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  Renik & Ensign Dancing-Leaf, SD
"A Helping Hand" JDL

“A Helping Hand”

JDL: Renik & Ensign Casse (Played by Dancing-Leaf)


Renik offered a hand to the security officer, Ensign Justin Casse, to assist him in getting up.  As Casse accepted the offer, he was surprised at the strength of this very young looking teenager, who easily helped the man to his feet.

“What happened, Sir,” Renik asked, showing the ensign the respect of his office as Malachi had taught him to.

"That intruder got the  jump on me and stunned me," Casse told Renik. "Thank you for your help. I'm sure that Commander Styles is very pleased with you and the way you help around here." He managed to get to  his feet with the young man's help but was still swaying some from the reaction from the phaser blast.

“You still seem a bit out of it,” Renik pointed out. He stayed close to Casse. “How about if I help you to the hospital? Those phaser shots can be nasty.”

"Maybe you're right, Renik," Justin told him, as he tried to shake off the effects of the stun beam. Some types lasted longer than others in their effects and he wasalmost certain that the one that hit  him was  probably from one used in the Intel departments. "Thanks again for your help."


:No problem,” the boy replied.


They started toward the lift, Renik allowing Justin to lean on him as much as the security officer felt it was needed.  Renik couldn't believe that after all the years he had spent running away and doing things to trip up officers of law and order, here he was helping one.  They were just about to the lift, when Renik stopped abruptly.


“!$%!!,” the teen cursed. And he purposely tripped up Casse, making the two of them crumple to the deck.  Just as  Renik felt Casse's weight atop of him, he heard the unmistakable sound of an energy beam striking the bulkhead above them.


To b continued in sim……

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