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  Lieutenant Ailana Darz, SD
CMO DL SD 201710.07

CMO Duty Log
SD 201710.07

The parasitic vines that have overcome the Tajax crew and the Burrio station is proving to be a challenging problem. Although there had been some dispute as to whether the Tajax crew had been alive enough to be saved due to their seemingly complete integration with the vine on the Tajax...I had sensed the crew’s confusion and fear indicating they were not only still alive but still enough of themselves that a separation from the vine creature might still be possible. We sent a shuttle remotely toward the Tajax to get close enough for transport, then transported the crew behind a level 10 forcefield in the shuttle.
As soon as the crew were transported aboard the shuttle away from the Tajax, I sensed their emotions of confusion and fear escalating, and their vitals became extremely erratic. The longer they were on the shuttle, the weaker their vital signs became. I informed Lieutenant Commander Styles of the crew’s status, and he suggested we beam the Tajax crew to the holodeck and have the EMH treat the crew. We proceeded to do this, keeping the area around the vine infested Tajax crew behind a level 10 forcefield. The vine that was attached to the crew’s bodies tried to retaliate and continued to bang against the forcefield; presumably searching for a way to escape. When the EMH appeared, the vine attempted to attach itself to the EMH, however was unable to effect the EMH. The vine likely requires an actual physical body and a biological component to attach to in order to establish a parasitic link.
The EMH has assessed the situation and is confident that he can separate the vines from the Tajax crew, but it will take a considerable amount of time (which is to be expected given the complexity of the parasitic nature of the vines on the crew). I am optimistic that we can save the Tajax crew and therefore the people on the Burrio station who have also suffered the same vine infested fate. I am curious if severing the vine’s connection to the Tajax crew will ultimately kill the vine and/or render it incapable of harming others. However, it still is unclear how the vine infestation occurred in the first place. It does seem likely though that the vine requires the parasitic connection with the biological crew (or at least a telepathic link with a biological being) to continue it’s growth. This assumption is based on the fact that when the vines had a telepathic connection with the Explorer away team the vines were able to overgrow on the Explorer and extend through space toward the Tajax and the Arathi, but when this telepathic connection was broken the vines were unable to grow toward the Arathi.
We will continue to work to save the Tajax crew and solve the mystery of the parasitic vines.


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