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The Long Road Down the Hall

USS Roddenberry Lounge

by Lt Byrk Grey
[Stardate ]

It had been quite a few minutes since Doctor Grey had revived him, yet Byrk was still a little foggey in the head.  It was taking a while for his brain to catch up. He was light headed and dizzy. He made it out of sickbay with the appearance that he was ok but had to hold onto the wall all the way down the corridor.  For some reason, someone thought it was a good idea for his quarters to be close to sickbay, all of a sudden he agreed.  Even though his cabin was the first after sickbay following the labs and storage cabins, it still seemed a long ways away; and he wasn't starting to feel any better. Worse infact.
He clamored to the wall for balance but it moved.  It wasn't the wall, but a door that's motion sensor activated at his reaching and opened as if he were going to enter it. He entered it all right, face plant first. Byrk fell to the ground, his arm reaching through the door way into the medical labs storage room.  Byrk didn't know if he should consider it fortunate or not that no one was there to see him sprawl on the floor like an unbalanced newborn fawn, because there was also no one to help him up.
With a plethora of grunts he rose to his knees and with one hand on the door way and the forearm braced on his thigh, he rose, then staggered, then turned, then staggered then continued... no, wrong way. He turned around again and headed for his quarters.
After passing a couple of more doorways he reached his quarters and entered, but with as much skill as he conquered the hall.
He stumbled into his quarters, if it weren't for the fact that the door shut behind him before he fell, the person in the coorridor might have helped him up, but he was in his quarters and on his own apparently.  And that was the ironic part. He WAS alone.  His nanites had been neutralized, he could feel it. He could feel the aging, he could feel the damage and pain.  He continued towards his bedroom, he reached up to the table and the glass toppled as the frame swayed. It rocked and the glass fell away from him, but the weight change shifted and he ended up pulling the metal frame onto himself.  He coughed up a shot of blood and heaving off the table frame he crawled on.
After finally making it back to his closet, he opened the door and in it's place was his nanite replicator, he activated it and inserted his tubules into the reciever jack..... it was then that he passed out again.
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