Starbase Everest Mission Brief
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Everest SIM BRIEF SD: 201703.18: “The T.B.I"

“The T.B.I.”


Starbase Everest.jpg

Starbase Everest

SIM BRIEF SD: 201702.04

Mission Brief/Summary:

Last Time on Everest: Lt. Commander Styles took command one of the Medi-bouts, a runabout specificially designed for medical emergencies, out to rescue the crew of the first runabout which had been disabled by the destruction of the mysterious communications relay.  T.B.I. Agents Nake and Nerle come to the conclusion that Captain Darz, despite appearnces stating otherwise, is not the person sending messages to an alternate universe through the above-mentioned relay.


For Tonight:

We will be picking up where we left off last sim.  The Medi-bout will just be returning to the station.  Engineering and science teams will be going over what is left of the communications relay in a hope to find some answers about it.   OPS and security will be looking into the real source of the original message that got sent to the relay.


Enjoy! (if you can)


Captain Adrenna Darz, CO

Lt Cmdr Malachi Styles, AXO

Starbase Everest



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