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The Return of the Watts - Part 1 Story Log

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by Ensign David Watts
[Stardate ]

Commander James Yosay looked out across the great ocean on a tropical island, somewhere on some uncharted planet, light years away from the nearest Federation planet.  He  heaved a heavy sigh and then turned to face his beloved companion and fiancé, Vixee.  

"You know, Vixee.. it's been over a year now since the battle and our escape pod landed here. I think it is safe to say that with what debris Starfleet may have found of the Boomerang, they have assumed that the 5 of us were killed in action.  And you know what? It don't bother me in the least. No more orders, no more duties, no more battles, just peace and quiet in this tropical paradise.  I have the most beautiful woman in the galaxy sitting next to me, our cute two year old daughter..."  He paused and them moved his right hand down over Vixee's stomach.  "Maybe another one on the way..." 

Vixee tensed up slightly at his touch and tried to stifle a laugh and then playfully elbowed him in his side, then wrapped her arms around his torso and leaned onto his shoulder. 

"That may be so, James. But I don't think Watts and Maxwell are ready to give up just yet. See over there?"
She pointed off to the right where in the distance something broke from the surface of the water and bobbled up and down, followed by two men surfacing next to the object.

Yosay looked worried.  He swallowed hard and then shifted position to where Vixee had to sit up herself.  His hands balled up into fists and his countenance reflected anger. 

They were not supposed to be able to find that.. " 

"What do you mean, James?" 

"The escape pod!  I scuttled it after I dragged everyone to the beach!" 

James stood up, followed by Vixee, who looked at him, sensing the emotions he was feeling.  James could feel her probing his thoughts and he quickly snapped our out of his mind and turned, glaring at her. 

His words were filled with rage.  Vixee took several steps back but responded back in her soft tone of voice. 

"Watts and Maxwell want to leave, James.  I'm just providing the means for them to do so." 

Yosay kicked the sand up into her face and moved towards her. 

"I should have known you would betray me.. everyone else has...  First Watts.. then Stewart.. Now you.  The circle is complete.  You are ALL OUT TO GET ME!

He leaped forward and pounced onto her, knocking her to the ground, letting out a deafening roar of anger and hatred.  Saliva foamed and spewed from his mouth as he wrestled with her.  It lasted for almost 30 seconds until Vixee's voice penetrated his mind, but she wasn't speaking to him, rather she was singing.  The song of a Siren.  A song which Vixee had sung to James before, when they first met under the oceans of Bersallis III during an Outpost Phoenix away mission to chart the underwater caverns.  This same song that Vixee and the other females of her race sang as the shuttle pod approached their underwater colony had rendered all the men under the spell of the women and like before, James was now completely under Vixee's control.  James sat up in an almost hypnotized state, and then a phaser beam struck him, coming from the shore.  James fell backwards from the shot and went completely unconscious. 

Vixee stopped and then turned to see David Watts and Stewart Maxwell running towards them, Watts with a hand phaser aimed at James.  

"VIXEE!"  he called out.  "Are you okay?"  Maxwell rushed to her side, while David stood over Yosay. 

"There was no need for that, Watts.  I had just gotten him under my control." 

Maxwell helped her up and she brushed the sand off of her arms and out of her hair while looking down at James.  Maxwell spoke.

"We didn't know.  All we saw was him attacking you.  We feared the worst." 

David pulled out a tricorder and scanned Yosay over, then returned it to his waist pocket.  "He's stunned, but no permanent damage.. other than what was already there.  He'll be coming around in about 20 minutes or so.  We had better tie him up." 

Vixee knelt down at Yosay's side and placed a hand on top of his forehead, then closed her eyes and sang once again.   Watts looked over at Maxwell and shrugged.  Vixee's voice entered both of their minds, but not as a song, but rather as normal talking. 

~~I am putting him into what you might refer to as a comatose state so that he cannot interfere with either of you, and will not pose a threat to me and our daughter.  But I can only leave him in such a manner for 15 days.  After that he will suffer further brain damage.  Will that be enough time for you to make the necessary repairs to the escape pod?~~

"It's going to have to, I suppose."  Watts responded.   Then turned back to look at the escape pod which was floating on the ocean's surface not too far off.  "Let's get to work, Maxwell." 


David Watts

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