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  Captain Adrenna Darz, Lieutenant Commander Malachi Styles, Lieutenant Commander Eric Blackford, Lieutenant Ailana Darz, SD
"Searching for Guilt"

"Searching for Guilt"

JL between Captain Adrenna Darz, Lieutenant Commanders Malachi Styles, and Eric Blackford, the Holdens and Federation Child Services officer Lieutenant Commander Amanda Renco

Ailana watched the Holdens carefully; and searched for any clue to whether they were telling the truth or lying. Oddly she did sense strong emotions, not of deceit but of pain and anguish from them; especially the mother. As if she was really pleading to reunite with her long lost child. She knew Mrs Holden was a telepath/empath herself, could she be so advanced in her abilities that she could project false emotions to other telepaths?
Captain Darz watched in silence as well. Equally as puzzled. She watched their body language and paid attention to any non-verbal sign that would give their intent away. Years of being a counselor made the Captain an expert at such things--regardless of her telepathic or empathic abilities. But if the Holden's weren't telling the truth, they were damn good actors.
Blackford looked at the people. He knew that they were lying when they said they were Sidana's parents, and that they loved her and wanted her back. His hopes were that they would trip themselves up, or that Ailana, the captain and the commander would sense something. Either way, they weren't leaving with Sidana.
Watching the Holdens, Lt. Commander Malachi Styles couldn’t help but feel they were telling the truth. He could sense Blackford’s conviction that they were lying, but was that just because of the feelings he had developed for Sidana? Pulling his PADD from the hip pouch holder, Malachi tapped in a silent command to Max, “See if there are any records of the Holdens and the birth of the child Sidana.”
It took less than two minutes before Max’s image reappeared on the PADD’s screen. He started to use sign language to spell out his response, but it was Max’s sign language so some pretty amusing images appeared. Malachi glared at the A.I,’s image and Max immediately sent text to the screen.
A complete birth record showed up for Sidana. It listed the Holdens as her birth parents. Malachi took the PADD over to Captain Darz and showed her.

While the captain looked at the PADD, Ailana watched the Holdens. She sensed a strong anger from someone outside the room; and then sensed pain in Mrs Holden as she held her nose, and then Mr Holden as he grabbed at his crotch. She looked back in the direction of the one way mirror, knowing Sidana and Meila were on the opposite side of the wall along with Lieutenant Jinnis; watching without being seen. Ailana looked back to the Holdens who had readjusted as the pain had subsided. Well, Sidana is quite certain these guys killed her parents. She thought (being sure to keep the thought to herself as not to let Mrs Holden pick it up); remembering the images Sidana had sent them of her parents being killed.    

Mr Holden was now holding Mrs Holden in a comforting embrace. "Please." He begged. "We did nothing wrong...we just want our child."

Captain Darz frowned looking at the results from Max. She knew records could be altered though. Looking back to the Holdens. "These accusations are serious. If they are true, we cannot release the child to you. Her safety and well being is of our greatest concern. We need further evidence that you are in fact her parents and you were not involved in her kidnapping."    

Eric looked at the Holdens. "There are ways to determine if your telling the truth.....mind scans. Are you willing to have your mind scanned?"

Mr Holden looked confidently at Eric. "Yes, anything to end this and prove we are telling the truth. We just want Sidana back. Please. Do what you must as soon as possible so this can end! Look what you are doing to my wife!"

Mrs Holden was sobbing and barely able to stand on her own while leaning into Mr Holden's arms as he tried to comfort her. "It's okay, dear. This will all be over soon, and she will be reunited with us!" Mr holden told his wife in a soft voice. "Don't worry. We came this far, we won't lose her again!"

Lieutenant Commander Amanda Renco held the bridge of her nose. This was all a bit of a headache. The Holdens had provided everything necessary to the Federation Child Services office to claim Sidana as their own. The fact that the Everest crew were accusing the couple as liars, kidnappers, and murderers was incredibly unexpected for Renco. Of course they had to prove the accusations either correct or incorrect before anything could happen with the child. Certainly Renco did not want the child to be placed with anyone that would bring her further harm. She hoped the accusations were incorrect, and the whole misunderstanding would be cleared up soon.    

But if not; if the accusations were true--then it would likely become that much harder for Renco to do the best thing for the Stasis kids as none of them would trust her after she brought impostors to the station! Not to mention she'd be furious with how easily Child Services were fooled! All Renco wanted was to do her job--which was to protect orphan/abused children and help them find the safest and happiest placement possible. "Then that settles it. We will set up a mind scan. And set the consequences according to our findings." She looked to the Captain, her XO, the CMO, and Commander Blackford. "Is this something we can do here, or will we need to go somewhere with special equipment to accomplish the mind scanning?"

Lt. Commander Styles was the first to speak up. "It can easily be done here," he assured Renco. "We just have to be assured it is accomplished by someone totally detached from the proceedings." He glanced to Blackford, still uncertain he was the best choice to conduct the interview with the Holdens.

Captain Darz nodded. "We will do it here. I will be the one asking the questions, Commander Styles will do the mind scanning, and Doctor Darz will monitor the Holden's medically. Commander Blackford, you may remain to observe but please remain quiet during the procedure." She looked to the Holdens. "Please have a seat and we shall begin."
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