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by Ens James Slim
[Stardate ]


Stardate 201709.13

personal log:
It's been years since I was last aboard a Federation Starship. My last posting was a two week cruse on Endeavour which hardly registers in my memory these days. Starbase Everest before that was a bright spot where I gained a reputation as a good engineer. It was hard sending my daughter back to Earth Knowing she would end up in some private care facility due to her medical conditions. I couldn't justify taking her to the Klingon outpost where I was assigned as a lesion. I was horrified to hear only a few months later her condition worsened and I was unable to Extract myself from my duties with the klingons when she died. I should have never taken the post and put my daughter first.

I did make a few friends among the Klingons but today was not a day for saying good bye. I wish the crew of Morgg Station, and the warbird Vor'Tath continued success in their exploits to keep the Raiders in their sector from controlling the trade routes to the Beta Quadrant allies.

On a lighter note... Pazar will not forget today, that Klingon server who never served a day in the IKF had the honor of throwing me out of his restaurant just before I joined the crew of the Roddenberry. His boss will honor him for Standing tall for the Honor of the establishment against a Federation officer. I had to goad him on for him to stand up to me... insulting the Gagh and the bloodwine.

I think I may have made a couple of my crewmates happy when I stepped in on a bad deal in LaZorn's shop. He was going to sell them a dismal blade that would have shattered in the first battle for ten slips of latnum. It may have been worth two as a wall decoration at most. My Federation crew mates did not make the transaction as I reminded the old dishonored warrior that the blade is life and if you sell one of poor quality to a warrior and it breaks in battle his blood is on the shopkeepers hands.
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