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PL - Ironic Roommate

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by Ensign Tharen
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By Ensign Tharen

      Personal log, I have just boarded the USS Roddenberry, to my surprise, under the command of a high ranking member of Starfleet Command and not a Captain. I make such a comment because there is an urban myth, as Humans put it as new graduates tend to learn more from people who have ascended beyond that of a standard Captain by rank. I implore that I test that theory myself. I do not join this ship to gain a close repor with my commanding officer of course. My pursuit is to devote my services to Starfleet and grow as an officer of this ship. To also explore new worlds and help those in need. I have been assigned quarters on deck six where to my understanding are where most of the junior officers are boarded. I am headed there now. End Log

          With his bag on his shoulder, Tharen proceeded down the corridor of deck six. When he came to the door of a certain quarters, he tapped the door chime which automatically opened the doors. Inside it was quiet. He assumed at first that no one was there. His antennae swayed from left to right. Still he heard nothing. He decided to look around as the lights were dimmed immensely. He did not need a lot of light to operate anywhere, so he put his bag down and walked to the back. As he entered, he saw a young Vulcan standing at the end of the room, looking out at the stars at the back of the corner couch seatings that were lined all along the end of the room against the bottom of the windows to the corner.
          The Vulcan was about his height, had broad shoulders and a slim frame, bearing the same bowl-cut hairstyle most Vulcans were known to have. His expression seemed very calm and poised as well. With his hands still behind his back, he raised his eyebrows nonchalantly, "Greetings."
          Tharen tilted his head curiously, "Hello."
          "You must be the one who will share quarters with me. I am Stavek."
          Tharen stepped forward slowly then set his feet shoulder width apart and nodded, "Tharen."
          "I see you wear a gold-colored uniform," Stavek commented, "Are you an engineer, security, or operations officer?"
          "I am a security and tactical officer. To my understanding, this ship is quite lacking in that department."
          Stavek raised an eyebrow with a slight turn of his head, "I see. Forgive my curiosity. Each of my people are known for their devout wonder in times of the pursuit of logic. However, logic is only measured by the individual in question. I for one, believe it is important to know as much about my peers as possible. Especially if I am to work alongside them, potentially for extended periods of time. For example, I am a science officer."
          Tharen nodded, "I understand. I as well find your reasoning.... Logical."
          The Vulcan nodded, "Most kind," there was a pause between the two. Being that they were both of species where small talk was not paramount to their own common social structures, to Tharen's odd surprise, Stavek decided to break the silence there, "Have you brought your belongings in yet in full? I can assist you if necessary. I arrived three hours ago, therefore I do not need assistance with my belongings."
          Tharen shook his head, "No, thank you," he looked to Stavek again and saw him stare out into the window of space again. He suddenly became curious so he stepped a little closer towards him and decided to look at what it was that was so fascinating to him at that moment, "What are you doing?"
          "I have adopted a new method of self-reflection. Something a Human colleague taught me while I was in my second year at the academy."
          "I... do not understand." Tharen commented.
          "Being a devout follower of the ways of logic, I have been bound to many traditional Vulcan practices. Some of which could be deemed as rather intense by most means and even too intimate to share with others. I have learned that sometimes solitude, silence, and a tranquil sight such as the view of space can allow my own psyche to focus and set myself at ease with what I strive to suppress every day of my life. Bearing that in mind, I still need to meditate, but not as long or as deeply as most of my people do."
          Tharen nodded, "I sympathize. Would you like me to leave the room?"
          Stavek looked to Tharen and shook his head, "Not at all. I have spent all the applicable time for this ritual. I am not familiar with any similar practices Andorians may utilize. Do they?"
          "Yes," Tharen nodded, "but we do not use meditation for the same exact pursuits as traditional Vulcans do."
          "Perhaps since we will be sharing quarters for the beginning of our journeys as Starfleet Officers, we may have a lot to teach each other, in and out of duty."
          "It has been agreeable to meet you, Tharen of Andoria," Stavek said, "I must make a call home to Vulcan to my mother. If you will excuse me."
          Tharen nodded, "Agreed." then he saw Stavek walk around him and head out back towards the rooms area. After he vacated the room, he turned to look out at the stars. Scanning the sight through the window from left to right, he nodded to himself slowly and folded his arms, thinking to himself, "And to think, my people and his did not get along for centuries...."
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