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PL - New Offers

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen
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Login PL - New Offers
By Lieutenant Junior Grade Tharen

          The newly promoted Tharen came out of the turbolift on the deck where he shared quarters with his friend, Stavek. When he came to the corner, he saw Lieutenant Donnell Moore, a logistics officer who often aided Commander Costa in setting quarters assignments and had similar tasks to that of a quartermaster, even though the first officer often handled things like what they did in the current day. Moore was in his late-twenties, African-American, from Detroit, Michigan on Earth, and well-built. He had short cut hair and no facial stubble. One could tell he was very athletic and also very dutiful by what he did for the command team on a regular basis on top of his own duties on the ship.
          "Ah, Mister Tharen." said Moore as he saw him as he came out of the corner in a very deep, but well-projected tone.
          "Yes, Lieutenant Moore," Tharen said, stopping at the corner to face the man, "What can I do for you?"
          Moore looked at his collar then smiled, "Well, looks like the Commodore up and did it. Congratulations, Lieutenant Tharen. Lord knows you've earned your promotion."
          Tharen nodded, "Thank you."
          "How does it feel to be a Lieutenant now?"
          Tharen tilted his head and thought for a moment, then shook his head, "It doesn't feel different, sir. I still am the same person, just a little higher on the rank hierarchy here. I am certain it may not affect my duties."
          "Actually, it does," interjected Moore, "You see, now that you're higher up on the rank chain, you'll be given more duty officer time. You'll probably be given more time to lead the security department. Have more authority with what to do with your fellow officers if the time arrives. Oh, and more notably, I was going to throw an offer your way," he broke out into a grin, then patted him on the chest, "One I think you'd like."
          "Do tell, Lieutenant..." said Tharen, somewhat hesitantly, trying to push back his difficult urge to be sarcastic at that time.
          "You see, one of the perks of being a Lieutenant now is that you get to have your own quarters if you want. Since we don't have a big security staff, you may be even getting closer to a DH's quarters if you play your cards right."
          Tharen's eyebrows furrowed in a perplexed way, "How would playing cards help my chances of attaining a higher position on this ship, Lieutenant?"
          Moore's smile had faded by that point, added with a sigh, then he put his hands up, "Nothing, it's a human expression. Anyway, I mean, if you continue doing what you're doing, you may become a senior officer and they always get their quarters solo and quite luxurious. Well, more than the junior officers anyway."
          Tharen nodded, "Well.... That is nice to know, but I am not here for luxury."
          "Of course you're not," said Moore now sarcastically, "But I'm offering you in my power as a somewhat of a quartermaster type of guy around here, your own quarters. Well now that you're a Lieutenant. You want me to get you some?"
          Tharen put his hands behind his back, giving his eyebrows a casual raise up then down and another sigh, "To be honest, I have not thought about it."
          "Well, the good thing about having your own quarters is the privacy. You'll be in control of everything within your reach and nothing and no one would be there to get in the way of that. That's for sure."
          "In case you are wondering, Lieutenant, I have no problems with my roommate. In fact, I consider him, my friend...."
          Moore put his hands on his hips, then nodded, "Sure you do. Well, just let me know what you decide tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll see you later. Congratulations again, Mister Tharen." then he walked away.
          Tharen watched as he headed past him and down into the corridor out of sight. Then he continued on his path towards his quarters. When he entered, he saw Stavek sitting in the back of the room on a couch. His hands were together under the darkness with a slight light that lit his hands and his chin from where Tharen was standing. He stood and didn't proceed after the doors walked in. He just looked at his roommate, quietly.
          "I trust your day was... productive." said Stavek from his position.
          "Indeed." Tharen responded.
          "I had just brewed some Vulcan Mahreek Tea. Would you like some?"
          "No, thank you."
          Stavek leaned forward, then stood up from his position, looking to Tharen, then nodded and went into the next room to get the tea. When he came back out, he looked at his roommate who still did not move. As he took a sip of his tea, he slowed down before he put the cup back onto the plate which it came. Then he put his hand down, "You seem, occupied, Tharen. Are you alright?"
          "I was promoted."
          Stavek casually raised his eyebrows, "Congratulations."
          Tharen looked to him then nodded, "Thank you."
          "You work diligently and more than efficiently. It is only logical you receive such an applicable commendation from the command team." said Stavek, taking another sip of his tea.
          "I was approached by Lieutenant Moore in the corridor on my way here," Tharen said. He looked at Stavek who did not respond verbally, but gave him an expression that said he wanted Tharen to give him a continuation to his story regarding the good Lieutenant. Still, Tharen did not walk away from his spot, "He offered me my own quarters, as a perk of my commendation."
          "I see," said Stavek, putting his tea down on a table next to him, then he put his hands behind his back, "Did you accept?"
          Tharen looked to Stavek for a moment, then shook his head slowly, "No. I did not."
          "Do you not seek privacy and a means to do your own bidding when you wish?"
          "It's not that. I do not seek my own quarters at this time. Perhaps later on, but not now. I am pleased to be where I am and I have no issues with my roommate so there is no reason to move."
          Stavek looked to him for a moment, then nodded, "Very well. It is agreeable to share quarters with you as well."
          Tharen nodded, "Thank you." then he went towards his room to take a shower. 
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