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The History of Cervith: The Birth of BORG

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by Lt Byrk Grey
[Stardate ]

2102 Cervith years ago (4204 Terran)
Yurem Chula and Rira Grey sat in their joint office in their J'Korum Province laboratory headquarters.  It outskirted the Ph'kur sector and was far enough away from Kharlan and his self-righteous lab that they could focus on what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it.  They had had enough of Kharlan and his cronies' influence on the government and Chula and Grey being told how they could improve society and what they could and could not do.  They had differences of opinion but the same goal.  They were trying to improve the quality and length of life of the citizens.  Life was short enough already. A Cerv without implants only lived about one orbit around the sun. There were some that didn't grow that old.  One of the most marvelous sights was the view of the southern lights that enveloped the hemisphere during the last month of the year.  If a person was born just prior to that, or during, and had a short natural life, it was certainly possible that they would live having never seen the greatest splendor of the planet.
Since the installation of her nanites all those years ago, Rira Grey had seen many southern light spectacles and loved every one of them.
"You know that they will never let us freely develop the "Organic Capacitor"." Chula surmised shuffling through the data before him.
"I know. That is why we must make it, install it and show them how great it is."
"Behind their backs." Chula finished, Grey nodded.
"We will never achieve our total potential if we half do it like Kharlan wants. The biological can be enhanced significantly, nearly infinitely if we were allowed to install the capacitor into the cerebral cortex." Grey briefed.
"So we do it, and we show the rest of them that our way is the best way and the only way that life can obtain perfection."
"The living and artificial at maximum potential."  (translated in the Cerv language "birongo okru ruthra geghirshy".)
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