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XO's Log

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by Commander David Watts
[Stardate ]

First Officer's Log. 

We are currently holding position in sector 1044, after long range sensors began detecting over 70 small shuttles at warp heading in our direction.  Commodore Packard was able to establish communication with what appears to be the leader of a large group of refugees.  It would appear that the ruling government military force on their home planet had evicted them after some sort of coup took place recently.  Commodore Packard has agreed to meet with the leader of the refugees at 1900 hours to discuss the situation further.  We do not have any more information at this time.  They appear to be coming from an uncharted solar system that is several days away at high warp.  Since these people are not part of the Federation, any help we can offer them will be limited to food, medical, and other basic supplies, unless Command otherwise approves. 

On a side note, the virus which has taken the lives of my children continues to spread with great force on Saltair Prime.  I am devastated to say the least, and am not looking forward to giving the news to N'alae.. should I ever see her again. 

End Log

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