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PL - Biogenic Possibility

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen
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PL - Biogenic Possibility
By Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen

          Tharen was sitting in an isolation chamber in sickbay. He was sitting down in simple medical garb which was a pair of shorts and a tanktop shirt, in a legs-folded position. With his elbows resting on his knees, he decided to take a few moments to meditate. It was something his roommate Stavek influenced him to do more than he usually did when he was still living on Andoria and the few times he did while he was at the academy. He wondered how Commander Costa and Zeyahl had fared against this whole situation, but he knew they were in safe positions, especially with how detail oriented and diligent he saw Commander Costa's work ethic to be. He also knew that Zeyahl probably would be contributing, always having an opinion or excessive amounts of supposition in any situation they had been in until this point. She was an incredibly useful asset to the ship. In fact, the crew were a group that he could definitely label as credits to the service. Being a security and tactical officer by nature, he could not help but think of the inescapable possibility that what happened could be biogenic. That was something the medical team on board had to think about. He thought if he heard correctly, all the ships' physicians and scientists were on the case, trying to assess what happened as well as to see if any of the away team's physiology had been affected or could even be affected, given the high possibility of a biogenic agent.
          "Excuse me!" came a voice through the comm.
          He opened his eyes and looked up to see it was Doctor Arkush Patel, one of the junior physicians on staff under the chief medical officer. He was a man of about thirty-five, short and stubby in stature. He had bulgy eyes that were very reminding of an Earth frog and he had a very solid dark brown tan which brought out his eyes even more. Being from Gujurat, India, he was one of the finer lots in Starfleet Medical from Earth. He held the rank of full-lieutenant and held it proudly. Tharen nodded up to ask what the problem was, "Doctor?"
          "I am very sorry to bother you, Lieutenant Tharen," said Patel through the glass at the door, then he opened the slot in the middle of it and extended a tray with a hypospray on it, "I am going to need another sample of your blood. Would you mind providing me with another sample?"
          Tharen stood up then he took the hypospray, put the vial that is used for blood draws into it, then tapped a few functions on it, and applied it to his shoulder. Within a few seconds, the vial was full of blue blood. When he was done, he took the vial off of the hypospray and placed it on the tray to go back out to him, "Have you made any progress with the sample I gave you an hour ago?"
          The tray slid back out to him again, "Uh, not at this time, Lieutenant. I've already collected samples from the other members of the away team and so far we haven't found anything concrete yet. We are trying to rule out any possibility that it may not affect you or the away team members and in fact may be indigenous to only Tellarites. We are also attempting to ascertain that it may be a biogenic weapon at all."
          Tharen folded his arms, "I don't see many possibilities of what it could be. Tellarites do not bear any mentally suppressing mechanisms to put their own brains under cerebral oppression like the Vulcans do. They are very open with their emotions. I don't see how that could have caused even a slight lack of mental stability. I also do not believe Tellarites are capable of randomly exhibiting outbursts of that particular nature without some sort of outside cause provoking them to do so. It could be biogenic. It could be some sort of neurological message hidden in a screen like what had happened to the crew of Voyager once when a renegade Bajoran tried to use mental manipulation to cause their Vulcan tactical chief to start attacking crew one by one until they had some sort of crew big enough to follow the bidding of his image once another message had been transmitted later on. It could be that too."
          "I see you have a very logical mind, Mister Tharen," said Patel with a smile through the door, "I'll keep you and the Commander and Lieutenant Zeyahl updated, Mister Tharen. Thank you very much."
          Tharen nodded, then turned around. He walked back to the long bench along the inside wall of the chamber. It was unfortunate that he could not get more involved at that moment, but he had hoped that it would not be long, even if he had just been in there for thirty minutes at that point. He often thought of himself at this point as the representative for the security department and that this was the time where he would be needed the most. The ship's security could be compromised. Yes, it's true that any deck he or the rest of the away team had been on would be isolated for the time being just in case, but he wanted to make sure he would be able to add to the security of the situation. He closed his eyes for a few moments, then he opened them, furrowing his eyebrows. Then he wondered.... If he was here, shouldn't the Commodore be here too? Because, he and Costa had spoken to him in an open room together. He looked to two other members of the away team, junior officers, who were lying down and sleeping at the other end of it. One was human and the other was a Bolian. He started to wonder then if they became crazy, what would be the medical procedure for that? Fortunately it was always a second nature action for him to be on his guard. It was something he felt was something that made him so useful in security. It was something he took pride in and knew it would help him for the rest of his life.
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