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"To Catch a Thief" Sim Brief SD 201711.11

“To Catch a Thief...”

Starbase Everest
SIM BRIEF SD: 201711.11
Last Sim’s Summary:
What started as a mysterious power outage in Engineering has turned into an all out manhunt. An intruder has been caught messing with various equipment around the station followed by the equipment disappearing by transport to an unknown location. The Everest crew has yet to apprehend the intruder or find the source of the transporter beam that is stealing the various equipment from off the station. The intruder is armed and has already knocked out/stunned three officers, including the Captain.    
It’s been 15 minutes since we left off last time. Renik and Ensign Casse have seemed to find themselves in harm's way again; nearly escaping being shot. Let’s see if the two with the help of the rest of the Everest crew can apprehend our intruder and hopefully stop the unknown assailants who are stealing our stuff.    

Captain Adrenna Darz, CO
Lt Cmdr Malachi Styles, AXO
Starbase Everest

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