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PL - Aftereffects Of Possession

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by Lieutenant Tharen
[Stardate ]

Login PL - Aftereffects of Possession
By Lieutenant Tharen

       Personal log, Lieutenant Tharen,

             I have returned to the ship with the rest of the away team unharmed and also with a commendation. The Commodore had promoted me upon return to full lieutenant. I shall await to hear from Commander Costa to receive an update on my obvious future increased duties which I also look forward to. I heard from Ensign DeCapra on team four that more than half my security team had been injured due to the apparent possession of their minds from whatever it was that had done it throughout this crisis. I am to report to sickbay for more than one reason, to check on my fellow security officers as well as other members of the crew and to get myself checked for any residual neural activity that the probe may have left in my neural pathways, even after the crisis. 

            Tharen entered sickbay. It was very full with all the beds full of injured crew and some sitting or lying on the floor next to the biobeds. There was a great amount of constantly paced activity throughout the sickbay. He started walking after taking a good look at the people who were all over the place. At the back, he saw Lieutenant Junior Grade Zir lying at the back of the room on a biobed. He had been bleeding and it looked like a medical assistant was running a dermal regenerator over his forehead. He was the first person he noticed singularly.
            "Lieutenant Zir...." Tharen said.
            Zir slowly turned to look at him, obviously weakened, then he turned away for a moment. The medical officer who was working on him held his face in one position to steady him so he could continue working on his laceration. It seemed to run completely over the entire left half of his forehead. His mane of slicked back dark brown hair was messy and much of his uniform had tears in it. He gave out a sigh, "Oh.... Lieutenant Tharen. What can I do for you?"
            Tharen looked to the Medical officer. It was Nelson Chi, a human male who was a medical assistant first class, and a publicly known Starfleet Medical prospect. He was twenty-one and had been aboard for about a year. The man was very young but his attention to his work was very stern and focused. As long as Tharen didn't get in his way, he did not get irritated with him being in his work area, "Mister Chi, will he be alright?"
            Chi looked at him with a quick glance, then went back to his work, "I'll be right with you, Lieutenant. All four doctors we have on board are working on severe injuries. Mister Zir here has a concussion of the frontal cortex but I repaired the damage and am now sealing him up. He also suffered five broken transverse ribs, a broken secular ulna, a detached cornea, and a cracked pelvis. Doctor Mendi fixed the most severe of it, I'm just finishing the rest. I'll check you out in a minute."
            "Thank you...." Tharen then looked to Zir, "Any casualties, Mister Zir?"
            Zir licked his upper lip, then sighed, "Three dead. About.... Twenty severely injured... And that's just our people. I can't even begin to count non-security personnel."
            "I see...."
            "Lieutenant..." Zir said. He looked to monitor Tharen for a glance and when he received it, he took a breath, then sighed again, "I.... I really tried to contain the situation. Both Lieutenant Virek."
            Tharen raised his eyebrows, perplexed that the young and strong Vulcan Lieutenant Virek would have problems, but being outnumbered could be a problem to any combatant of any caliber he supposed, "What happened to Virek?"
            "In surgery. He was ambushed by four crew on deck three. Got a severely cracked skull and was stabbed in the heart. He's going to make it though."
            Tharen nodded, then he put his hand on Zir's shoulder, "Listen, Mister Zir," he said, leaning down to look at his fellow crewman, "I know and I believe you when you tell me that you all did what you could to contain the situation. I am very aware that we have not completely seen eye to eye on everything, but I know you are a more than capable security officer. You are one of the finest this crew has to offer. I am honored to have you at my side in this crew. I just wish I could have been there to help the situation, rather than being down on the planet on the away team."
            Zir paused for a moment, then slowly lifted his right arm to put his hand on Tharen's hand, then looked up to him, "I am honored to serve with you, Tharen. You could not have helped the situation if you were aboard, I'm afraid. For all we know, you could have been afflicted by the same mental ailment that was causing the problem in the first place. I am grateful you are alright."
            "He's right, Lieutenant," said Chi, putting the dermal regenerator down and picking up a tricorder to begin scanning Zir, "You don't know what kind of injuries you could have sustained. If you only knew the extent of what was done to the deceased while we were up here, you would be glad you didn't engage anyone in battle."
            "An Andorian does not run from battle, Mister Chi," Tharen commented, "We uphold battle but we uphold justice even more. What was being done to us was unjust. I would have done anything I could to keep this crew safe. Even die."
            Chi tapped a few functions on his tricorder, then looked at him for a few seconds, then went back to his scans. Then he looked to Zir, "You're going to be fine, Lieutenant Zir. You'll have to stay in your quarters off duty for at least a day though so that the microfilaments that are holding your insides from dehiscence, can completely come out on their own, but you are cleared for duty after that."
            Zir slowly sat up and looked at Tharen, "Care to accompany me to my quarters, sir?"
            Tharen smirked then nodded, "Of course." 
            "Hold on, Lieutenant," said Chi, taking his tricorder, then running it over him, "Let me work with you next, then you can take Mister Zir home. I'll also update you on the current status of your security officers while you're here."
            The two security officers looked at each other then exchanged smirks, then Tharen looked to the medical assistant, standing still.
            Chi looked at his neck, "Oh, looks like someone got a promotion. Congratulations." then he went back to his scans.
            "Thank you." Tharen said.
            Zir put his hand on Tharen's shoulder from his seat on the biobed. When Tharen turned to look at him, he saw his now former career nemesis nod to him with a smile of approving, "You've earned it, Mister Tharen."
            Tharen smiled back and nodded.
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