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PL - Relic Of Curiosity

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen
[Stardate ]

Login PL - Relic Of Curiosity
By Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen

            Tharen was at his console at tactical continuing his scans of the sector and the ship that laid across from the Roddenberry in that sector of space. He looked up at the immobile Miranda-Class starship, then checked the power level readings emanating from the ship. He heard the Commodore order his colleague, John Redshirt, to move the ship back into the cloud from which they had just emerged before coming across that ship, one-quarter impulse. As the ship made a turn and started to move, he looked back to his console and noted that there was still no power elevation readings on his sensors. The diagram of the ship with the graphics of the star montage as its maneuverings traipsed on the space grid was very vivid and real. He saw no fluctuations on the shield grid as they continued towards the cloud. He heard the turbolift doors open and saw Ensign Kousha Zakani walk out with a PADD in his hand. He was a 22 year-old human man who just came aboard from the Academy less than six months ago. Tharen was only on board three months longer than him, but he was pleased to have seen more help come into his department as his was one of the least populated ones aboard. He was skinny and almost too skinny for his uniform, which was clearly not helped by his hunched posture, but he was very tall, probably an inch or two taller than Tharen was. Though a bit clumsy at times, he was a very efficient officer.
            "I brought you this report from Lieutenant Nelson, Mister Tharen." said Zakani. 
            Tharen took the PADD and tapped a few functions on it, reading over briefly what was on it, "Ah, the evac readiness drill. Yes, I will record this and submit it to Commander Costa digitally immediately. Thank you," he put the PADD down next to his console and began working on it again. After a few seconds, he noticed that Zakani wasn't leaving and that he was looking at the viewscreen very attentively with his hands behind his back. It was almost as if he was in a daze. He was tilting his head from left to right, very slowly, causing Tharen to look back and forth a few times, then he looked to him, "Is that all, Mister Zakani?"
            Zakani's eyebrows furrowed, "Miranda Class, eh? You know, for some reason, it kind of looks different than the ones I'm used to seeing...."
            Tharen looked to the ship on the viewscreen briefly, then back to him, "What do you mean?"
            The Ensign pointed to the viewscreen quickly, "Well look at the hull composition. It looks like it's somewhat... Older than the type used now. It's darker. It's more grayish than the bright off-white we usually see on all our ships these days. Must be a drifter from many decades ago. Probably a transport ship. We picking up supplies, Lieutenant?"
            Tharen looked to the ship, then to him, then back to his console, "No. We are not." then he continued to read his console.
            "Ah," said Zakani, putting his hands behind his back again and nodding. He looked at the viewscreen then pointed at it again, "Look at the windows on the ship."
            Tharen looked to him with both his eyebrows raised, "The windows?"
            "Yes. There seems to be a lot less windows on the hull. When I came aboard from the USS Galen. Third year on-site training, she was a Miranda-Class vessel. It was a recent retrofit at the time. The setup was great. It was a small ship but when they dropped me off at Earth's Spacedock upon my return, I saw it from the outside and it had lights all over. You could see a lot more windows. Especially from the rear hull where most of the quarters are and outside of the saucer section."
            Tharen looked to the ship again, giving it a few more seconds of a look, then nodded, realizing that what he said was true, as he did an engineering mod on the old USS Trevelyan, which was a twenty-third century commissioned Miranda-Class ship that was constantly being worked on at the academy for classes and training. He did do battle simulations in the holodeck against the most recently designed versions of the Miranda-Class and did notice certain differences, but he started realizing that there was work to be done and at this point in the conversation, he noticed that Zakani was a little overzealous about things while on the job. He knew he had to do something about it to put it to a halt so he just turned around and looked back to his console.
            "This is interesting. I wonder if the Commodore's got us here to meet up with her Captain. Do you know anything about it, Lieutenant? I'm sure you-"
            Suddenly, Tharen turned around to him almost in a snap, "Mister Zakani, I'm very busy now running some scans and simulations on my console. I hope you do not take this as a negative jab at you, as you humans say, but I do not have time to banter with you, especially here on the bridge. I do not believe this is the appropriate time and place. If you have something to do now, please do it. If not, I wish to be left alone to do my work."
            Zakani looked at him with wonder for a few seconds. Seconds that were definitely indicative of a pause that made him realize he probably annoyed the Andorian superior officer. When the several seconds were up, he nodded, "I'll just leave you to your work. If you need me, I'll be back in the security office with Lieutenant Nelson." he started backing up, then he turned around and exited the bridge.
            Tharen turned forward again, sighed, then shook his head and continued his work.
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