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The History of Cervith: We Shall Assimilate the Borg

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by Lt Byrk Grey
[Stardate ]

<The log series is about the real Derris-Kharlan and who he was, not the Derris-Kharlan that is menacing the Roddenberry)
854 Cervith years ago. (1708 Terran years)
A somber Derris-Kharlan stepped upon the stool hidden be podium in front of him and clasped the edge top with one hand while placing the glass of water in his hand in the holder with the other, never really taking his hand away from the glass.  He un gripped the podium and raised his right hand as if to acknowledge the crowd before him numbering around 65,000 people and the screen monitors around the arena, that signified the rest of the 4.5 billion people on the planet.
"This is a monumental occasion.  Two days ago our past came to haunt us and we beat them away.  Sadly it was not without casualties on our side.  We lost a lot of friends and family to the Borg.  Since that group of people left our planet, I have used the term 'borg' but never did I think that I would use it again in the present tense.  The BORG faction did not return to us today. When the faction left all those years ago, they became something horrible. They became what they had always wanted to be; the complete cohesion of the synthetic and the organic, and it seems as though the synthetic programming has taken over the will of the organic.  The B. O. R. G. Faction is no more. What attacked us is the Borg. A militant domineering culture out for conquest.  Today they were defeated and today we lost not only those killed in the attack but every single person who left the planet 1223 years ago.  That is a lot of people to mourn, but mourn we must."
"But we must also rebuild."  Derris Kharlan took a drink of water with his left hand while scanning the crowd before him.
It is clear that with their defeat, the Borg will return to try again.  In the wake of their attack, they have left an incredible amount of hardware and evidence to explore and pick apart.  Yesterday during President Amur's address I was deep into the Borg remains in my lab going through how they work, and the Borg's biggest threat, the tools they use for assimilation." As he said the A word he shivered and he could tell that most of the crowd before him did as well.
"Sadly I am working on the remains of some of my co workers and technicians but their deaths will not be in vain.  It will give us all the information we need to combat this new threat and then some.  I have already figured how they do it and I can tell you that we will be able to combat them using their own tactics.  By modifying their technology we will be able to fight them the same way.  The Borg has signed their own death certificates by attacking us. For if they should return, we now know how to defeat them.  We will be able to assimilate the Borg."
Just then the crowd erupted into a thunderous ovation and cheer. "Kharlan! Kharlan! Kharlan!"  The chant echoed not only  throughout the Menar Province but through the valleys of the surrounding provinces of the Ph'kur sector.
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