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PL - Betazed History Point

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen
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PL - Betazed History Point
By Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen

NOTE: This takes place directly after the last sim, not this past one. Right after Commander Costa, Zeyahl, and I came back to the ship....

            Tharen had put his evo suit away and headed out of the transporter room. He had less than an hour to make pass before he was to join the senior staff in the observation lounge. He took whatever he had just encountered into account for his report on the experience. He exited the transporter room and walked down the corridor, intent on going to the security office where he would often take the time to compile reports for which he would submit to Commander Costa, being his direct department head before the Captain. When he entered, he saw Lieutenant Junior Grade Zir sitting in the desk. Zir was one of three candidates to eventually take over the department besides him. Tentatively, Tharen was the unofficial department head by the scale of things he was given to do and the amount of correspondence he had with the rest of the senior staff, combined with the amount of time he was given on the bridge. The three were rotating for the shifts at tactical, but it would often bother Zir to know that the command staff would always call Tharen to the bridge in case of sudden changes or for most senior staff meetings. The ambition to succeed to the top was common in Zir's race which were the Obatzi. 
            The Obatzi were a closely-affiliated species to the Tellarites and always have been, as they have been a distant cousin of their race. They were known to be similar in their ways of spiteful presentation of persona, but they were actually more honorable. They took high pride in what they did professionally. They were usually taller, had higher noses, and had five fingers. They had solid hair that went back but not all over their bodies like the Tellarites did. The fact that they were generally more protagonistic than their distant cousins, made them a little more popular in the Federation to deal with, though there weren't as many of them as Tellarites in Starfleet, being that they only inhabit one planet in the Tellarite System.
            "Greetings, Lieutenant Zir." said Tharen, walking up to the desk.
            Zir looked up from the computer which he was clearly reading from and just stared at him for a few moments, "..... Lieutenant Tharen."
            As Tharen didn't see any reason for the pause to prolong, he decided to break the silence, "I have returned. I can take over being at the security desk."
            The Obatzi stared at him again, then after several more moments, he moved back in his chair, then stood up. He gestured to the chair, but didn't say anything. Andorians were passionate people, but they didn't get easily bothered by such spite like say, humans did. Tharen paused too, then proceeded to the chair and sat down, which he thanked him for. Zir looked at him then with a hint of sarcasm, he smiled, "Would you like me to report back to my duty station immediately, Lieutenant Tharen?"
            Tharen immediately started composing his report and didn't even look at him to give him a response, "That would be ideal at this time, Lieutenant Zir."
            Zir paused a moment, then nodded, "Very well." then he turned around and left the office.
            Once the doors closed behind Zir, it gave him time to think about what he would put in his report. He took a moment to think, then he accessed the information on the Betazoid invasion from the Dominion War, starting with the footage from the Starfleet news service. He accessed the first video, which played a very vibrant Trill woman, dressed in a red Starfleet uniform, speaking behind a desk. She looked very serious as well as vibrant, but she did not seem to hold back as she delivered the news to whomever she was broadcasting to.

Stardate 199804.15....
            "This is Lieutenant Galla Denora, reporting for the Starfleet News Service. We have just received word that Betazed had just been attacked and is now currently occupied by Dominion forces. According to Starfleet Reports, the Tenth Fleet, commanded by Commodore Malek Al-Jobrin, was in the middle of a training exercise right outside the system when they came in from a different section of the solar system. This is the footage of the planet we were able to ascertain from the probes that outlaid the system before the Dominion had destroyed them."
            The camera panned away to a picture of the capital city of the first continent of Betazed. It had Dominion Cruisers flying around the skies and citizens scrambling in some areas, being chased by Jem'Hadar troopers as well as Cardassian and Breen officers while others were marching in lines with their hands behind their backs with Breen or Jem'Hadar soldiers at the back of their line with a disruptor rifle in hand. It looked completely different than anything Tharen had seen. He had been on Betazed once during his second year at the Academy, on a field trip during Xenocultural Studies and it was beautiful and peaceful. It was nothing like the loud and oppressed civilization, if it could have been called that on the screen. Then the video feed had cut off and went back to the image of the female Lieutenant.
            "An official statement from the President has yet to be released, but according to a statement from his office, he is currently in dire talks with five Fleet Admirals as well as commanding officers of more than twelve fleets. As an extra measure, Chancellor Martok has noted that there will be more reinforcements headed towards the Betazed System. We have still yet to hear any statements from the Romulan Government at this time. As far as we know, they have not decided to expand their conquest beyond Betazed, but it doesn't take a military officer to deduce that pivotal Alpha Quadrant planets are also at risk such as Andoria, Tellar Prime, and even Earth. This is Lieutenant Galla Denora, reporting for the Starfleet News Service. Back to you, Ropon."
            Tharen de-activated the news feed and it went back to the home screen on his panel. He looked away then looked at his chronometer and saw that he was to meet with the command staff in ten minutes. He stood up and tapped his commbadge, "Tharen to Zir. Would you please return to the security office? I am to attend a meeting with the command staff. Thank you." then when he came towards the exit and saw Zir walk in with a smug smirk on his face, he nodded, then he headed out to make his way up to the observation lounge.
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