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PL - Cause And What?

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen
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PL - Cause And What?
By Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen

           The Roddenberry had just encountered some sort of cloud where a Miranda-Class Starship had just emerged. It bore the same registry of the ship they were in and name. While Watts was working on his console which was severely damaged by a small explosion, he moved to the auxiliary tactical two console at the back of the bridge next to the science two console and continued to work on his deciphering algorithm processes. Running the mechanism, he folded his arms as the algorithm continued to do its thing, analyzing all the telemetry that came through. This seemed to be a mission fine-tuned for the talents and abilities of Ensign Watts, from what he could observe and the command team seemed focused on giving that whole part of the mission their attention. It gave Tharen time to think about what was transpiring at that moment.
Four Years Ago....

           Tharen was in his temporal mechanics class. He was in the middle of his third year after doing two months of on-site training for his junior year field study on Starbase 144. Students were bound to a months' worth of lectures before returning to their on-site field sites. Science was one of his stronger suites and seeing how fascinating aspects of the space time continuum and its properties were for him individually, he made sure his discipline was unswerving when it came to giving his instructor his full attention. The instructor was a Altritian. They were skinny yellow-skinned creatures with purple spots on their skin somewhat like the picture of a Delta Quadrant Talaxian looked like, except they had no hair. They were like most species in the Alpha Quadrant, bipedal. They only had three fingers and they were known for their keen sense of spatial orientation and mathematical calculating abilities. Most of them didn't seek careers in math as they felt it was too easy, but the most complex sciences such as temporal mechanics were often fields they sought to train and instruct. They were, on that token, very gentle in their demeanor, even if they had every right to be somewhat arrogant about their natural talents by nature.
           "Approximately twenty-five years ago, the Enterprise-D encountered a time rift," said the instructor, Professor Juleb-Jamun. He was stout but he was very mobile. Every movement he made was full of vibrancy. He also was very jolly in the way he spoke, "They encountered a time-dimensional rift in space which caused a causality loop, effectively making them experience the same six hours over and over again. Fortunately their scientists were able to ascertain the cause of the repetition in the space time continuum and realize that with each repeat of those six hours, they would retain more memories of what happened from the last."
           "Professor?" said Cadet Richard Rossi. He was a young man of eighteen years from Milford, New Hampshire on Earth. He was a very inquisitive and eager young human man. He also had a tendency to ingratiate himself to his instructors and other assorted faculty members of the academy and was quite known for that.
           "Yes, Cadet Rossi?" asked the Professor.
           "What could have caused the crew to remember little by little what they experienced and even said in the last causality time loop?"
           "Good question," Juleb-Jamun commented, "You see class, in the event of the causality loop's existence, there are several ways you can cause such a dimensional tear. Their reported situation dictated that the Enterprise had exploded in one of the causality loops. The intensity of the explosion was so grand, combined with the elements of what could have caused the explosion, ruptured nacelles, warp core breach, overloaded power core, could cause a rip in the space time continuum, effectively causing the tear to reach out over a span of several thousand kilometers. In their case, they kept encountering the same ship that ran into them, causing the nacelles to rupture and the power core to overload over and over again."
           "Is there a way to find out how many times one has been in that loop scientifically?" said Rossi.
           "In some cases, there are. In some, who is to know. The problem with causality loops is the amount of temporal engulfment the rip has over us. Luckily there was somewhat of an overlap of temporal dimensions which allowed the crew's respective reflections if you will to remember slowly what happened in the last time jump. There also may be temporal issues where each individual temporal dimension is so well spaced apart that they may never show a remnant from one jump to the next. That's why it's important to understand the dynamics of these temporal anomalies."

The Present (Twenty Minutes After The Ship Emerged)....
           Crewman Jean Borland walked up to Tharen and saw him thinking from her position as she stood right in front of him after walking out of the turbolift. He looked at him and waited for a moment. Still he did not notice her. Then she leaned to the side and cleared her throat noticeably so that he would realize she was there. When she saw that he was now snapped out of it and looking at her, she held back a chuckle, "Sorry, Lieutenant?"
           "Yes...." Tharen said with a slight sigh. 
           She handed him a PADD, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your thoughts. I just thought I'd give you gamma shift's report on their drill this morning."
           Tharen took the PADD and looked it over, then nodded, "Excellent. They seemed to have adopted my suggestions for increased efficiency, and improved their time for more than at least eleven seconds. Thank you Crewman." then he handed the PADD back to her.
           She looked at it for a second, then put it down, folding her wrists.
           He noticed she wasn't walking away, so he looked to her again, "Is there something else, Miss Borland?"
           She shook her head, "Uhm... Well, to be honest.... Yeah. Are you okay?"
           "I am fine, Miss Borland. Truly."
           "Okay, cuz you seem a little distracted today."
           He looked to the monitor and folded his arms again, giving the monitor his newly found wonder, "It's just that.... I have been monitoring this algorithm I entered to decipher the codes from the subspace waves Mister Watts had been working with just now. We have been making some headway in this investigation, but nothing for certain. Usually I would reflect back on experiences such as this and there are in my short time in starfleet, tentatively, but at this juncture, it is difficult to tell. I am assuming Mister Watts has psychic abilities. I should call upon him for his talents."
           Borland nodded, "Yes sir. I think that's a great idea."
           He looked to her, then took a deep breath in and out, folding his arms again, "Thank you for listening, Crewman. I have wasted enough of your time," he looked at her as she smiled then turned around, heading back into the turbolift. He then took the time to turn back around and look to that cloud that laid before them. Everything was still quiet. He had hoped in the back of his head that it stayed that way. He turned back around to face the computer console, speaking very softly to himself, "Damaged ship emerges from cloud..... I wonder if this is not a repeat of that situation with the USS Bozeman...." so he took a seat again and continued his work on the computer. Tharen, being a passionate andorian, always never let his curiosity get the best of him, but it seemed at this point that it was inevitable. 
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