Meanwhile Ensign Tiger Sheme tried to distract and entertain Dr Darz’s children to keep their minds off their mother’s health. Everything seemed fine until the Avenger had a power surge that sent a shockwave into the Everest. Even though it did not cause damage to the Everest it opened a Quantum Fissure in space. Soon many different ships from different quantum realities began to show up all around the area. Major confusion and heightened emotions from countless minds in all the random appearing/disappearing ships took its toll on the telepathic members of the Everest crew. Captain Barrek assured everyone this was not intentional and seemed willing to help fix the issue.    
Between Sims:
Captain Barrek and Malachi went to the Command Center to see what could be done about the quantum fissure issue. Captain Darz tended to her patient Dr Darz. Meila had trouble handling the sudden onslaught of psionic activity due to the quantum fissure and Renik attempted to help stabilize her. When Dr Darz arrived she helped reinforced the mental blocks of both Renik and Meila. The group sat down for dinner with Ensign Tiger and her daughter. Ailana wanted to keep the children occupied as the quantum fissure and temporal displacement of the station was figured out. Captain Darz left the group to go to the CC to help in the current situation.
Ensign Nokio has become overwhelmed by all the stresses and unable to perform her duties at the moment, and the bridge crew have stepped up to pick up the slack. All the ships appearing in the area are mostly ferengi and orion ships that matched the configuration of the two ships that were destroyed by the Avenger earlier. Captain Barrek insists he needs to return to his ship to fix the quantum fissure issue and LtCmdr Styles has agreed to send him back to his ship.    
The issue with the quantum fissure needs to be figured out before the very fabric of space and time are destroyed across all quantum realities in this sector of space. Captain Barrek will be sent back to his ship and the Everest crew will work hard in solving this problem--with the idea in the back of their minds that once this is over they still have to deal with the timeship Avenger. Hopefully once we fix the quantum fissure problem Captain Barrek will no longer wish to destroy the Everest, but we must be prepared for anything. Good luck crew!

Captain Adrenna Darz, CO
Lt Cmdr Malachi Styles, AXO
Starbase Everest

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