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  Lieutenant Commander Malachi Styles, SD
"More Dead Ends"

“More Dead Ends”

JL w/ Captain T'Pein, Lt. Commander Styles


    The moment Lt. Commander Malachi Styles learned of the gruesome findings in the Holden suite, he informed Captain Darz.  The captain told him to proceed down to the suite, and she would watch over C&C.

    Arriving at the suite, Styles found two security officers standing to either side of the open door to the main living room.  The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Holden were still there, but were covered with a silver sheet.  The med techs were now preparing the stasis containers that the bodies would be put in awaiting an official autopsy.  Captain T'Pein stood watching Everst's security people. Led byt Lt. Commander Blackford as they painstakingly and methodically went through the entire suite. Seeing Styles enter, the Vulcan Starfleet Intelligence agent stepped over to him.

    “It would seem that whomever is pulling the strings of this syndicate is cleaning up on loose ends,” T'Pein said to Styles as she approached him.

    “And I would wager that Commander Reed, or whomever he is now, is the trigger man on this,” Styles said to T'Pein.  When she cocked a brow and looked at him quizzically, he added, “Security went to Reed's quarters.  They found his comm-badge and his uniform, but no Commander Reed. We have locked down the base. No ships in or out, but…… “

    “You would wager that the commander is already off the station,” T'Pein finished.

    Malachi nodded.  “Our OPS is now looking through video footage of boardings of several of the ships that have left in the past two hours. Hopefully we will get a lead.”

    “Doubtful,” T'Pein said matter-of-factly. “These people are extremely good at covering their tracks.” She swept her hand back around, indicating the insode of the suite. “Thus far, all DNA, save that of the Holden's, themselves, has been wiped clean from the suite.  Even our DNA, from our previous visit has been cleaned.”

    “So,” Styles surmised, “Even if we do have video footage of Reed leaving, we will not be able  to recognize him.”

    “Indeed,” T'Pein confirmed.

   “We did add additional security on the school level,” Styles added.  “In the confusion, someone could make a play for Sidana.”

    “A wise precaution,” the Vulcan woman acknowledged. “I am doubting they will make a play for her at this time, however. This syndicate will not likely underestimate security measures aboard the station. They more than likely have their own intelligence on different security actions.”

    Lt. Commander Styles nodded his agreement. He and Captain T'Pein watched Blackford's team working for a moment. T'Pein was the first to break the silence between them.

    “Has you're a.I. been located?”

    “Not yet,” Styles answered solemnly, his eyes still on the security team.

    “It is obvious this is important to you,” T'Pein noted.  “If you would like, I could initiate a separate search from my ship.”

    Styles looked at her.  A brief smile came to his face.  “You do have an A.I. aboard.” It wasn't a question.  Watching T'Pein's face, Malachi would have sworn he saw a momentary hint of amusement on the Vulcan woman's face.

    “I do,” she simply said.

    “Then I will gladly accept your offer,” Styles said.  “I will also be returning to C&C.”

        Captain T'Pein simply nodded. She pulled out a PADD and tapped in a command. Malchis saw some ancient Vulcan text scroll up the screen. She looked again to him. “It is done.”

    “Thank you,” Styles said.  He thought, momentarily, to say something to Blackford, but decided the security chief knew his job well enough and did not need the XO micro-managing things.  He turned and exited the suite.


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