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PL - Message To Thalia

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by Lieutenant Tharen
[Stardate ]

PL - Message To Thalia
By Lieutenant Tharen

         Tharen took Lieutenant Zir to his quarters and when he left him safely, he turned to go back to go to the bridge, but he stopped in the corridor. He instead decided to use a vacant quarters at the end of it before the turn and entered. Inside there was a computer terminal that was used for many things, mostly communications. He walked over to the communications console and initiated a communications link. He looked to the image on the screen which was a Federation logo, saying "United Federation Of Planets", then when it said beneath that, "Link Established", he began to record a message.

         He looked into the computer screen as if he were addressing someone, "Greetings, my beloved Thalia. I know it is has been some time since I last spoke to you. I understand you are with the science brigade on Volcair Nine at this time. I have initiated a correspondence to inform you that I have been prospering fine here on the Roddenberry. My duties have become more plentiful as I have recently been promoted a second time. I wished to contact you on your birthday, but I was away on a mission. For that I apologize. How is your father? When you talk to him next, please let him know that I have applied the pel'ten maneuver in my thrusts when I spar and train in the holodeck and it is very effective."
         Tharen sighed, "I do not know what else to tell you at this time, except the fact that I miss you dearly and that I still think of you daily as well. You are always in the pit of my soul when I thrive. You do not need to respond promptly, but you must know that these are my feelings. Hopefully we can do a face to face contact soon. Until then, I have bridge duty in thirty minutes as a condition of my new commendation. Yes, if you must know, I do feel quite a bit of pride in my new rank. If there is one thing you can tell me the next time you send your correspondence to me, please let me know exactly when you will be back home so we can potentially time my leave to your arrival. It would be a glorious reunion, I know. Oh to hold you again at the base of the ice mountains of our province under the stars is something to keep me looking forward to another day, besides my passion for my service to Starfleet of course," he paused, "Well, as I said.... Until then." 
         He discontinued the message, then tapped the send logo on the bottom right of the screen. He sighed, then looked to his left. Then he stood up and exited the quarters and resumed his route to the bridge.
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