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Uncertain Identity

USS Roddenberry Lounge

by First Lieutenant N'alae Leonsbanner
[Stardate ]


Abyssal velvety darkness. Consumed. This had become a familiar sensation to N'alae. The perception of time -- nonexistent in this strange place -- it felt as if a lifetime had passed since entering this darkness. Only a few broken, hazy, and distorted memories appeared here. They made little sense, but clearly came from the previous life of First Lieutenant N'alae Leonsbanner; Chief Medical Officer and Counselor of the starship Roddenberry.

She sat up and glanced at the clock beside the bed; only a couple of hours had passed since laying down to sleep. The quarters themselves empty, devoid of any personal items. Unable to feel comfortable in the quarters that belonged to the previous N'alae, she had requested to change rooms. Was that the correct way to address herself? The PADDs that sat on the nightstand displayed reports and documentation about that person. They had a family but could she call them her own? David Watts someone who she barely knew now had proposed. Around her neck, a chain hanged bearing a sole item -- the engagement ring -- having been unable to convince herself to remove it. It radiated like Mister Watts which oddly possessed a relaxing sensation. Having decided that sleep was out of the question N'alae got dressed and headed out.

The corridor was relatively empty. Crew members that passed either greeted or tried to avoid her. Had I really been that fearful of a person? She wondered, in idle thoughts she found herself standing outside ten forward. With a brief glance around to regain a grasp on reality; she recomposed and entered ten forward taking a table by the windows. Shortly afterwards one of the wait staff approached. It was obvious that they were familiar with her.

"What can I get you today Doctor? The usual?"

"I... uh, N'alae fumbled for what to say, " an uh, a water is fine. Thank you."

"Right away." The waiter stated and moved to the next table to get its tenants orders.

Gazing out the window she wondered if there was a place for her anymore.
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