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PL - Reflecting In The Ice

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by Ensign Tharen
[Stardate ]

PL - Reflecting In The Ice
By Ensign Tharen

            Tharen sat down at the back corner of the Romulan prison cell. He looked back to the three other members of the away team and saw Lieutenant Zeyahl conferring with Commander Costa while Ensign Watts was sitting on a bench on the side, apparently taking a nap, then he looked towards the exact corner of the room, set himself into a meditation position, took a deep breath, then closed his eyes. 

Clear your mind..... Clear your thoughts..... The plane of what abstract continuum you reach will levitate you into a realm where you are at peace. At least at this time.

            "Kah!" said Sheir. 
            Their blades clashed together and made a huge iron-clad clank as they fought on the surface of the Andorian planet above their underground city. It was not a blizzard-laden day so they put on their frost-fighting gear and decided to go out and spar on the surface. Sheir was a childhood friend of Tharen's and lived not far from where he was. In fact, Sheir's father was a prominent officer in Starfleet. Sheir's father, Lieutenant Commander Tolvin, was the second officer and chief security officer on Starbase Chekov in sector 187. They did not see each other much on that token, but it was something that Sheir brought up when they would spar or do things together, especially since Tharen had already shared with the community his intent on joining Starfleet the next year.
            "You are dropping your left elbow..." Tharen said calmly.
            "Oh you'd like to believe that, wouldn't you, Starfleet's future!" he lunged at him, then clanked blades again with Tharen, holding them against each other, until Sheir pushed Tharen's blade out of the way, got out a left hook to Tharen's face, causing him to fall to the ground, but not before Tharen cunningly took his leg and lunged it up and kicked Sheir on the chin, right upwards, disorienting him for a moment and landing against a six-foot rise of ice which was about five feet behind him.
            "You see?" Tharen said, knelt on the ground, wiping the dark blue blood from his chin. 
            Sheir was breathing a little heavy, but leaning against the ice, moving around his jaw and feeling it with his hand, "Not bad.... But remember, I got a hit on you too."
            Tharen stood up and walked towards his friend, "Shall we call it a day?" 
            Sheir nodded, "I almost had you, Tharen. I will.... Get you next time."
            "You did not lose though. I would say we call this sparring match...."
            "A draw." they both said in unison. 
            The two started walking back towards the path that was the closest in leading them towards their town again. Tharen and Sheir both had their blades in hand as they paced forward. The second stopped walking, then put his hands on his hips. Tharen, walking a couple of steps further, then he stopped and looked back to him, "Something troubles you?"
            He looked to his friend and smiled, "No. It's just.... I have grown accustomed to our weekly sparring matches. It will be difficult to adapt to the change."
            "You know, you can always follow me and your father to Starfleet," Tharen said, walking up to him, "There are many vast opportunities for officers there for exploration, learning about other worlds, and dealing with their various governments and environments. I believe your talents and skills could be very well applied to Starfleet."
            "And leave my home? No," commented Sheir, "It's bad enough I never got to see my father much while I was growing up. He did not want to take my family away from our home so we did not join him out in space. I can completely see why he did not want to rob us of this experience. This is our home. Andoria is a planet with vast beauty and riches, of which I could never want to ever leave. Besides, my woman is also here. I couldn't leave her. Not for a moment."
            Tharen took a moment to process what Sheir had said to him, then he smiled and nodded, "I shall miss you too, my friend." then he put his elbow up.
            "And I you, dear friend." Sheir held his elbow up and hit it against his friend's and held it there, "Good luck in Starfleet, Tharen. My father has told me of times where he did not know whether he would make it out of captive situations. Be safe."
            "I shall try....."

The thoughts took me back to the days in the year before I had left Andoria for Starfleet. Those were good days. Any day at home was a good day. Even the times where our livelihood was challenged by the threat of the Dominion during younger years....

            He took a deep breath, then exhaled deeply. He was in such a throe of peaceful serenity, he almost forgot he was being held captive with some of his crewmates on board a Romulan Vessel. When the realization had come back to him of his well, prevalent reality, he smirked, then turned around and decided to join the rest of the away team for their deliberations at that point. If there was going to be a type of head that would be needed to continue throughout this mission, it would be a calm-minded one and the meditative properties of what he had just done had clearly brought him closer to that goal.
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